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TNA Wrestling: Sting - Return of an Icon
TNA Wrestling Sting - Return of an Icon
Genres: Sports
NR     2006     4hr 0min

Throughout the history of Professional Wrestling, there have been several elite stars that have transcended the ring to shape the very future of the sport. For nearly two decades, the icon known as Sting has done just that...  more »


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Genres: Sports
Sub-Genres: Wrestling
Studio: BCI
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 10/10/2006
Original Release Date: 01/01/2006
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2006
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 4hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Maybe one day we will get a true Sting Career DVD
Ironman | Carmel, IN USA | 10/15/2006
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Sting is without a doubt one of the all time greats in Professional wrestling, no doubt. Him coming to TNA was a good move whihc helped that company. However with the release of this DVD, one can't help but feel that maybe one day we will see a true Sting career DVD.

The DVD covers 2 parts, his run in TNA and him discussing his career. The problem with this is that both feel like it could be aired on TNA Impact as a promo for the man. The highlight of his run is shown in matches and clips of his promo's. Then when he discusses his career, it's all in an intervew segment with no video footage of matches and such. The best we get are photo's contributed through outside sources and his personal collection.

The downside of this DVD is something which was not TNA's fault. They used what they had available and it unfortunatly shows. With pretty much his entire legacy owned by WWE, there was no way that TNA could do a good Sting Career DVD and do the man justice. I give them props for doing good with what they could, but it leaves one to think if maybe one day we will see a true Sting Career highlight DVD."
Should be great!!!!!
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Sting is one of my fovarete wrestlers. I will buy this dvd when it comes out. Here are the matches that will be on this dvd.

Final Resulation 2006
Sting and christan cage vs Jeff Jarett and Mony Brown

iMPACT! 2006
Sting vs Eric Young

Lockdown 2006
Sting's team vs Jarret's team

Sacrifice 2006
Sting and Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarret and Scott Steiner

iMPACT 2006
Sting vs Scott Steiner

Victory Road 2006
Sting vs Crishtan cage vs Samoa Joe vs Scott Steiner

June 2003
Sting and Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles and Sean Waltman"
There's Sting, and then there's everybody else.
Brad from OWW | Nova Scotia | 12/16/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"In a business with numerous claimants to the title of Icon, Sting stands out as one of the more under-appreciated candidates. Sting, above all others in the world of professional wrestling, maintained a rare sense of respectability and dignity.

Back in 2001, when Vince McMahon purchased World Championship Wrestling, Sting decided to finish his 16-year wrestling career and come to terms with his retirement from the industry he loved so much. His newfound faith in the Lord would carry him onto the next phase of his life. A year and a half later, Sting crept back into the world of pro-wrestling with sporadic appearances with an international promotion known as World Wrestling All-Stars; by the middle of 2003, he was appearing in the upstart NWA: Total Nonstop Action, as a favor to the man who gave him his first big break, Jerry Jarrett. As the first big name to give TNA his endorsement, Sting lent a much needed atmosphere of legitimacy which undoubtedly helped TNA grow by leaps and bounds. After a brief hiatus, Sting returned with much fanfare at the beginning of 2006 with a new passion for his life, his career, and most importantly, for the growth of TNA.

This DVD was produced by TNA Entertainment and is appropriately divided into two parts; 1) The Return, and 2) The Career. "The Return" portion chronicles the first eight months of Sting's big return to pro-wrestling, and helping to catapult TNA to bigger and better things. With a runtime of about 4-hours, this DVD features most of Sting's matches on TNA iMPACT and Pay-Pew-View complete and unedited. Including Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown, Sting's farewell speech, Sting vs. Eric Young, Sting's Army vs. Jarrett's Army in Lethal Lockdown, Sting & Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner, Sting vs. Scott Steiner, Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner, and Sting vs. Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner in the Road to Victory 4-Way Ladder match, plus a whole bunch of extra stuff in between to glue it all together.

"The Career" segment includes candid interviews with Steve Bordon talking about his professional career as Sting and his private life as a husband and father. Bordon shows off his collection of ring jacket that paint a vivid picture of the heights that the famed wrestler has achieved. On top of all of this, there is a section of bonus material including a Sting Music Video, Sting playing the "Name Association" game, TNA wrestlers talking about Sting, a plug for the Sting: Moment of Truth movie, Sting demonstrates his face-paint techniques, Sting's first TNA match back at the First Anniversary Show (Sting and Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles and Sean Waltman) and a lengthy picture gallery set to music.

The footprints that Sting has left behind him, tell an inspirational story, much of which can be experienced in the movie Sting: Moment of Truth. However, TNA's "Sting: Return of an Icon" is more oriented to the wrestling audience, and fans of Sting can experience the breathtaking story of one of wrestling's top performers in the last twenty years. This was an intense four hour tribute to a man that is incredibly well respected among his friends, his family, his peers, and especially his fans.

Good stuff
Jonnathan Ritland | Marysville, WA | 02/22/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"-The man called Sting, one of the greatest stars of wrestling in the late `80's, `90's and into `01 on the final WCW Nitro telecast. Loved this DVD, though more could be done if and when WWE and Sting come to an agreement in the future to show a truly comprehensive DVD set on Sting's career, since Vince owns pretty much all of the footage of Sting's career.

-The DVD is divided into two parts: Sting's return to TNA in `06 and his own words on his career.

-The return portion starts out with a voiceover describing how Sting was a great catalyst for the wrestling boom in the `90's and how he quietly left wrestling after WCW closed down.

-Then goes to Turning Point `05, when Rhino lost to Jeff Jarrett and then scorpion graphics hit the screen to a huge pop from the crowd. We then see the trench coat and baseball bat of Sting on a chair in the middle of the ring.

-Next the announcement from Mike Tenay that Sting is joining TNA wrestling.

-The rest of the return program is Sting's matches and footage, from his return at Final Resolution '06 to Victory Road `06.

-Final Resolution: Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown: Sting's return got a huge and I mean huge pop from the crowd. The tag match itself is pretty basic, but a lot more fun because the crowd was so into it. Good offense showing from Sting, a shoulder block, a leapfrog, hip toss and a dropkick all on Jarrett. Crowd chants "You've still got it" after this display. There was a nice hurricarana by Gail Kim onto Cage on the outside. After a while Sting gets the tag, nice offense from Sting on both men, then locks in the Scorpion Death Lock on Jarrett. The finish sees Jarrett get his guitar, but it's smashed by Sting's baseball bat. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Jarrett for the win in about 15 minutes. Loved the post match stuff with Sting & Cage. 8/10.

-Impact after Final Resolution, Sting announces he's leaving, he's proven he could still wrestle. He thanked the fans and left much to the dismay of the fans and fellow wrestlers.

-Then we see Alex Shelley's footage of Sting's family, that leads to his return at Destination X. Interview footage with Sting saying he's coming to Lockdown with his army so Jarrett better be ready.

-Impact-4/13/06-Sting vs. Eric Young: Good match, Sting even hit's a cross body block over the top rope on Young, Shelley and Coach D'Amore. Young dominates for a bit, after Sting misses a Stinger splash on the outside, hitting the guardrail chest first. Sting fights back and the finish comes when Sting hit's the Scorpion Death Drop on Young for the win, in about 8 minutes, including the commercial break. 6/10.

-Lockdown: Sting's Army (Sting, AJ Styles, Rhino and Ron "The Truth" Killings") vs. Jarrett's Army (Jarrett, America's Most Wanted and Scott Steiner): Joined in progress just about a minute before Sting enters the cage. Weapons come into play as the roof on the cage is lowered. Nice spot with AJ doing a sick splash off of some scaffolding on the ceiling, onto James Storm. Sting makes Chris Harris tap out to the Scorpion Death Lock shortly after. Just about 10 minutes of match time. 7/10, for what I saw of the match.

-Sacrifice: Sting & Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner: About what you'd expect, especially from older stars like Steiner and Sting, a decent match overall. Nice diving clothesline from Sting onto both Steiner and Jarrett. The match was a lot better once both Steiner and Joe faced off, as it was a great display of power, by both. Steiner did look pretty sloppy and tired, when he wasn't executing suplexes on Joe. Nice splash by Sting onto the outside on Steiner. Joe battles with Jarrett for a bit and hits the muscle buster for the win in about 14 minutes. 8/10. Loved the post match stuff where Joe shook Sting's hand after a bit, but wouldn't come to his aid as Steiner & Jarrett, beat up Sting.

-Impact-6/8/06-Sting vs. Scott Steiner: Fairly quick one, very slow especially from Steiner. Nice crossface submission hold by Steiner though and he does hit some good suplexes. Jarrett causes a DQ finish when he stops Sting from pinning Steiner. About 12 minutes including the commercial break.

-Impact-7/6/06: Sting & Christian vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner: Decent tag match, Cage and Sting work well together. Some brawling and basic offense from all four men. Cage hit's a frogsplash on Jarrett and Sting makes the cover for the win in about 11 minutes including the commercial break. 6/10. Nice post match brawling from all four men afterwards.

-Victory Road: Road to Victory 4-Way: Sting vs. Christian Cage vs. Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe: Good four way match, liked the offensive exchanges between Cage and Joe. Jarrett comes in a sprays some gas in Sting's eyes, Sting leaves the arena running. The match continues, there's nice spot where Steiner hits an elbow drop on Joe through a table on the outside. Joe has the Kokina clutch on Steiner then goes after Cage, when Sting returns to the ring after about 10 minutes of being away. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Steiner for the win in about 15 minutes.

-Sting's Career: Good interview segment.

-He describes his childhood, how he played sports, his start in wrestling, especially how he at first had no interest in wrestling. His wrestling career is shown through a few pictures provided by outside sources and told by the man himself. Great stories by Sting on his character change and others things, like how he became born again Christian during his final few years in WCW. Loved how he talked about he almost went to WWF, but couldn't after he saw how WCW wrestlers were used. Good storytelling by Sting, quite touching sometimes.

-The extras include:

-A music video showing highlights of his comeback up to Victory Road in July. Good music too.

-Sting: Word Association on his peers: Great segment, where he states his opinions on various wrestles, including, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger and others.

-TNA stars look back on their favorite Sting moments: David Young, Elix Skipper, Sonjay Dutt and others talk about their most memorable moments from Sting's career. Good overall segment.

-Moment of Truth: Sting talks about his born-again Christian movie, "Moment of Truth". Good segment, with some footage of the film included.

-The face paint: Talks about the look of his paint and how he gets pumped up for the match.

-A match is next from Sting's short lived return to TNA in June of '03, where he made about four appearances for the company, when TNA was just doing weekly PPV's.

-Jeff Jarrett & Sting vs. AJ Styles & Sean Waltman: Good tag match, very well done. Liked AJ here as a heel, his does a great springboard leg drop of the top rope onto Jarrett. Run-ins by Vince Russo, Shane Douglas and Raven lead to the finish where Jarrett hit's a second rope stroke on AJ for the pin in about 12 minutes. Great post match as Jarrett and Sting go nuts on Russo and AJ with the bat. 8/10.

-Photos: A photo gallery of Sting is next, good shots.

Overall this is a great DVD, wish the documentary could've had footage from Sting's career, but it was fine for what they had to work with."