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Tough Guys of Kung Fu: Dragon on Fire/Golden Dragon Silver Snake/Killing Machine/Rage of the
Tough Guys of Kung Fu Dragon on Fire/Golden Dragon Silver Snake/Killing Machine/Rage of the
Actor: Various
Genres: Action & Adventure, Sports
R     2002     14hr 35min


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Actor: Various
Genres: Action & Adventure, Sports
Sub-Genres: Martial Arts, Martial Arts
Studio: Bci / Eclipse
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 12/03/2002
Release Year: 2002
Run Time: 14hr 35min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 5
SwapaDVD Credits: 5
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English

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Member Movie Reviews

James P. (bluebolt7) from AMERICUS, GA
Reviewed on 3/12/2010...
Tough Guys Of Kung Fu contains the following ten films....

Dragon On Fire

John Liu and Tino Wong are direct descendants of the "Strike Rock Fist" masters, who began as the best of friends but ended as the worst of enemies. The legacy of hate continues into the next generation until the two warriors discover they have a mutual enemy.

Approx. 87 mins. - Not Rated (Mild Violence)

Golden Dragon Silver Snake

A grief stricken Dragon Lee comes to the city to investigate the mysterious death of his brother. His colleague is Johnnie Chan, a carefree kid nick named "The Silver Snake". Wanting vengeance, Lee sets out to find the killer.

Approx. 88 mins. - Not Rated (Mild Violence)

Killing Machine

Following the end of World War II, former Japanese soldier and Shaolin martial arts master Sonny Chiba returns to Osaka to find black marketeers controlling the town.

Approx. 80 mins. - Not Rated (Mild Violence)

Rage Of The Dragon

A great warrior's parents are brutally murdered by a vicious clan. After being raised by a master of martial arts, he sets out for revenge. Before retribution can be made, he must vanquish the 18 Bronze men and discover the secret of the jade talisman.

Approx. 90 mins. - Rated PG

The Crippled Masters

Two men skilled in the arts of Kung-Fu are betrayed by their master and crippled for life, one left with no arms and the other with no legs. They learn to combine their martial arks skills and seek revenge against the evil master.

Approx. 89 mins. - Rated R

Ninja Turf

A disgruntled Asian gang leader, called "Young", leads his street family into numerous battles with rival thugs. Everyday violence escalates when Young and his troops try to pull a fast one on a prominent L.A. drug dealer.

Approx. 83 mins. - Rated R

The Deadly Kick

A criminal organization plans to spend $10 million on weapons to shatter the lives of innocent people and extend the reign of terror. It's up to Dae Ho to stop the evil master's plans and save the people.

Approx. 93 mins. - Not Rated (Mild Violence)

The Fists of Bruce Lee

An undercover cop assigned to bust up a narcotics ring comes up against the mob's hired martial arts assassin. Both men are the best at what they do and in a battle to the death, only one will survive.

Approx. 90 mins. - Not Rated (Mild Violence)

Tattoo Collection

When a diamond is stolen in Hong Kong, the CIA sends their best man (Jim Kelly) to retrieve it. After his wife is threatened, one of the thieves (Bob Yeung) teams up with the CIA agent to end the reign of the crime lord responsible.

Approx. 85 mins. - Not Rated (Mild Violence, Nudity)

Militant Eagle

Magnificent kung-fu battles from the ancient past fill the screen in this exciting film. Nobles, warriors, and villains battle one another in an abundance of lethal confrontations.

Approx. 90 mins. - Not Rated (Mild Violence)

Movie Reviews

HI-YAAAAHHH!!! Prepare for a cheesy attack!
B-Movie Nightmares | Sparks, NV United States | 03/10/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"OK another Brentwood 10-movie, 5-disc set. You know what to expect: no frills versions of movies, not great quality but it's cheap, right? At least with Tough Guys of Kung Fu, most of these movies are straight from the martial arts ghetto, so you're not really losing anything here in terms of quality. From worst to best (I guess?!?):(10) Rage of the Dragon. I can find very little to recommend this movie, with the exception of the brightly colored costumes. Oh yeah, when the main guy fights, instead of the usual cheesy dubbed in sound effects, there are very cheesy bleeping electronic effects. Enjoy.(9) Militant Eagle. The beggar kids that followed the hero around were pretty funny. Other than that, this one was extremely boring until it got to the last couple of scenes. There were some really weird-looking opponents at the end, namely a big ogre-looking dude with a spiked club and a strange hermaphrodite (???) or eunuch person. I liked the last 15 minutes quite a bit, the rest of the movie, eh!(8) Golden Dragon Silver Snake. Pretty standard Kung Fu Theater type material, the saving grace on this one is the humor. Lots of corny dialogue and the highlights include some egg fighting and some acoustic guitar-fu. Ridiculous.(7) Fists of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee had nothing at all to do with this, unless you count the resemblance of the lead actor to Bruce Lee for exploitation purposes. Lots of "borrowed" music: any movie that uses a crappy cover of Average White Band's "Pick Up the Pieces" as the theme song is OK by me. Undercover cop antics means fighting lots of people with weird hair.(6) Dragon on Fire. More of the expected nuttiness, this time with a white-faced guy in a wheelchair as the main villain. It really gets going at the end when the wheelchair guy starts fighting. Hey the "Crippled Masters" would have killed 'im! HAHAHA!!!!(5) Ninja Turf. Really bad 1980's Golan/Globus style martial arts nonsense. I would describe the idea as a cross between the 80's Ninja movies and "Tuff Turf." There are no ninjas in it, by the way, but there is one scene with breakdancing. Threadbare plot concerning a security agency that ends up fighting every gang in the L.A. area, apparently. Corny and terrible action scenes, at least there were a lot of them. I liked it because it was the only film in the set that was made in the U.S., so it stood out from the others. And it was bad enough to be really entertaining. (4) Tattoo Collection. It's actually "Tattoo Connection" according to the movie itself, but I kind of like the misprinted title. It stars Jim Kelly, famous for "Black Belt Jones" and his supporting role in "Enter the Dragon." He brings a 70's blaxploitation sensibility to the table, which results in great lines like, "I've been known to be called the black six million dollar man!" Also, it is my well-researched opinion that "bast**d" is the most commonly used word in kung fu movies. Tattoo Connection uses this word more than any other movie I have seen, someone even calls a girl a bast**d! Check it out.(3) Deadly Kick. I don't know anything about the people who did this movie, but it sure was entertaining. 2 kung fu experts trained by the same master go up against a syndicate bent on mass destruction. Some real weird scenes at times, especially the guy fighting with the blind girl. Tarantino should plagiarize this scene for his next Kill Bill sequel.(2) Killing Machine. Hey it's Sonny Chiba, the best actor in martial arts, ever. He would be tough if he never lifted a finger. He lifts many fingers here as a Japanese WW2 vet who fights against Chinese oppression after the war. Bloody as hell. This made me want to get the 10-movie Sonny Chiba pack, AAGGHH the addiction continues.... So why is Sonny Chiba so cool? I think it's those eyebrows. I wish I had tough lookin eyebrows like that.(1) The Crippled Masters. OK it was a great concept...dude gets his arms chopped off by an evil guy, then the same evil guy burns another guy's legs with acid and beats them until they look like last week's KFC. The twist here is that both actors are actually disfigured and they fight like there was no tomorrow. You have not lived until you see an armless man spinning a spear crazily around his head. This movie was unbelievable and I applaud both fighters who played the Crippled Masters. Brilliant stuff. Contains the great line, "If I am a ghost, would I be eating pig swill?"So to sum it up, if you don't demand a large budget for your movies, and if you like kung fu, you are a prime candidate for this affordable 10-movie set. If you break down the price, you are paying less than the cost of a movie rental to actually own each movie. Killing Machine and The Crippled Masters alone make the set well worth it."
Cheesy dialogue, bad acting, fun action
Karl Kindt | Kirkwood, MO United States | 12/12/2003
(4 out of 5 stars)

"If you remember fondly KUNG FU THEATER on USA Network on Sundays, this is the collection for you. The film quality is bad, the "acting" is barely deserving of the name, the dubbing is frequently unintentionally funny, and the kung fu is great fun to watch. This is definitely worth the money you are paying for it. The films range from about 1975 to 1986. Very good bang for the buck. The CRIPPLED MASTERS is worth half the price of the DVD set--how much more silly and fun can you get than two master of kung fu, one of whom has his arms cut off in the opening scene, the other who has no legs, fighting it out! Sick, silly, wacky fun."
In the spirit of the last reviewer, I will go ahead and rank
morgoth | omaha, NE | 07/16/2006
(2 out of 5 stars)

"#1-KILLING MACHINE-I have never been a fan of Sonny Chiba until seeing this movie. A true classic. I had to buy the real version of this called Shorinjo Kenpo. In that version, I would have to say it is one of my favorite movies ever. So really cannot recommned this collection just based on that, but still almost worth it.

#2-MILITANT EAGLE- I found this to be very hard to follow movie, but after watching it a couple more times, I finally get it and enjoy the final fight even more. The finale, just so you know, epic. And the picture quality is pretty bad and full screened, just like all the movies in this collection.

#3-DRAGON ON FIRE- a badly made kung fu movie, but the best i have ever seen of godfrey ho. He has an all star cast and makes a very watchable movie. I highly suggest watching this just to see how bad of a director Godfrey Ho is.

#4-THE CRIPPLED MASTERS-this is a pretty bad kung fu movie. Not one of the worst, but the story is just pitiful. However watching the cripples fight was sick and amazing. Watching this guy twirl a pole around this little stump that he has as an arm was pretty freaking cool.

#5-THE TATTOO CONNECTION-an all star cast in this, but the fu is decent at best.

#6-THE DEADLY KICK-this is one of the weirdest movies ever. Horrible, yes. Oringinal, entirely. I wish I could describe the badness for you, but you will have to see for yourself why I ranked it ahead of all these other great movies.

#7-FIST OF BRUCE LEE-the fists of bruce li, but it is the same thing right? So watch Bruce beat people up on his jungle gym. The final fight is actually somewhat enjoyable, but of course could never be compared with the deadly kick.

#8-NINJA TURF-a weird rip off of "the Warriors". The last reviewer is right, it is so good, it it bad. So it starts out with these gangs in high school. At least I think they were in high school. It is just that everybody looked around 30-45 years old so I was a little mixed up there. SO watch this movie before you die, I guarantee this one will finish you off.

#9-RAGE OF THE DRAGON-ah, unfortunaltely dragon lee gets the last 2 spots. It was hard to rank which movie was worse. But this one is not it. Carter wiong and his sunglasses technique was the sheeit. Also the sound effect were some of the all time best.

#10-the last movie I will not even name, it is a godfrey ho, dragon lee collaberation. If you make it to tyhe final fight, you have kung fu skills you did not even know about."