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Undead: The Vampire Collection 20 Movie Pack
Undead The Vampire Collection 20 Movie Pack
Actor: Various
Director: Various
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
UR     2010     23hr 20min


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Actor: Various
Director: Various
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Horror, Fantasy
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 03/09/2010
Release Year: 2010
Run Time: 23hr 20min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 4
SwapaDVD Credits: 4
Total Copies: 3
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

This is a fun little set with a couple of real gems.
Hammock Rider | Talk of the Town Trailer Estates Park - Southern C | 03/04/2010
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Atom Age Vampire: Euro-horror from 1960, this isn't strictly about vampires. It's about a mad scientist who needs to kill women in order to keep his disfigured girlfriend looking more like a model and less like a plate of pulled pork. In the so-bad it's-good category.

Bat, The : Agnes Moorehead, Vincent Price and Darla from the Little Rascals take on a killer known as the Bat in a creepy old haunted house. It's a fun, overlooked gem.

Bat, the (Silent) This movie parallels the Vincent Price version very closely in that a masked criminal terrorizes the guests at an old house rented by a mystery writer. In this one though the killer dresses like a giant bat.

Blood of Dracula's Castle: Dracula & Mrs. Dracula live in a castle in the Arizona desert (???) and drink the blood of their victims from martini glasses. John Carradine is their butler George and Ray Young is their brutal servant Mango. A hip young couple buys the castle and attempts to move in while moving the Draculas out. It's funny and weird and worth a watch.

Bloody Vampire: This one is a good, old-fashioned, crazy Mexican horror movie. If you like wild B horror, you can't go wrong here.

Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride: aka The Satanic Rites of Dracula, this one is set in modern day (1970's) England. Drac is just sick and tired of being sick and tired and decides to unleash a super-plague to wipe out humanity! It's more like a James Bond movie than your usual Gothic Hammer horror, but it's still plenty of fun.

Crypt of the Living Dead A 1973 Spanish production filmed in Turkey, this one concerns itself with a young fella who accidently frees the Queen of the Vampires on an archeological dig. It's cheap and cheesy and mildly amusing.

Devil Bat, The : Bela Lugosi stars as Dr. Carruthers, a seemingly benign scientist who has come up with a unique way or murdering people using only cold cream and a monstrous vampire bat. It features a pair of wise-cracking reporters and is a bit creaky but still fun.

Horrible Sexy Vampire : This 70's Euro-horror is pretty bloodless. The vampire strangles people instead of biting them. It's about as tedious as they come.

Horror Express : Ah Horror Express, the bane of my young existence. This movie scared the beejesus out of me in my youth. It's got Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee stuck on a train with a prehistoric, telepathic homicidal skull! And if that's not all, Telly Savalas plays a gruff Cossack Officer.

Last Man on Earth, The : This classic horror film is Vincent Price's take on the also classic novel, "I am Legend" by Richard Matheson. It's well worth watching.

Nightmare Castle : Barbara Steele cheats on her husband, a brutal Italian count, probably not a good kind of count to cheat on. He tortures and kills her and her lover. They return years later for a little taste of vengeance. Atmospheric and creepy, it features a score by Ennio Morricone.

Nosferatu : This is indisputably a CLASSIC vampire film. You've doubtless heard of it. This reproduction is far from the best, but it's not completely horrible either.

Prime Evil : A band of devil worshipping monks sacrifice peeps in 1988 New York to remain young, fresh and vibrant without resorting to Botox. This is cheap and dull, with the Devil represented by a really craptacular puppet.

Terror Creatures from the Grave :What ya got here is an Italian horror flick with Barbara Steele about a haunted mansion built over the graves of some plague victims. The plague victims had been intentionally inflicted with the plague, and they're not happy about it. Let it go plague victims, let it go.

Vampire Bat, the: In 1933 the good folk of the village of Klineschloss are dropping dead from mysterious blood loss. The town fathers are worried it might be vampires...again! This is a decent old-timey horror movie worth watching. Oh, and guess what? It's got Fay Wray AND Dwight Frye!

Vampire Happening, the : Not to be confused with M. Night Shyamalan's "Not Much is Happening" this is a kooky West German horror-comedy from 1971. It's a poor man's Fearless Vampire Hunters, at least in tone. An American actress inherits a Transylvanian castle, not realizing that one of her clingy Euro-mooch relatives still lives there...AS A VAMPIRE! It's fun.

Vampire's Night Orgy : More good, ol' 70's Euro-horror, in this one a busload of tourists is diverted into a small town populated by creatures who are maybe more akin to ghouls than vampires, in that they enjoy a good human-tartar meal. It's not as generous with the humor as Vampire Happening, but it's still watchable. Unfortunately there is no orgy, unless maybe the orgy of killing that takes place.

Werewolf vs. Vampire Women, The : A couple of cute French babes go poking around rural France looking for an evil Countess. They find Paul Naschy, who co-wrote the screenplay, and his crazy sister first, but it's not long before the evil countess, who is also a vampire, crashes the party. If you like Naschy you'll probably like this, if you've never heard of him, this isn't a bad introduction to his films.

Witches Mountain, The: If it's possible for a movie to be partly incomprehensible, then this one is. After a baffling beginning a couple touring the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains encounters a coven of witches in a creepy little mountain town. If you can figure out what's going on in this movie post your response in the comment section. It looks good most of the time though, and if it had any sense about it, it could have been a legitimately good film.
Content for this DVD set
D. Wright | Cyberspace | 02/24/2010
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Listing was taken from the Mill Creek Entertainment website.

Horror Classics That Will Never Die! - 20 of the Baddest Bloodsuckers of the Big Screen!

Sink your fangs into this immortal collection of 20 frighteningly delicious films featuring some of the most legendary vampire flicks of all time. From Bela Lugosi to Paul Naschy, the most beloved bloodsuckers of yesterday and
today are all together in one terrifying compilation!

...And many more!

1. Nosferatru - (1922) B&W / Max Schreck
2. Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride - (1974) Color / Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing
3. Atom Age Vampire - (1960) B&W / Alberto Lupo, Susanne Loret
4. Bloody Vampire - (1962) B&W / Carlos Agost, Begoa Palacios
5. Crypt of the Livng Dead - (1973) Color / Andrew Prine, Patty Shepard
6. The Devil Bat - (1941) B&W / Bela Lugosi
7. The Vampire Bat - (1933) B&W / Fay Wray, Lionel Atwill
8. The Bat - (1959) B&W / Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead
9. The Werewolf vs. Vampire Women - (1971) Color / Paul Naschy
10. The Last Man on Earth - (1964) B&W / Vincent Price
11. Vampire's Night Orgy - (1973) Color / Jack Taylor, Dyanik Zurakowska
12. Terror Creatures from the Grave - (1965) B&W / Barbara Steele, Walter Brandi
13. The Witches Mountain - (1972) Color / Patty Shepard
14. Horrible Sexy Vampire - (1970) Color / Val Davis
15. Vampire Happening - (1971) Color / Ferdy Mayne, Pia Degermark
16. The Bat - (1926) B&W / Jack Pickford, Jewel Carmen
17. Blood of Dracula's Castle - (1969) Color / John Carradine, Paula Raymond
18. Prime Evil - (1988) Color / William Beckwith, Max Jacobs
19. Nightmare Castle - (1965) B&W / Barbara Steele
20. Horror Express - (1972) Color / Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing"
Terrible quality!!! seriously!
Mw Brinkman | Netherlands | 05/05/2010
(1 out of 5 stars)

"I was very excited to find this box because I'm an avid vampire lover, and I love old horror flicks. So I thought I couldn't go wrong. Little did I know...

first of all, several movies are in terrible shape; one movie is just unwatchable, because there are TONS of green vertical stripes on the film. During the first 45 minutes that is, after that there are less stripes, but still very hard to watch.

The last man on earth looked promising, but about after 30 minutes into the film it stopped. And started again. And later, at the same point in the film, stopped again. And started again.
The counter on my dvd kept going, so it didn't really start over, the dvd only has the first 30some minutes on it, and then 3 or 4 times in a row to make a total of an hour and a half

These are just examples, and it's too bad not more 'known' movies are on these dvd's. Most are pretty, well, never heard of. Not one single dracula movie, except for Nosferatu, which is a classic ofcourse. They are vampire movies, OK, but in many cases the movies remind more of frankenstein or zombies.

All in all a very disappointing buy, and I probably will be tossing it out. Thank goodness I only paid 5 bucks for it. And it's still not worth the money. Movies which are sold on dvd should at LEAST have the entire film on them, and be watchable without large green stripes filling the screen.

Oh well.

This DVD set should be dead!
Hello Earth! | Tolleson, Arizona United States | 05/10/2010
(1 out of 5 stars)

"The quality of the dvds are just awfull! As for the movies, in theory they are "horror" movies, but some of them such as the Vampire Happening and Prime Evil, would pass as comedies due to such a poor acting! Save your money, this dvd set should be just burried."