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Vamps and Witches 4 Movie Pack
Vamps and Witches 4 Movie Pack
Actors: Debbie Rochon, Myron Natwick, Liana Loggins, Janet Tracy Keijser, Brinke Stevens
Directors: Brad Sykes, Peter Flynn, J.R. Bookwalter
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
UR     2006     5hr 43min

Studio: Bci Eclipse Comp Llc Release Date: 05/23/2006


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Actors: Debbie Rochon, Myron Natwick, Liana Loggins, Janet Tracy Keijser, Brinke Stevens
Directors: Brad Sykes, Peter Flynn, J.R. Bookwalter
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Studio: Bci / Eclipse
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 05/23/2006
Original Release Date: 01/01/1993
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/1993
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 5hr 43min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Pretty good for the price
Bud Bundy | MN USA | 01/19/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"None of these movies really rates better than 2 stars, but you get four for the price of one, so I'll give it 4 stars.

Lord of the Vampires: Some goth looking dude lives with two girls, one a typical bar slut and the other a slightly older babe. They're all vampires, and they lure guys to the house to have sex and then a little nibble afterwards. Some unsuspecting folks who have just robbed a convenience store end up being invited to stay the night after their van breaks down. The characters were fairly well developed, and the action moved along at an acceptable rate, though it was slowed considerably by the fact that there's a sex scene every 5 minutes for the first half of the movie.

Project Vampire: This is fairly dull and really low budget. The only movie of the set that doesn't have a lot of nudity. Some guys escape from a project they were working on, where they had a serum to turn people into vampires. They're hunted down by the other people from the project. Like I say, really low budget and nothing interesting ever happens. Still, it's watchable.

Witchouse 3, Demon Fire: Some girl is in an abusive relationship and leaves to stay with some friends of hers, only to discover that they're involved in witchcraft. They strut around looking sexy from time to time, otherwise it's not a very interesting movie, though certainly watchable.

Witchcraft XII: This was only saved by the presence of a really sexy babe who kept showing up in one sexy outfit after another after another. I kept watching just to see what she'd wear next. The plot is total cheese, some satanic women hang out at a bar and lure men back to their house where they have sex with them and then some guy in a Darth Maul Halloween mask shows up and kills them. A couple people who knew one of the victims investigates. It's a "so bad it's good" type movie that moves along at an okay pace but just like Lord of the Vampires it's slowed down considerably by a sex scene every five minutes for the first half of the movie.

I liked these; if you're looking for sleazy low budget trash, this should fit the bill quite nicely."
Cheap B Movie Mayhem...
Blaze Jericho | Blashyrkh, New York | 08/08/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Vamps and Witches is a pretty good value for the price. Overall I like it the most compared to compilations I own such as Babes in the Woods, Hotter Than Hell, and Vicious Vixens. I think the Brentwood/BCI Eclipse videos are much better than the Pendulum multi movie packs. Probably none of these movies could stand alone, perhaps Witchouse 3 could, which also comes in a 4 movie pack (Haunted by the Past) with Collinsville 1-2, and Hell Asylum. Brad Sykes wrote and directed Lord of the Vampires and Witchcraft XII on this anthology. You might know him from the Camp Blood 1-3 movies, Babes in the Woods, The Zombie Chronicles, Demon's Kiss, Goth, and Bloody Tease among other stuff. I liked his films on here, surprising since I didn't like Babes in the Woods, especially his idea of cheerleader outfits in that heh. If you dislike Sykes I'd advice considering the mostly slasher style Haunted by the Past compilation instead of this.

Project Vampire (2 Stars): A few characters and actors fit the roles very badly which vastly detracted from the overall quality this could have had. The picture is a bit fuzzy, there are no sexual scenes, an asian character portrayed insultingly, nearly no nudity. Nothing really scary, more a Sci Fi interest over vampire horror. The DVD has an error where it claims Lord of The Vampires is side A when it is really this movie. You have likely seen Myron Natwick (Dr. Frederick Klaus) in something. The basic story is Dr. Klaus is selling a "longevity serum" to extend not just life but the quality of it as well. The catch is this turns people into vampires and they need another serum to dwell in daylight. Depending how much of the serum you take, it determines how many hours you can be in the sun. Klaus controls those who take his formula, he plans to turn the entire world into vampires and rule. One problem is some people are allergic to the serum, it also saps him to make it. Only with his destruction can his pyschic link be broken and the people freed from his control. There was a cool motorcycle scene (1:08:27) considering the low budget in this film. I thought this was a decent idea for a story, I'm just not into needles. Vampires are often killed via poison injections instead of the usual stake style. As expected a person escapes with the serum, luckily there has not been a sequel... Notable Cast members include: Mary Louise Gemmil (Sanda Jensen) was Meryl in There's Something About Mary. Mike McFarland (Mickey) does Master Roshi of DragonBall Z fame among other stuff. Chris Wolf (Tom) was in a few movies and Bob Rudd (Agent/Radio Voiceover) was Brell on two episodes of Voyager. The rest are mostly unexperienced, so you can expect the acting to be sporatic in spots.

Lord of the Vampires (2.5 Stars): Basically some people have to come up with five thousand dollars fast. They rob a store, kill somebody, take a hostage, and end up at Viktor's house. Unfortunately he is Lord of the Vampires, his two brides thirst for blood, and they don't keep houseguests. Much of the Vampire fangs and makeup in this movie are pretty lacking. There were some decent scenes though, I liked when Mercy (Vanessa Sweattle) burned her hand and a few other effects. Corey Manuel (Steve) who looked a bit like Jim Carrey did in the movie 23 was another bright spot. You might recognize Corey's name from his time as a production assistant (1999-2000) on the Family Guy. I thought his performance was pretty good, though it don't seem this flick helped his acting career. Gus (Joe Myles) was Malleus the Serpent God in Witchcraft XII on disc 2 of this compilation. I had a few problems with this movie, Viktor looked stupid with the white face. Mercy's hand makeup was peeling (after she burns her hand) and falling off at times during her sexual scenes. Amanda was the ugliest girl in the movie, hence it seemed stupid Viktor would want her. The ending was weak, the house looked like a shack in the suburbs and why could Amanda be in the sun at that point? There is a pretty well known cast member in this movie I'll mention though...

Ravenna (Liana Loggins) sang back up on Snoop Dogg's P.I.M.P remix. She was born Lee Ann Wicks, is a cousin of Kenny Loggins, an animal rights activist, and went to the same HS as Holly Hunter. She started working as a model at age 14, was Miss Teen Model of Georgia 1987, Playboy's Playmates in Bed (October 2000, Iss 1091-7276, pg 95, "Playboy Lingerie Spokesmodel for Allstar Game in Atlanta", Teen (USA) Sept 1997 pg 21-24 editorial model, and the Cover Photo Glamour (USA) October 1992. She has appeared on over 150 romance novel covers mostly with FABIO and she is a Supermodel. That should give you some idea about her, I'm sure she has some fans who might want to see her in this.
Sexual Scenes: Mercy=2, Ravenna=2, Dual=3 (Both Girls involved in action.)

Witchouse 3: Demon Fire (3 Stars): The maker of movies like Trancers, Puppet Master, Dollman, and Demonic Toys (Full Moon) teamed up with Tempe for this release. You get an all star B Cast with Debbie Rochon (Stevie), Tanya Dempsey (Annie), Tina Krause (Rose), and Brinke Stevens (Lilith). Rochon (Stevie) looked good in her gothic witch style garb and her acting was better than other movies I've seen her in. Stevie was a strong female character, though far from heartless... She was able to cry and really cared about her friends among other things. She acted realistic to the situation, was tough without the Xena invincibility and gave a good performance. Tanya was the best overall acting and even fooled me the first time I saw this... Krause (Rose) had her moments, though wasn't as good as the other two female leads. Tina is naked for about 5 seconds (exiting the shower) as the only nudity in this movie... J. R. Bookwalter Directed and Co-Wrote this, he has been involved in projects like Witchouse 2, Day of the Dead (uncredited zombie), Hell Asylum, Sadomaster (Lincoln), and the Bad Movie Police (Lance Randas) Cases 1-3. The other writer was Matthew Jason Walsh who wrote the first Witchouse, Petticoat Planet, Bikini Goddesses (Eric Black), Prison of the Dead, and The Brotherhood I-IV among other things.

Annie claims her man Burke (Paul Darrigo) has become abusive, her friends want to call the police, she insists this is the first time and they let her stay with them. Her friend Stevie has a grant to make a documentary about witchcraft, none of them really believe in that stuff though. There is a cool part where they talk about how Witches used to make an LSD balm that they applied using broom handles. This supposedly was the origin behind riding broomsticks becoming associated with them. Strange things start to happen after the girls drink too much and perform a mock ceremony. The film touches on some real issues with relationships, friends, communication, and I liked it more than the Grudge. Music was good but for one bad song, mostly non lyrical music played to set the mood. I liked when Stevie beat up Burke on the beach, grinding his face into the sand with her foot. I thought the inside shots were done well, though some outside shots I didn't like. This flick hides their special effects well, often using smoke, showing items to obscure (like a shower door) view, and creative lighting. Perhaps something is wrong with my DVD, I notice a flicker at the bottom center of my screen when I watch this.

Witchcraft XII: In the Lair of the Serpent (2.5 Stars): The Order of Shades are using females to lure men for sacrifice to the Serpent God Malleus. Luckily for them they usually get to have sex first. I liked how the sex scenes flowed with the story. The music used fit the film pretty well for the most part. There was a part I liked where I think Lia (Tricia Berdot) rubs her boot on this guys cheek after a sexual encounter. When I first saw the mask in this movie it reminded me of the one worn by Klytus in Flash Gordon. I thought the special effects were at least B level, not bad like the previous two editions of this series. I didn't like how many of the outside shots were done, Sykes also wrote and directed Lord of the Vampires on this same compilation. I noticed many in the core cast had worked together on his movies in the past and other mutual projects. I think this helped keep this film cohesive, even though it was pretty low budget. Lisa Jay's scenes for some reason were deleted from this movie, she was Michelle in Creepies.

Chip James (Will Spanner) was a major improvement over James Servais from the prior instalement. Zenova Braeden (Kyra) of Chunky Housewives fame was in Goth with Monika Wild (Tisa), while Wild did Bloody Tease with Joe Haggerty (The Coroner). Haggerty was in Demon's Kiss with Janet Tracey Keijser (Cindy Lawton), Garrett Clancy (Tom Greaves), and Joe Myles (Malleus). Clancy was in Creepies with Savvy Brown and Myles who was Gus in Lord of the Vampires. Keijser, Clancy, Haggerty, and Myles were all in the Zombie Chronicles together prior to making this movie. Nick Stellate (Chief Burns) has done TV spots on shows like Monk, Untold Stories of the ER, The Playbook, Fashion House, Pokemon (additional voices), and the Michael Jackson Trial portraying Rudy Provencio.
Sexual Scenes: Tisa=1, Kyra=1 (Zenova), Rana=1 (Savvy Brown), Lia=1? (I think it was Lia), Cindy=2 and a shower spot...

Pros & CONS: You get 4 watchable movies for the price of 1 basically. For some reason when Project Vampire is on you are just compelled to do anything else but watch the movie. The Lord of the Vampires was better than I expected, though harder to watch repeatedly (since the bad vampire makeup gets annoying) compared to Witchcraft XII. Viktor (Jack Wareing) of Mad Jack fame played his part decent, considering how badly he looked. Witchouse 3 would have been better if it had sufficient nudity and sex in it. The cast of Debbie Rochon, Tanya Dempsey, Brinke Stevens, and Tina Krause made it worth owning. Luckily Witchcraft XII was much better than Witchcraft X and XI were. The sound was good for all the movies except for Project Vampire, the only film without a 5.1 stereo option. I currently own 3 of these 4 film sets from Brentwood, all of them have at least 1 broken DVD clip holder.

Blazed Bits: Beaver Cleaver Free Zone... In all these movies the ladies are treated like Elvis when nothing is on below the waistline. Sad since in the 80's you could see almost any B-Movie and expect some Muffweiser... It seems at some point during or after the 90's things moved in the opposite direction. I used to love these B movie and low budget flicks since they were open and free. Those days seem like a distant memory, I've seen more freedom and sexual content in R rated movies from the 70's and 80's. I found it sad during Witchouse 3 they had a flashback to a sexual encounter where the girls never even get topless. I thought the sexual scenes in Lord of the Vampires and Witchcraft XII flowed well with the story, which can be rare in those types of movies. My one problem was Mercy's burn makeup was peeling in her sex scene with Viktor. That could have worked fine, if Sykes let the makeup peel off in stages during it, the hand healed via sexual magic.

Buy this if you want some Cheap B level horror movies with marginal topless nudity and simulated sex scenes mixed in."
Vamps and witches
John Haviland | lansing, mi usa | 08/16/2007
(1 out of 5 stars)

"I will keep this short as the other reviews were quite long. I am no expert movie critic but I watch tons of horror and skinimax films. This set of movies were horrible! Out of the 5-6 hours of film, about 15 min were what you would expect. Don't waste money on this pathetic mess."
No Entertainment Value-Cheap and Dismal
I. M. Wonderful | Bear Cub Bull Country | 01/10/2008
(1 out of 5 stars)

"When you buy 4 movies for $10 you are not expecting much. Even with low expectations these 4 movies were still very disappointing! They look like they were filmed in Film-Making 101 class. I tried to watch the movies a second time, to make sure I was not being overly critical, I was not. I honestly threw the set in the trash after a second attempt to watch the movies. Amazon has many good movies available, don't waste your time/money on these."