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WWE Judgment Day 2005
WWE Judgment Day 2005
Actors: Kurt Angle, John Cena, Booker T, Eddie Guerrero
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2005     3hr 0min

Studio: Genius Products Inc Release Date: 06/21/2005


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Actors: Kurt Angle, John Cena, Booker T, Eddie Guerrero
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 06/21/2005
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 3hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 2
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Judgement Day 2005
Jordan S | Johannesburg, SA | 11/26/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Tag title match
Quite a good tag match and bettered my expectations
RATING: 74/100

Eddie vs. Rey
A brawl for the first part, but really was excellent after the beginning stages. The overall result was ruined slightly by the DQ ending, but still an excellent match.
RATING: 87/100

Angle vs. Booker t
Good match that was perhaps a bit slow until the final few minutes
RATING: 78/100

Big show vs. Carlito
Nothing special here, what really got it the marks was the impressive interference from Morgan at the end
RATING: 68/100

Orlando vs. Heidenreich
Terrible, terrible, terrible. 2 crap wrestlers that did just what I expected (a really disappointing match). The only thing that this rating what it is, is that it ended at 4:30.
RATING: 35/100

Chavo vs. Paul London
Very good high-flying match that exceeded my expectations and has brought me to to liking the Cruiserweight division.
RATING: 81/100

Cena vs. JBL
Much better than expected all the way. Probably JBLs best match that was thanks to rules and Cena punishing him. Excellent match with an excellent result to top off an excellent pay per view. The only down points that stopped this from reaching top 20 best match ever status was the anti climatic ending and the fact that another 5 minutes would have helped.
RATING: 92/100

74% - Very good PPv that excelled expectations and will end up as 1 of Smackdowns best ppvs of 2005
For a SD event, this is good.
Mr. S. Gibbons | Walkden, England | 09/01/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Personally, I think this is better than Backlash.

1) Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas vs MNM - this exceeded my expectations and turned out to be a very hot opener. Everybody just seemed to be on and the chemistry was great. Charlie's dive over the tope rope was amazing - 8/10

2) Big Show vs Carlito - not much of a match but it did what it needed to do, and thats put Carlito over. The F5 by Morgan after the match was a great, and unexpected spot - 5/10

3) Paul London vs Chavo - I was expecting a **** match here but something doesn't seem to click. Don't get me wrong this is a good match but it had the potential to be much better - 7.5/10

4) Kurt Angle vs Booker T - due to the stupid storyline with this match I wasn't really that bothered, because lets face it when was the last time Booker T had a good/great single match? This actually turned out to be a good match, as you would expect with Angle being involved. I just don't understand why they had Booker T go over in this one, its not like they are going to do anything with him - 8/10

5) Heidenreich vs Orlando Jordon - firstly you have heidenreich who will never get over (he only gets cheered now because he is with Animal), and then you have the US champ who draws no heat whatsoever from the corwd during his match. A boring match, simple as that - 3/10

6) Rey Mysterio vs Eddie - I think both these guys are awesome but this whole fued just bored me, but even the dumb story can't take anything away from this match. It is betterv than their good mania match no doubt, but the ending to me was dissapointing - 8.5/10

7) John Cena vs JBL - I had doubts as to how good this match would be considering their poor mania match but boy was this a good match. WWE were clever and realised that a normal singles match would have bombed because lets face it JBL is no Kurt Angle. Both men made good use of the weapons available to them and it certainly helped that Cena bled a lot, still not as much as Eddie did last year though. The ending seemed a tad anti climatic but the aim was to put Cena over strong and that is exactly what they did here - 9/10

DVD Exclusive - is an interview with Carlito and Matt Morgan. I hate his stuttering gimmick but I have to admit this was funny.

Wwe judgement day is a very good smackdown ppv
alex fryling | erie pa | 12/29/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)


1. MNM vs. Charlie Hass and Hardcore holly for the wwe tag team championships- This was an awsome way to kick off the show. It was about an 8 minute match and the crowd was loud for most of it. I felt that everyone put in alot of effort but I thought that hass put the most in. Overall a really good opener. Winners and still wwe tag team champs MNM. Match Rating 8/10

2. Big Sow vs. Carlito with Matt Moragan- I did not like this match at all. I think it did what it needed to show that carlito could beat the big show. I thought they could have big show in a better match sience he was in the main event at no way out 3 months ago. There is one really nice spot in the match when Matt Moradan F-5 the big show I thought that was cool. Winner Carlito. Match Rating 4/10

3. Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero for the cruiserweight title-
This was a really well paced match. I thought both of these guys put alot of effort into the match. There were some really cool moves and it was the right pace of a match. Winner and still wwe cruiserweight champ Paul London. Match Rating 8/10.

4. Booker T vs. Kurt Angle- As dumb as the storyline was it brought alot of heat to this match. There were not alot of good moving action unlike in some of angles matches were in the middle there are alot of slow points with submission moves. There were alot of near fales but i did not like the ending cause it looked like kurt kicked out. Still a very good match. Winner Booker T. Match Rating 8/10.

5. Orlando Jordan vs. Heidenreich- I understand that this type of match is to cool the crowd down but it is also a title match. I thought this match was horriable with orlando controlling most of it. It was about 6 minutes and it ended when jordan hit a ddt. I thought the wwe could have used the us title better than they did but i guess not. Winner and still us champ orlando jordan. Match Rating 4/10.

6. Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey this an awsome match. I liked the story line that brought the intensity to the match. It was non stop action with eddie playing a good heel but still getting alot of cheers. There were some nice spots were eddie spinebusterd Mestrio on the table. The only bad part of the match was the dq but the match was so good that you really dont notice that much. Some nice chair shots after the match. Winner by dq rey Mysterio. Match Rating 10/10.

7. Jbl vs. John Cena for the wwe title in an I quit match- This was an awsome match. When i watched there wrestlemania match it was like 11 minutes and it ended with an fu out of no were. This match was so much better. When the match started it was for about 3 minutes wrestling holds ans it was boring. After that everything was good. They used chairs tables, tvs, limos, steel steps and more. The ending was kind of dumb but it was still a very good match. Winner and still wwe champ john cena. Match Rating 10/10.

Well that raps it up. Judgementday was a pretty good ppv. The percent was 52/70 which = 74% which means it is an awsome ppv. They have some cool extras and an extra match which is decent. I would adviseto watch the us title match and big shows only once. Besides that everthing was good. Thank u for your time. If you want after u read my review if u dont mind to tell me if it was good or not. You can also check out my reviews on summerslam 2003, wrestlemania xx, unforgiven 2005, taboo tuesday 2005, and vengeance 2005 and tell me what you think of those. You might have to go to read all reviews because most of mine are on the second page. Thanks for your time.
WWE Judgment Day '05
alex fryling | 11/11/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"First of all this ppv is better then wat ppl give it credit for. Second of all, even though John Cena is on Raw, they really should of had him lose the title 2 Kurt Angle at Urforgiven.

Match 1:WWE Tag Title Match:MNM Vs. Hardcore & C.Hass. Good match to pick as an opener. Nice frequent tags by MNM. Best WWE Tag Title match this year so far.8/10

Match 2:Carlito w/Matt Morgan Vs. Big Show. Short match with some interesting spots including an F-5 from Matt Morgan on the Big Show. Anyways this match was pretty decent.6/10

Match 3:Booker T. Vs. Kurt Angle. The match itself was way better then expected. Great back and forth match.9/10

Match 4:US Title Match. OJ Vs. Heidenreich.Very boring card filler, nothing more then that.4/10

Match 5:Cruiser Weight Title Match.Paul London Vs. Chavo G.Very good fast-paced match ending with a 450 splash from Paul London. WWE shouldve never made him lose the title to Nunzio. 8/10

Match 6:Eddie G. Vs. Rey Mysterio.This was the second match of their fued and was way better then their match at wrestlemania. Crappy Ending but had good after math. Very good match though.9/10

Match 7:WWE Title/I quit Match.John Cena Vs. JBL. Very good move by WWE to add a stipulation to this match. Best I quit Match since Royal Rumble '99. Very bloody match.Good way to end the PPV.

The one thing i didnt understand was why did WWE decided to display the pyro at the end of the ppv rather then at the beginning.