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WWE King of the Ring 2002
WWE King of the Ring 2002
Actors: Mark Calaway, Paul Levesque, Brock Lesnar, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho
Director: Kevin Dunn
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2002     3hr 0min


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Actors: Mark Calaway, Paul Levesque, Brock Lesnar, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho
Director: Kevin Dunn
Creator: Vince McMahon
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 08/20/2002
Original Release Date: 05/23/2002
Theatrical Release Date: 05/23/2002
Release Year: 2002
Run Time: 3hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 7
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Well Rounded addition to the King of the Ring series
ttmoore3 | Houston, TX | 06/24/2002
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The WWE continues to put on good pay per views in 2002 with June's King of the Ring. With the sudden loss of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the wrestlers and the company itself manage to entertain just as well as before.1. King of the Ring Semi-Finals: Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam - It has been called the match of the night. These two rising young stars are able to entertain with a wonderful match that started off the show.2. King of the Ring Semi-Finals: Brock Lesnar vs Test - A good match that is fairly stiff. Test and Lesnar wail on each other throughout the match with plenty of brawling and power moves.3. Cruiserweight Title: Hurricane (c) vs Jamie Noble - A good cruiserweight match with two wonderful wrestlers. Sadly, they seemed to wrestle like heavyweights during this match instead of using their cruiserweight talents to their advantage. 4. Women's Title: Trish Stratus (c) vs Molly Holly - A basic womens match with nothing too extradinary. It is good to see the WWE make better use of their women in the recent year.5. Ric Flair vs Eddie Guerrero - A well paced match with a mix of old skool style with the modern fast paced style. Flair begins his "last good run" with an impressive bout against Guerrero. Eddie was suppose to face Steve Austin, but since Austin's sudden departure, Flair picked up the dropped ball and has run with it. 6. Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle - The Hulkster faced the Olympic Gold Medalist in an impressive match. It was at the first KOTR ppv in 1993 that Hogan had his last match in the WWF until Feb. 2002, now Hogan returns and manages to keep up with Angle's speed and endurance. Angle continues to wear the wig he's had since losing his hair from Edge at Judgment Day. Surprisingly, Hogan taps out to Angle's ankle lock which is a very rare feat indeed.7. King of the Ring Finals: Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar - As a mark for RVD, I was cheering for him the entire time. This is the one point of this pay per view that disappointed me. Lesnar gets a win over RVD to become the 2002 King of the Ring, which also gives him a title shot at Summerslam in August. But since Lesnar only debuted on wrestling TV two months ago, does he really deserve this spot in the company? Only time will tell.8. WWE Title: Undertaker (c) vs Triple H - A rematch from last year's Wrestlemania X-7 match, these two veterans provide the fans with an impressive match. The Rock commentates for a while before getting involved in the match himself. One can only imagine how much longer we'll get to see the Undertaker before he has to step aside for the young blood to rise. A more than decent pay per view by far. With backstage segments involving Bubba Ray Dudley, Lance Storm, Christian, Booker T, Goldust, X-Pac, Big Show, Kevin Nash, and Shawn Michaels, King of the Ring 2002 is another great product by the WWE."
ttmoore3 | 11/02/2005
(3 out of 5 stars)

"This really wasn't that great of a PPV

KOTR Semifinals
RVD vs Chris Jericho
Very good opener and match, sadly this is as good
as it's going to get tonight. Some good counters
and straight up wrestling from both. 8.5/10

KOTR Semifianls
Brock Lesnar vs Test
Pretty solid big man match where Test
delivered as he always USED to do. 7/10

Cruiserweight Title
Jamie Noble vs Nidia
Decent match,with Noble kinda draggin it down
though hurricane really shows his stuff here. 6/10

Ric Flair vs Eddie Guerrero
On a night where few matches did well, this one
was no exception sadly 5/10(I'm being generous cuz i
respect Flair)

Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle
Not a bad match, but nothin spectacular either.

Womens Title
Molly Holly vs Trish Stratus
Decent for womens matches 4/10

KOTR Finals
Brock Lesnar vs RVD
Too Short, not that well done. Guess
who wins? 5/10

Undisputed Title
Triple H VS Undertaker
OH How boring can a match get? This thing
drags on and on and on till Taker Low blows
hunter. Sucked big time 4/10

Overall, Don't ever buy this Trash

King of the Ring 2002 was awful
Assclown | Somerset, Ma | 08/29/2003
(1 out of 5 stars)

"King of the Ring 2002 was one of the most boring and uneventful ppv's in a long while. Absolutely nothing of interest happened at this ppv. There were only two watchable matches and the rest of the card is terrible. KOR Semifinal-RVD d. Chris Jericho: this was easily the best match of the night and it was the opener! Great back and forth action with RVD pulling out the win. Set the tone for a great night, but that didn't happen. 8/10KOR Semifinal-Brock Lesnar d. Test: this was a pretty good match.
Test and Lesnar really put on an extremely hard hitting match that ends with Lesnar pinning Test. 5/10Ric Flair d. Eddie Guerrero: this was a dull match with no buildup. Only put on the card to replace Austin vs. Guerrero. Interference from Bubba Ray Dudley gives Flair the victory. 2/10Cruiserweight Title - Jamie Noble d. Hurricane: this really didn't deserve a spot on the ppv, especially since Noble had only been around for 3 weeks. Noble wins with the help of Nidia, even though she did a lousy job of making it look like she did anything. 2/10Women's Title - Molly Holly d. Trish Stratus: once again this did not deserve a spot on ppv. Molly wins by grabbing the tights, even though she didn't really grab them until Trish had already been counted down. How come everyone who was supposed to cheat to win messed up in the actual cheating part? 2/10Kurt Angle d. Hulk Hogan: this was the second best match of the night. Angle does a great job of making anyone look good, even that bald joke of a wrestler Hulk Hogan. Some great action in this match. 6/10KOR Final - Brock Lesnar d. RVD: this final left no doubt who would win the title shot at SummerSlam. Who really thought RVD would get a main event, even though he deserves it two hundred times as much as that goon Lesnar. Lesnar wins with help from Heyman. Short match, nothing special. 3/10Undisputed WWE Title - Undertaker d. Triple H: this was easily the worst main event I have ever seen. Slow paced, dull, fall asleep, boring match. Trips was injured, Taker didn't have it on this night. Easily Triple H's worst match in a while. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those internet Triple H haters who think they know what is going on in the WWE lockerrooms, I am a huge Triple H fan, but this match is bad. The Rock interferes and salvages any possible entertainment out of the match. If you buy this, fast forward to the end of the match to see Rock's interference, its the only good part. Awful overall match. 2/10Overall this ppv gets a 30/80 which is utterly terrible. If you want a good 2002 ppv get SummerSlam, Survivor Series, or Judgment Day as they are packed with excellent matches. If you want to see a good Triple H-Undertaker match get WrestleMania X7, its classic."
The King is Dead! Long Live The King!
doggiedogma | Mob Town USA | 08/16/2005
(3 out of 5 stars)

"This is the last of the King Of The Ring series and it was aired live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross provide the play-by-play and color. Here are my ratings of the matches based out of 5 *****:

King Of The Ring Semi-Finals:

Match #1: Rob Van Dam (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Chris Jericho - RVD gets a huge "pop" from the crowd as chants of "Rob Van Dam" and "ECW" fill the arena. Chris Jericho plays the role of heel to perfection. RVD lands multiple kicks to Y2J's head, a somersault plancha to the outside of the ring, rolling thunder splash and a split-legged top-of-the-rope moonsault onto Jericho. But, Y2J is able to execute a double-armed top-of-the-rope suplex and a lion-sault onto "Mr. Pay-Per-View". This wasn't enough for Y2J as RVD hits a top-rope 5-star frog-splash and pins Jericho. Check the ending. Rating - ***1/2 (15 minutes)

Match #2: Test vs Brock Lesner (w/ Paul Heyman) - This was a pretty decent big man match as both guys really belt each other pretty hard. The beginning goes back and forth with both guys pounding on the other. Brock lands a spine-buster, back-breaker and power slam on Test. Test is able to connect with a sidewalk slam, a full-nelson slam and a pumphandle slam. But with some interference from Paul E., Brock connects with a F5 and pins Test. This was a pretty decent match and I wish Test would get more of a push as he is a very good wrestler. Overall rating - ***1/2 (8min 30sec)

Cruiserweight Championship: The Hurricane(C) vs Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia) - This was another decent match as both guys are decent wrestlers. Hurricane Helmsly has a grudge to settle with Noble, as he stole his girl Nidia from him. Hurricane is able to land a couple of big-time moves such as: suplex from inside to outside the ring, a top-rope cross-body block to the outside, a top-rope swinging neck breaker and a power-bomb choke slam. But Noble is very resilient and tough as nails. Is The Hurricane able to get his revenge and keep his belt? A pretty good match. Rating- ***1/2 (12min)

Ric Flair vs Eddie Guerrero - The "Nature Boy" is gunning for one more big push, but "Latino Heat" is his first obstacle. This was the "stiffest" match on the card as both men really chop each other with ferocity. Ouch! Eddie does some great mocking of Flair, and as well as tremendous ring psychology on Flair. Eddie and Flair both execute their "finishers" on each other. There was outside interfence from Chris Benoit and also from Bubba Ray Dudley. Who benefited the most from the interference? Another decent match. Rating - ***1/2 (18min)

Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle - Hulk gets a huge "pop" and Angle gets a heels welcome. The crowd was super pumped for this match and was into this from the start. Angle is able to "Angle slam" the Hulkster, but the crowd helps Hogan to "Hulk up"! Hogan connects with the big boot to Angle's head, and rips off Angle's head gear exposing Angle's bald head. Angle gets pissed and introduces a chair to the ring. Is the Hulkster able to take Angle out of his game plan and score the pin? This was the most exciting match on the card. Rating - **** (12min)

King Of The Ring Final: Rob Van Dam(Intercontinental Champion) vs Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) - Rob Van Dam has the crowd behind him but Brock has his strength. Brock lands a standing power-slam with back-to-back backbreakers on RVD. RVD connects with his rolling thunder splash as well as his 5-star top-rope frog-splash onto Lesnar. Is it enough for "Mr Pay-Per-View"? Who is the new and last King Of The Ring? Rating - *** (5min)

WWE Undisputed Championship - The Undertaker(C) vs Triple H - This was also a decent match as both guys landed big shots on the other. The match flowed from in the ring to outside of the ring as the Undertaker was very methodical and precise with his moves. Paul E. is initially at ringside providing color for the match, but the Rock cames down and chases Paul E. away. As the match flowed to the outside of the ring, The Undertaker suddenly attacks The Rock. How does this effect the outcome of the match? Who is the Undisputed Cahmpion? Rating - ***1/2 (23min)

This disc has added bonus features of King Of The Ring Preliminary and Quarterfinal match highlights as well as interviews with Kurt Angle, Test and Jamie Noble. The best part of this disc was the backstage shoot with Goldust, Booker T and The Rock. Goldust does a great mimick of The Rock, and The Rock is hilarious with his repartee. That being said, I guess you can figure out that this wasn't the best pay-per-view WWE has done. I would rent it first or tape it if possible.