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WWE No Mercy 2007
WWE No Mercy 2007
Actors: Triple H, Randy Orton, Great Khali, Batista, CM Punk
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2007     3hr 0min

The superstars of Raw, SmackDown, and ECW will be showing No Mercy to their rivals as they battle for the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, ECW World Championship and more. Includes high flying, adrenaline...  more »


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Actors: Triple H, Randy Orton, Great Khali, Batista, CM Punk
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen - Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 11/06/2007
Original Release Date: 01/01/2007
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2007
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 3hr 0min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 3
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English, Spanish

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Movie Reviews

One of the better WWE ppv's in awhile
J. J Woehr | Lindenhurst, NY United States | 10/07/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The ppv starts out with Vince coming out with the WWE Championship. He then rewards the title to Randy Orton. Orton says he's better than anyone in the locker room and then Triple H comes out. He asks for a shot and Orton says No!. Triple H then gets Vince to say yes after putting down the size of his grapefruits. Triple H demands for the shot right that second and Vince says yes...because Stephanie would get mad if he said

Triple H vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship): They go at it for like 15 minutes and they reverse each others finishers. End comes when Orton goes for the RKO and Triple pushes him into the turnbuckle and rolls him up for behind for the pin for a new Champion the 2nd time in the night. 8 out of 10. Then in the back Orton is shown looking disapointed and upset and Vince walks up to him looking disapointed as well and walks away.

Murdock, Cade and Kennedy vs London, Kendrick and Jeff Hardy in a 6-Man Tag: There's some back and forth action and Hardy's team comes close to win when Hardy hits the Swanton bomb. End comes when Kennedy hits his move off the top rope on London. 7 out of 10. In the back Triple is told he has Umaga for the WWE title.

Big Daddy V vs C.M Punk: this match is a waste. Punk vs Tommy Dreamer probably would've been a much better match. Daddy V dominates until Punk hits a drop kick off the top rope and knocks him down. Matt Stryker then attacks Punk and cause a DQ for no good reason...but a rematch at the next ppv most likely. Daddy V then drops some elbows on Punk and then leaves. This match was the worse match but not because of Punk of course. 3 out of 10

Umaga vs Triple (WWE title): Triple H has another 15 or 20 minute match and Umaga dominates most of it. End comes when Umaga trys to splash Triple against the turnbuckle, Triple H moves and hits a Pedigree for the win. 8 out of 10

Finlay vs Rey: This is a solid match with alot of back and forth action up to about when Finlay fakes being hurt and attacks Rey and the match is over with no winner. 7 out of 10

Beth Phoenix vs Candice (Woman's Title): I didn't watch this match much but I know Phoenix dominated to win the title. I can't tell you with what move though since I missed it. Either after this match or the Rey match, Triple is told by Vince once again that he has to defend the title. This time against Orton in a Last Man Standing Match.

The Great Khali vs Batista in a big goofy Indian Prison Match "isn't it called that ?": Big Show vs Undertaker in this kind of match was better I think. However this match isn't that bad and Khali actually even climbs the cage to try and escape for the win. Batista is quicker though so he of courses hits the floor first for the win. 8 out of 10

Orton vs Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match (WWE title): This is probably the best Last Man Standing match I've ever seen. Plus finally it's awesome to see a ppv mainevent with the over-pushed belt hog Cena there. He's decent but he made every mainevent match predictable. I'm not saying Triple H isn't a glory hog because he is but he at least puts people over a lot more than Cena ever does.

This match is also a lot less predictable than it would've been if Cena was in the match. The match is very exciting with many close 10 counts for both wrestlers. They both get up right at 9 on many points of the match. End comes when Triple H drags an unconcious Orton to the announce table and goes for the Pedigree only for Orton to come back to life and hit the RKO! Triple H is then counted out and Orton is then the champ for the 2nd time of the night. 10 out of 10

Triple H & Randy Orton SAVE This PPV
D.P. | California | 11/07/2007
(3 out of 5 stars)

"WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton - Before the match, Randy Orton was awarded the WWE Title (due to Cena's injury) by Vince & General Manager William Regal before Triple H came out & set up this match. This was the third time in wrestling history that a World Championship was the opening match in a PPV (the other two times were the ECW Title with CM Punk at the previous month's Unforgiven & Taz at Hardcore Heaven 2000). This was a back & forth match with the suprize finish of Triple H winning with a rollup in the end. Talk about deja vu, Orton once again becomes a World Champion & loses it again to Triple H in his first televised title defence.

Jeff Hardy, Paul London, Brian Kendrick vs. Mr. Kennedy, Trevor Murdock, Lance Cade - This was a good follow up to the previous match as all six men meshed well together here. Kendrick was being worked over for most of the match by all three until he got the hot tag to Hardy before Hardy & London executed their davedevil offense until Kennedy caught London with the foward Samoan Drop from the rope.

ECW Champion CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V - Don't go do the bathroom because you'll miss the match. I don't even have to summerize the match because it was so short. V threw Punk down before he rolled outside to regroup. Punk went for the leg before he was taken down & rode by V before he escaped & hit some kicks. V then shoved Punk into the corner & missed a splash before being hit by a top rope dropkick by Punk. Then Matt Striker came in & hit Punk causing the DQ. Then V lays elbow drops while Punk sells having internal injuries. Bad match overall...and concidering how Punk was in his hometown, this was pathetic. That match was worth the trip for Styles & Tazz wasn't it? Save this crap for the TV show, not a $40 PPV.

Around here, they have a deep dish pizza eating contest between MVP & Matt Hardy. Lets just say that looking at Melina & Maria was the best part of this contest. To add insult to injury, that they advertised the Undertaker & Kane (who weren't even on this PPV) in a match with these two on free TV that Friday (and kept the advertisement on the DVD). Just like the previous match, save this for free TV & not a event people paid money for.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Umaga - This was about Triple H's offense not having an effect on Umaga as Triple H at various times slammed Umaga's heads into the steps, hit a DDT, threw punches & a facebuster only for Umaga to not feel anything. Umaga worked on Triple H's ribs thoughout the match before Triple H scored a quick pin. This match was short but it served it's purpose to have Triple H "soften up" for what would happen to him next.

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay - Good matchup as Mysterio's high flyin' offense meshed well with Finlay's mat wrestling. The ending was a bit of a screwjob (but performed very well as even the crowd thought it was real) but I don't let it take away from what was a nice match.

Womens Champion Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix - In a nutshell, while Candice was able to get some moves in, the match was all Beth who dominated her way to the Womens Championship in 5 minutes. But if you want to watch out for something, watch after the match where she almost broke character & cried when she was handed the championship.

Punjabi Prision Match: World Champion Batista vs. Great Khali - For those who haven't seen the previous one at the Great American Bash last year, there is a bamboo cage around the ring with four trap doors. If a wrestler requests, a door is opened for 60 seconds, then is locked shut. A second bamboo cage surrounds ringside with spikes on the top of it. You have to escape both cages first to win. This was the best match out of their series as both their Triple Threats (Bash & Unforgiven) were only decent whenever Khali wasn't in the ring and their SummerSlam match was horrible. With the way the match is structured, they didn't have to focus so much on wrestling as opposed to just trying to follow the formula of "prevent the other guy from leaving & try to excape yourself" which works well concidering how Batista is only as good as his opposition is while Khali just isn't good at all. It was their best encounter but concidering how the other ones looked, that's not much of a compliment.

Last Man Standing Match: WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton - I said earlier that the Umaga match served it's purpose which was shown here as Orton targeted Triple H's ribs throughout the match including even doing an RKO on Triple H onto an open chair. This was their best encounter ever as they kept reversing each other's moves & the count came within a fraction or a fraction of the match ending at times. The match was very aggressive with weapons getting involved at times like the steel steps, chairs, the RAW & spanish...oops, I mean the ECW announce tables. A very physical matchup between these two.

DVD extras include a post match interview with Batista, footage of John Cena's surgery, and Shawn Michaels' return to RAW during Orton's celebration ceremony the next night.

The bottom line is that the beginning & end of this show were the real highlights as both Triple H/Randy Orton matches were good quality along with the six man tag. They Mysterio/Finlay & Batista/Khali were nice & watchable while there were segments on here that just weren't anything special time like the Hardy/MVP segment, Triple H/Umaga, the ECW & Womens Title match. This PPV overall was a step (or star in this case) above other WWE PPV's this year such as Vengeance & Judgment Day while is just an average event overall like One Night Stand, SummerSlam, and Unforgiven. I recommend for a rental but if your a heavy Triple H/Randy Orton fan, go ahead & buy."
Last Man Standing Steals The Show!
J-Man | 09/09/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This was the most suprising ppv of the year and most of the matches were watchable and had one great match in hhh/orton last man standing. Thanks for reading!

WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. Triple H
A wwe title match as a opener, wow! Before this match, orton had his title celebration and hhh challanged him to this match. Some solid back and forth action in this one. In the end, triple h got the rollup on orton to win his 11th world championship (has 13 now). A great opener and this sets up the two more title matches in the ppv! Match Rating:4.5/5

Jeff Hardy, Paul London, Brian Kendrick vs. Mr. Kennedy, Trevor Murdoch, Lane Cade
Now we get treated to a 6 man tag witch was added to the card, just like all the wwe title matches. These 6 mixed well together and dilivered some fast paced action. Kendrick took alot of punishment in this tag match. Kennedy's team wins in the end. Match Rating:3.5/5

ECW Championship
CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V
Well, this ruined the ppvs good start. To sum it up big daddy v dominated the whole match and matt striker caused the dq and v beat down punk after the match. This was worse than the pizza contest! Match Rating:1.5/5

WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Umaga
This was the second of three wwe championship matches. Umaga really dominated a majority of this match as triple h was selling a rib injury. Triple h tried numerous moves like the spinebuster and ddts, but they had no effect on umaga. Once agian, hhh pulled off the win and this set up the last man standing match. Match Rating:3.5/5

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay
Pretty good match right here. Finlay's mat wrestling skills mixed well with mysterio's high flying offense. Some good action and physical spots in the bout. The ending kind of ruined the matchup for me, but overall this one is well worth a watch. Match Rating:3.75/5

Womens Championship
Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix
This was kind of a squash match, with candice only getting a few shots in. In the end, beth won the womens title, but i think it was to soon for her to win it. I like their unforgiven '07 match better. Match Rating:2/5

Punjabi Prison Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. Great Khali
Batista won the world title at unforgiven in the triple threat match and now has to defend it in khali's own match, the punjabi prison. This was better than the gab '06 punjabi prison. Some brutal spots in this match, like khali rapping rope around batista's neck and chokeing him, also khali shut the door right on batista's back! The match got exciting when batista jumped off the first structure onto the second and beat khali down to the mat to retain his world heavyweight championship. This was alot better than i expected. Match Rating:4.25/5

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Randy Orton
This is the kind of hhh/orton match i like to see. This was so physical and brutal. Triple h was pretty warn out since he had been throught two matches already, one with orton. Orton worked on hhh's ribs alot in this match and even did and rko on a chair to triple h. The match had some very exciting spots on the outside. This match delivered great counters as well. Lots of weapons in this match, including steel chairs, the steps, t.v. monaters, and announce tables. At one point in the match, hhh is blooded and he is using the ropes to pick himself up and then he gives the dx croth chop to orton! In the end, orton gives an rko to triple h on the announce table and hhh couldn't get up all the way for the 10 count. A very exciting and intense main event. Match Rating:5/5

Overall, i recommend this ppv for the last man standing match and also there are other standout matches as well, including punjabi prison and orton/hhh opening match. One extra on this dvd is where hbk makes his return the next night on raw and gives orton the sweet chin music during the age of orton celebration. Great dvd!

No Mercy 2007: Suck It Orton!
Scotty 2 Hotty 24 | Back Woods, GEORGIA | 11/25/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"No Mercy was an excellent ppv, the best since Wrestlemania. It really was a history making night. Triple H becomes the 11th time champion and Orton becomes the champ twice in one night. This ppv is worth every cent.

Vince McMahon comes out and awards Orton the title then leads to HHH coming out and challenging Orton and then the ppv starts.

1. WWE Championship- Triple H vs. Randy Orton
This was a rally good match. The crowd really loved it too it really got you into the match. A really good opener. triple h gets the roll up on orton and becomes champ for the 11th time. 4/5

2. Jeff hardy, Kendick & London vs. Cade, Murdoch, & Kennedy
This was a very fast paced six man tag that really got going early in the match. murdoch takes a sicking looking inverted suplex from jeff mid way in the match. Kennedy hits the kendo bomb on london for the win for his team. 3/5

3. ECW Championship- CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V
This match really never got started. cm punk got a couple of shots on big daddy v then after 6, 7 minutes into the match striker gets involved and cm punk wins via disqualification. worst match of the night. 2/5

4. MVP and matt hardy in a pizza eating contest.
I personally do not like these segments, this wrestling not an eating company but nothing really came out of this except for matt vomitting on mvp after matt won. 2/5 for the entertainment.

5. WWE Championship Triple h vs. umaga
This match was pretty good as well. a couple of good spots in the match. umaga hits the ring post then hhh hits the pedigree for the win. 3/5

6. Rey mysterio vs. Finlay
this match was very good also. the high flying and fast paced of rey mixed in with the dirty brawler finlay became a really good match. a good match all the way untill it became a no contest but still a good match. 4/5

7. Women's Championship- Candice vs. Beth pheonix
This match was mostly all one sided with beth destroying candice. candice got a couple of some good shots in on beth but it was mostly beth all match. still pretty good for a womens math though. beth wins. 3/5

8. Batista vs. The great khali- pujambi prison match
I saw the ppm at the TGAB last year and did not like it what so ever but this match surprised me very much. I liked how they forced batista and khali to climb over both structures and not one. this match really got exciting in the last 10 mintues. it becamed a race for batista and khali but khali just was not fast enough. pretty good match you will get surprised by this one. 4/5

9. Triple H vs. Randy orton- last man standing
this was a great main event and even greater with cena not in it. this was just a pheomenal match. it really got close a couple of times but orton and hhh managed to stand before the 10 count. this match had everything in it even hhh giving orton the suck it sign after orton gave the rko to hhh on a steal chair. orton hits the rko to hhh on the table to become the 2nd time champ in one night. 5/5

No Mercy was a great ppv and the 3 title matches really saved it. No Mercy is worth every dollar. get it you wont be sorry."