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WWE Royal Rumble 2007
WWE Royal Rumble 2007
Actors: John Cena, Umaga, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2007     3hr 0min

(Sports) The road to WrestleMania 23 begins at the Royal Rumble, where 30 men compete for a shot at WrestleMania?s main event. Superstars from Raw, Smackdown, and ECW compete in one of the most popular events of the year. ...  more »


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Actors: John Cena, Umaga, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen - Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 02/27/2007
Original Release Date: 01/01/2007
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2007
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 3hr 0min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

The year of The Undertaker begins....
the one and only | I live south of Parts Unknown | 04/07/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"In his entire career before this event Undertaker had never won a royal rumble, but now he can finally join the illustrious list of rumble winners as well as one of the few who went on to Wrestlemania and win the world title. The rest of the card was stacked as well, all three titles that were on the line were retained by their own champions, including a wild brawl between Cena and Umaga...

MNM vs. The Hardy Boys:
Great way to start off the show. I am sorry to hear about Mercury being let go, because matches like these prove why tag team wrestling is the best form of wrestling ever! This match was very fast paced, back and forth action and a lot of tagging in and out. Jeff Hardy is his usual self of unpredictable high flying moves, and yes Melina is still as hot as ever! In the end the Hardy Boys win. 8/10

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Lashley [Champion] vs. Test:
I dont know if it was because these two fought three times in two weeks, but this match was just horrible. I never liked Test and Bobby Lashley is still a little too new to be made a champion. This is the match that many people left to go to the bathroom, including me. Bobby Lashley wins, big surprise. 5/10

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista [Champion] vs. Ken Kennedy:
I am glad Kennedy won the Money in the Bank ladder match and he will be champion sometime this year, but this match was just bad too, mostly because of Batista. The crowd was actually solidly behind Kennedy in this one, and Batista just pretty much got owned by Kennedy and his submission skills. Near the end Batista does a Hulk Hogan version of "Hulking Up" and gets the win for the cheap ending. 7/10

WWE Championship
Last Man Standing Match
John Cena [Champion] vs. Umaga:
Sigh, once again Cena remains champ. This match was actually pretty intense, a lot of weapon use such as chairs, steel steps, even the ring ropes as they were broken in the middle of the match! One sick spot saw Cena throw the steel steps out of the ring right into Umaga's face! Umaga then had Cena on the announce table and tried to do a running splash but Cena moved and Umaga put himself through the table. In the end Cena uses the ring ropes to literally strangle Umaga and got the win. 8.5/10

Royal Rumble Match:
Very good royal rumble for the 20th annual royal rumble. A lot of top names such as Undertaker, HBK, Chris Benoit, Rob Van Dam, and others were used. Some highlights include Kane chokeslamming Sabu out of the ring right through a table in a great spot! Others include many old rivals getting to faceoff against each other and of course it came down to HBK and Undertaker. Undertaker won even though the rumble was in HBK's hometown, still a great match. 9/10

Extras include the match where Rated RKO lose the tag team titles to Cena and Michales, as well as Kane congradulating Undertaker for his impressive win, some interesting stuff. This rumble is highly recommended."
Best Rumble since 2004
Carsten Golden | Springfield, MA | 03/17/2007
(3 out of 5 stars)

"MNM v. The Hardy Boyz-- I was mildly dissapointed in this. It did what it was supposed to in terms of getting the crowd going, but seemed stuck in second gear, which is surprising seeing as these guys all seem to have great chemistry with each other. This is certainly a solid little offering but don't expect your doors to get blown off. **

ECW World Championship
Lashley v. Test-- Yikes this may beat out HHH-Steiner a few years ago for the worst Rumble title match in history. If not, it's close. Absolutely heat-less match with one of the most indescribable endings i've ever seen in a title match. Almost worth it to watch just for it's awful-ness. DUD

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista v. Mr. Kennedy-- A lot better than I expected but still not outstanding. Kennedy's the new 'net-cadet flavor of the week, so the reaction to this match was a little over the top at first. Kennedy sells his back side off for Batista but doesn't get much in return. All the arm work in the world and then a Batista bomb at the end was a little off, but at least they pulled off Kennedy being a consistent thorn in the champion's side. Again, this is certainly solid, but not all that wonderful. **1/2

WWE Championship-- Last Man Standing
John Cena v. Umaga-- Flat out, this is probably the best World title match the WWE's put out at least since Eddie-JBL at JD '04 if not since the Benoit-Angle match at Royal Rumble 2003. This was absolutely outstanding in every way. Both men really carried the load well. The violence escalates gradually with Umaga getting more wild and wreckless as his frustration mounts at not being able to put Cena away. Cena gets lucky and manages to almost kill the challenger to beat him. The visual of Cena choking the bejesus out of Umaga was awesome. Just an fantastic match that is worth the cost of the DVD itself. ****1/2

Royal Rumble Match-- I wouldn't put this up there with the best of all time bell to bell, but it was certainly well booked and a ton of fun. The last 10 minutes on the other hand, was perhaps the best i've seen out of a Rumble save for perhaps the Benoit-Big Show-Angle final three in 04. The ending is one of those 'moments' and you get to see the two guys who understand and execute the 'big moment' better than anyone else in the company really go for it. An average Rumble match with an incredibly spectacular ending. ***1/4

This is a solid show. Last year's Rumble was absolutely terrible in every way and this year's offering was a huge step up. The insane San Antonio crowd made it a lot of fun. This pay per view really marked the beginning of a huge upswing in WWE programming. I'd reccomend this show if for nothing else other than to see the incredible WWE title match and the insanity of the last 10 minutes of the Rumble itself. A whole hell of a lot of fun."
Royal rumble 2007
J-Man | 05/03/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The Hardys vs. MNM- This match was good and very highflying. It was entertaining and proboly there best encounter. Great choice for the opener
Match Rating:4.25/5

ECW CHAMPIONSHIP-Bobby Lashley vs. Test(R.I.P)- This is the only bad match on the card. It was slow and boring and to make it even worse, it ended in a countout. Match Rating:2/5

World Heavyweight Championship-Batista vs. Mr. Kennady- The match was better than i expected it to be. It was a well fought matchup and defiently watchable. Alot of headlocks by Mr. kennady. Batista ends up still the champ. Match Rating:4/5

WWE Championship (Last Man Standing) John Cena vs. Umaga- Alot better than there new yrs. revolution match because of this stipulation. Some really nice spots like umaga missing cena and then going through the anounce table. John Cena retains after making umaga pass out from the stf with the ropes. Good match. Match Rating:5/5

30 Man Royal Rumble Match- This was one of the best rumble matches ever! It was proboly the most starstuded. This match had tables, exciting eliminations and everything you would want in a match like this. And to top it all of the undertaker won, which i thought was great. A great way to end a good royal rumble ppv. Match Rating:5/5

This royal rumble was great top to bottom with only one unwatchable match. Get this if your a wwe fan."
A Phenomenal 20th edition of the Royal Rumble
Scotty 2 Hotty 24 | Back Woods, GEORGIA | 07/11/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Royal Rumble 2007 was the 20th edition and it returned to San Antonio after 10 years. The ppv was just great overall with one bad match but it's watchable. It had a surperb opening and a historic ending.

1. The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM
This was just a solid good opener. These two teams really mesh well with each other and it was just a good old fashion 2 on 2 tag match with hardly no interference from Melina. There were some good classic Hardy offense and good wrestling from MNM. Solid opener. 4/5

2. Ecw World Championship
Test vs. Bobby Lashley
Just your standard powerhouse, big man match up. It got pretty good in the beginning but then it just went down hill very early. It even got worse when Test got counted out. Some impact moves but really nothing good. 2/5

3. World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy
I was really impressed with this match when I watched it. Kennedy didn't really brought out the best in Batista but I think Kennedy made this match. Some good moneuvers executed as well. Kennedy utilizes like a backwards inverted figure 4 leg lock on Batista which was interesting to see. You even hear some KENNEDY chants from the crowd towards the end of the match. Pretty good match. 4/5

4. Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Umaga
I can see Umaga being a champion one day. I believe he will resemble like a Yokozuna if he becomes champion but this wasn't his night to become the champ. The match was very brutal. Some very hard head shots to Umaga with the tv monitor and the steel steps. Cena bled a lot in this one. A good table spot as well. And I felt the ending was appropriate and it fitted in well. Good title match. 4.5/5

5. The Royal Rumble Match
To me, this was the best Royal Rumble Match since the 2004 Rumble. It had some good names to partake in it but I don't feel it was the "Most Star Studded" Rumble of all time but it was good nevertheless.

It started out with a good fight between Flair and Finlay but I hated it when Flair became the first one eliminated. Kane would enter and chokslam Sabu through a table, so that was one of the good spots in the rumble. The crowd really got pumped when their hometown boy "toy" entered the Rumble. The final four put on a good showing and a even better showing from the final two. They put on one of the best last final 2 left standing fight in Rumble history to this day. Great Rumble. 5/5

Very good rumble. I recommend picking this one up.
*Note*- This was the Undertaker's third time entering the Royal Rumble as number 30 and it was the first time that the number 30 entrant would win the Rumble so I guess the third time is a charm."