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WWE SummerSlam 2006
WWE SummerSlam 2006
Actors: John Cena, Edge, Batista, King Booker, Triple H
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2006     3hr 0min

Live from Boston,MA on Sunday, August 20, 2006, Raw & Smackdown presents WWE's SummerSlam 2006. It's the biggest blow out of the summer when the stars of Raw and Smackdown heat up the Fleet Center in Boston. John Cena, R...  more »


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Actors: John Cena, Edge, Batista, King Booker, Triple H
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color - Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 09/26/2006
Original Release Date: 01/01/2006
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2006
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 3hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

The 19th annual Summerslam comes to Boston...
the one and only | I live south of Parts Unknown | 09/01/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Summerslam 2006 had it's fair share of good matches. The Rey/Chavo match, although involving a touchy subject with the late, great Eddie Guerrero, was another high flying well paced match between the two. Mick Foley/Ric Flair put on an expected bloodbath that would make anyone cringe in their final battle of their fued [which in my opinion has been fued of the year so far] And also despite being in John Cena's neck of the woods, the crowd in Boston had some harsh words for Cena, but that didn't stop him and Edge putting on an okay main event.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero:
High flying shown at it's best. This reminded me of their matches in the first half of 2004 when they were fighting for the Crusierweight title. Vickie Guerrero comes at ringside and, "accidentally" knocks Rey off the top rope which allows Chavo to hit a brainbuster and then get the win with the Frog Splash. 8/10 [nice match but they really need to let Eddie rest in peace instead of being put in storyline after storyline.]

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
Extreme Rules Match
The Big Show [Champion] vs. Sabu:
This whole ECW thing with, "Extreme Rules Matches" is just plain stupid, but it was still an okay match. Sabu uses a lot of chairs, which was expected, and more than a few tables were used. One spot saw Sabu send Big Show through a table that was set up in one of the corners of the ring. The Big Show put the steel steps into the ring and bridged them with another table. Sabu then gave a DDT to Big Show through the same table! In the end Sabu got yet another table but Big Show caught him in midair after jumping and chokeslammed him through the table for the win. 8.5/10 [A few botched spots by Sabu but this is still a very good match.]

Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton:
THANK GOD this was not the main event. Hogan was "injured" so he was even slower than ususal, if you can imagine that for a second. Randy Orton should be in the title picture but instead just becomes another stat in Hulk's long winning streak just because he's afraid [even now] of losing his top spot. Orton at one point looked like he had won but the ref reversed the decision because Hulk's foot was on the bottom rope. Skip this match, nothing special and Hogan wins with the predictable leg drop. 5/10

I Quit Match
Rick Flair vs. Mick Foley:
This is what you don't want to see if you hate the sight of blood. A LOT of barbed wire was in this one and both men bleed like damn rivers were gushing out of their forheads. At one point Flair chopped Foley in the chest with Mr. Socko wrapped in barbed wire on his hand. Foley then threw open a bag of tacks and gave a scoop slam to Flair onto them. Both men refused to quit after taking tremendous beatings from each other. At the end Melina tried to quit for Foley but Flair wouldn't let her and was about to hit Melina with the bat when Foley said, "I Quit," to protect Melina. 9.5/10 [This was a lot shorter than I thought it would be, but the punishment these two do to each other is enough to earn my respect once again for these men.]

World Heavyweight Championshp
Booker T [Champion] vs. Batista:
This was a waste of time. Halfway through the match [the short match that is] Sharmell runs in and causes Booker T to get disqualified. The fans boo the hell out of the finish and I don't blame them. After the match Batista beats up Booker but messes up the Batista Bomb which the fans boo again. 4/10

Vince and Shane McMahon vs. Degeneration X:
This was actually a pretty good match. At Unforgiven inside Hell in a Cell should be the end of this fued, but this was a good stepping stone in their fued. Before the match even started Vince sent out The Spirit Squad, Fit Finlay, William Regal, Ken Kennedy, and finally the Big Show to take out DX. Big Show even chokeslammed HHH through the announce table.
The match began and The McMahons tried everything in their power to pin HBK. HHH recovers and then Umaga comes out to attack DX. Kane then makes an appearance and fights Umaga. In the end Shawn Michales hit Sweet Chin Music to Shane McMahon in midair in an impressive spot and HHH hit Vince with a trashcan and got the win. 9/10

WWE Championship
Edge [Champion] vs. John Cena:
People booed Cena even though it was near his hometown. During the match Lita threw a steel chair in the ring but Edge didn't want her to hit Cena because the title would change hands on a DQ. A lot of back and forth action and near the end Lita gave Edge some brass knucks and Edge nailed Cena with them to win and keep the title. 8.5/10

Summerslam 2006 was good for the Rey/Chavo match, The I Quit Match [which was really brutal] DX/McMahon match was entertaining to see, and the WWE Title match was okay to see. This Summerslam was a good ppv event. This is recommended."
The Biggest Party Of The Summer? I Don't Think So!
D.P. | California | 11/21/2006
(3 out of 5 stars)

"In two years, SummerSlam went from being my favorite PPV of the year to being the most disappointing one. I mean, outside interfearence in every other match and some matches were just bad to watch.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero - Personally, I never liked the Eddie Guerrero storyline & I never will. With that aside, it was an alright match but they've had better. The real highlight for me though was hearing the crowd BOO whenever they would copy Eddie's moves like the Three Amigos suplex. Then when Vickie came out, they kept putting the camera on her back & forth. Again, the match was decent & only because them putting over "fighting for Eddie" storyling & Vickie Guerrero took away from it.

ECW Championship Big Show vs. Sabu - In a nutshell, I just saw this as Sabu being a spotmoney for Big Show to dominate. The match wasn't smooth as Sabu is also so fast paced & tryin' to be innovative that his spots look sloppy at times plus some of the props like the tables were having some problems as well. Just again, Sabu was a body for Show to dominate over.

Randy Orton vs. Hulk Hogan - This match was kept short due to Hogan having a "bad knee" but it was as usual Orton selling & bumping around to make Hogan look better than he is. I'll give this match more credit than usual because Hogan at least sold the RKO finisher from Orton by not kicking out & just having his foot underneath the rope.

"I Quit" Match: Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley - Seeing Ric Flair take these hardcore spots in his shape & age in the ring is really to see. This was the best match on the card so far but it got a little weak towards the end with Melina running in. But still, the match is something to see.

World Heavyweight Champion King Booker vs. Batista - I'm sorry but it just really seemed like Batista was really off in this match & it made it seem just bad. I mean, it's not horrible but you just expected a better performance between the both of them as Booker can only have a good match if his opposition is good too.

DX vs. The McMahons - I did not like this match PERIOD! The only thing that entertained me was the crowd not giving DX the pop the Hogan got earlier in the night to the point to where DX was asking for more cheers & even mocked Hogan in the end. To summerize, DX squashed the Spirit Squad like they did all summer long...then squashed Finlay, Kennedy, and Regal...Big Show comes in, takes out HBK in the ring, and chokeslams HHH through a table outside the ring...The McMahon's then do their best impressions of the Legion Of Doom & Hart Foundation on HBK until HHH comes in for the big save...Umaga comes out & beats up HHH before Kane shows up & they brawl to the back...DX beats the McMahons. Again, I didn't like it as it was just OVERKILL.

WWE Championship Edge vs. John Cena - Cena put in a strong performance here and Edge's almost comical reactions to Lita trying to help him when he could lose the belt on a DQ added an element of humor to the match. The ending was a little weak (brass knucks to the BACK of the head), overall, the match saved this event from ending on a bad note.

DVD extras include the two SummerSlam commericals with Kane & Viscera going after the last hot dog at the party and the potato sack race with Shelton & Carlito & Candice. There's also a recap of what happened the next night on RAW involving Cena, Edge, and the returning Jeff Hardy.

Overall, this PPV just was disappointing to me & I would only recommend for a video rental as only 2-3 matches were worth watching again & again."
SummerSlam Predictions
D.P. | 07/27/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

On Sunday August 20, 2006, WWE will presents SummerSlam, this first PPV to feature all three WWE brands.I will take a look at the match that is announced and predict on who I think will win.I will then list the matches that are heavily rumored to happen.

Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton

Randy Orton has destroyed many legend in his career but at SummerSlam he will try to ''kill'' the biggest one of them all - Hulkamania.Randy Orton has had a great history when it comes to SummerSlam PPVs.In 2004, Orton defeated wrestling legend Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship, becoming the youngest world champion in WWE history.In 2005, Orton defeated Undertaker in what was a great contest.

Hulk Hogan is one of professional wrestling's biggest legends.Hogan has always found a way to prove his oppenents wrong but Randy Orton has done the same thing time and time again.Hogan is undefeated at SummerSlam.Hogan returned to SummerSlam last year, defeating Shawn Michaels in a classic match.This year at SummerSlam, Hogan is going too deal with one of his toughest challenges yet when he faces ''The Legend Killer'' Randy Orton.

Will the Hulkster prove Orton wrong or will The Legend Killer defeat the greatest legend ever?

This match, in my opinion, could go either way.Hulk Hogan's contract with WWE gives him full control over his matches but Vince McMahon could easily overpower Hogan.The Hulkster has never been known as a ''team player'' but backstage pressure can get to any man.I'm leaning towards Orton to win this match because if WWE really wants Randy Orton to be the next ''Rock'', this would be great way to start.

Predicted Winner: Randy Orton.

Rumored Matches:

World Title: King Booker (c) vs. Batista

WWE Title: Edge (c) vs. John Cena

ECW Title: Big Show (c) vs. Sabu

D-Generation X vs. Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon

Undertaker vs. Kane

Extreme Rules Match: RVD vs. Kurt Angle

Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Intercontinental Title: Nitro (c) vs. Carlito vs. Benjamin

I'm predicting SummerSlam will be a great PPV.Most of the rumored matches will most likely take place but I'm not sure.If you could please tell me if my review was helpful or not, I would be very thankful.Thank you for your time.On a side note, I'm not a kid.I'm actually 14 years old.

A good effort
D.P. | 08/22/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This version of summerslam was a OK PPV. It was a good effort by all brands.

1). Rey vs Chavo- good match, good start to the PPV. good highflying action. 7/10

2). ECW world title- This match could have been better, but still good, good choice of weapons.- 7/10

3). Hogan vs Randy Orton- This match is hard to rate as it was an OK match. good spot where Orton thinks he has won. Could be a possible future story-line. i thought this was main event but wasnt.- 8/10

4). i quit match- Good match but short for my expectation. Good use of weapons and lots of voilence.- 8/10

5). World heavyweight championship- This was a good Smackdown main event. Could have been better. Result was what probably expected.- 7/10

6). DX vs Mcmahons- Entertaining match. Could have been match of the night. Good use of interferences. Result was obvious.- 8/10

7). WWE title- Nice match. Nice to see Edge get a few cheers. It was slow at the beggining, but picked the pace up near the end. Nice ending. The result was shocking.- 7.5/10

Overall PPV result- a good PPV, but doesnt feel like a PPV. Most of these rivalries will carry on. Overall rating- 8/10"