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WWE - Twist of Fate: The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story
WWE - Twist of Fate The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story
Actors: Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Edge, Triple H
Genres: Sports
2008     6hr 0min

Matt Hardy was born to wrestle from his earliest days In homemade rings he and his brother created through his unbelievable matches on WWE SmackDown. The road to the top wasn t always smooth. Including some behind-the-scen...  more »

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Actors: Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Edge, Triple H
Genres: Sports
Sub-Genres: Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 04/29/2008
Original Release Date: 01/01/2008
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2008
Release Year: 2008
Run Time: 6hr 0min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 2
Members Wishing: 0
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Twist of Fate
A. Pierre | Somewheres | 05/07/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I was hesitant to buy thi set. I don't know why, considering I own over 85% of the other WWE/WWF dvds. I really enjoyed Hardy Boyz Leap of Faith dvd but that contained all of the greatest matches and did not contain blurred WWF logos. Back to this dvd though. A commerical of this set looked cool so I bought it the next day.

Matt Hardy dvd is good. A one hour story of Matt has some good moments and is overall well done. I bought it for the Edge, Lita, and Matt saga; You get one side of the story (Matt's of course), if Edge's dvd has a bio i'm sure you'll hear his side. I enjoy the footage of there early days. I wish thy put some early talent enchancement matches on this dvd but the matches are good overall. Some shocking moments are they mention ROH and have a second clip of Beniot.

Jeff Hardy is pretty much the same as the Matt dvd. It shows some of the stuff he does outside the ring which is neat. Only shocking moment is he mentions TNA.

Overall, im surprised they mentioned both ROH and TNA on the same WWE dvd. Its weird too hear WWE acknowledge two current companys that alot of people think are better then WWE at this point. Overall, if your a Hardy's fan-you already own it. I enjoyed the dvd for the biographies and early footage of there careers. The matches are good but Leap of Faith dvd had the earlier and slightly better matches. A good companion piece to Leap of Faith. Worth it."
A Good look into the Hardys
Scotty 2 Hotty 24 | Back Woods, GEORGIA | 08/22/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The Hardy brothers are one of the most talented teams out there today. They have won the intercontinental title, european, hardcore, and of course the tag team titles in their own separate rights. This two disc documentary is a good way to see how the Hardys became superstars of today.

Disc 1
Disc one is only about Matt's story but others speak on matters such as Jeff and Edge. It starts with Matt telling how him and Jeff lost their mother at early ages and how their father took care of them. Matt then moves to how he became a promoter early in his career & then coming to the WWE with Jeff. He talks about his struggles early in his WWE career and then expresses how the ladder match and the tables match launched his and Jeff's tag team success. Also how Lita came to be a part of the Hardys and then the relationship her and Matt had together. Jeff and Matt being split up and becoming individual stars. The matter of the whole Edge and Lita thing is touched on and how Matt and Edge formed a rivalry based on that as well.

- No Disqualification and No Countout
Kane vs. Matt Hardy
Vengeance 7.11.04

- Steel Cage Match
Matt Hardy vs. Edge
Unforgiven 9.18.05

- Matt Hardy vs. Joey Mercury
Smackdown 3.2.07

- Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy
Smackdown 5.4.07

- Tag Team Titles
The Hardy Boyz vs. The Serial Thrillaz
Omega 1.29.99

Disc 2
Disc two talks about Jeff's side of the story and most of them growing up and getting started in the wrestling business is all discussed on Matt's documentary. Jeff really talks about how certain matches and titles were important in his career. He also talks about his artistic side and his music he has written and recorded. Soon being released from the WWE because of drugs and doing time in TNA. Then coming back to the WWE and having the career he is having now.

- Tables Match
The Hardyz vs. The Dudley Boyz
Royal Rumble 1.23.00

- Intercontinental Title
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
Smackdown 4.12.01

- Steel Cage for the IC Title
Jeff Hardy vs. Johhny Nitro
New Year's Revolution 1.7.07

- Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin
Raw 2.26.07

- World Tag Team Titles
The Hardyz vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Judgment Day 5.20.07

- Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
Armageddon 12.16.07

- Steel Cage Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
Raw 1.7.08

This is a good documentary and match selection on the Hardys. Pretty good buy."
Overall good
jimmy jons | 05/25/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I think this product is very good. I think something that that could have done better is what was on the dvd. Separated the stories of Matt and Jeff which i think is good, but the covered some of the same stuff in both discs."
Team Xtreme Is Back On DVD
D.P. | California | 05/18/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The Hardy Boyz are without a doubt one of the most popular tag teams amongst this generation of wrestling fans. They've had a lot of ups & downs throughout both in the ring with their tag & solo careers along with out of the ring in their personal lives. Most of this is story is now told in this two disc set with each disc dedicated to each brother & telling their own story. Now keep in mind that I haven't seen the "Leap Of Faith" DVD that WWF released in 2001 along with their "Ultimate Insiders" shoot interviews as well so I'm just making my review off of what I saw here.

Matt's documentry stars off with the story behing their mother dying when him & Jeff were young before leading into how WrestleMania IV effected their feelings towards wrestilng. The story of them wanting a trampoline, starting their own backyard promotion as kids in the TWF, and how that evolved into the ECWF is up next with Matt talking about all the jobs he did such as promoting, creating ring outfits, and getting sponsors. The OMEGA promotion is talked about next with how that founded such talent as Gregory Helms, Shannon Moore, and Joey Matthews a.k.a. Mercury from MNM. The story behind their move onto WWE has jobbers & how that lead into a fulltime contract is profiled next before moving onto the impact Michael Hayes had in establishing the Hardy Boyz team & their eventual tag team title victory. Their famous No Mercy ladder match is discussed next along with the impact it had on their careers & evolution into the Tables & Ladders & Chairs matches. Lita's involvement into Team Xtreme is touched upon before talking about the reasons behind breaking up the team, going solo with the Mattitude/Version 1 character, and the comedic involvement of his "MF'er" Shannon Moore. The story behind Lita's return to the ring & Matt moving over to RAW before starting the Kane feud & Matt getting injured is talked about next before the selling point of this DVD (at least according to the commercials) is talked about. The story behind how Matt found out about Lita cheating him with Edge along with Matt getting released is talked about next with highlights of the Byte This episode with Lita in the studio & Matt on the phone being shown while Edge gives his thoughts. How Matt got rehired along with the feud they had together is shown via highlights from their RAW street fight & Unforgiven cage match featuring that legdrop Matt gave off the top of the cage. The reunion of the Hardy Boyz & winning the tag team titles once again is talked about before closing the documentry out on the story behind the feud with M.V.P. & all the entertaining challenges they did for weeks on SmackDown.

Jeff's documentry kicks off by talking about how his mother died from cancer before moving on to Jeff's involvement in the TWF & all his various characters he used. How the Hardy's would train themselves by studing the moves they saw on TV & how he got his foot in the door at WWE at the age of 16 was brought up next with highlights of his debut match against Razor Ramon. The odd jobs Matt & Jeff did such as be the door openers for the King Of The Ring PPV & carrying King Mabel on his thrown to the ring is talked about next. Jeff's "Imag-I-Nation" playground is talked about next highlighted by his motocross track and various artwork such as alumnimummy structures, paintings, tattoo's, and his body paintings followed by Jeff's high risk/daredevil style of wrestling being talked about next with Jeff admitting that he's never needed surgery for anything he's done in the ring over all these years. His single's run & winning the Intercontinental Title from Triple H (the youngest I.C. champion by the way) is talked about & with later talking about the story behind his Ladder Match with Undertaker on RAW. Jeff Hardy's music & how he came up with the name of his band Peroxywhy?gen (that's not a typo) is talked about next before moving on to his burnout from the wrestling business, his involvement with drugs, and being eventually released was talked about. His time away, getting the wrestling itch again, and the road back to the WWE (including mentioning TNA by name), and coming back to WWE & getting involved with Edge on his first night close out this documentry.

Extras include Matt Hardy's WCW Amature Challenge contest video along with a story of the effect his video had on a WCW tag team, a tour of Matt's house, a story of Matt starting a fire in the woods as a kid, the Hardy's talking about their pet dogs, and a music video to Jeff Hardy's own song "Old Grow." Hidden extras include Matt Hardy talking about his short SmackDown feud against Undertaker, Jeff's ultimate goal for his alumnimummy creations, a story behind how Jeff wrecked his studio, and a toast with the "Core Group."

Matches Include:
No DQ/No Count Out Match vs. Kane - This started out with a brawl on the floor with even the TV monitors getting involved in the first few minutes. Eventhough Matt got a few punches in here & there, it was mostly about Kane just overpowering Hardy before pregnant Lita came out & caused a distraction for Matt to get the upset.
Vengeance '04

Steel Cage Match vs. Edge - This was without a doubt the best match in this feud that was without a doubt one of the top news stories of the year. This was mostly just a brawl between both men with some crazy spots like Edge's powerbomb off the ropes, when the crowd erupted when Edge got tired into ropes, Matt finally getting his hands on Lita, and the highlight reel of Hardy's legrop from the top of the cage before getting the victory.
Unforgiven '05

Tables Match: Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz - This was the first tables match in WWF history. Man, did these two put on a show here as both teams did a great showing & with the way these teams were put through those was something to see at the time. Look out for Jeff Hardy, as usual, being a daredevil at the end.
Royal Rumble '00

Jeff Hardy vs. Intercontinental Champion Triple H - The match went non-stop as Hardy was just using his quick "daredevil" offense in the opening minutes while Triple H was real intense throughout the match as well with the suprize being that Jeff Hardy winning the Intercontinental Title.
SmackDown! Apr. 01
(Also available on the "WWF Action" DVD)

Steel Cage Match: Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro - This cage match was similar to the Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart match in which they didn't turn it into a bloody massacre but did good wrestling inside the cage. If you've seen their previous matches, you know this will not disappoint but the ending was something unique for a cage match.
New Years Revolution '07

World Tag Team Champions The Hardys vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch - A rematch from the previous month at Backlash with J.B.L. & Michael Cole calling the match for some reason (since Matt's the only one on SmackDown). This tag match & storyline itself was very similar ot the Eddie Guerrero/Batista one from back in 2005 where the heels were trying to play by the rules & not cheat. It was a good tag team match but to me, was a step down from their Backlash match the previous month. Besides seeing Trevor Murdock pull off the Canadian Destroyer, there really wasn't anything memorable here eventhough it was a solid contest. This was the match of the night for that PPV.
Judgment Day '07

Winner gets WWE Championship Title Shot At Royal Rumble: Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H - This was all about Triple H making Jeff Hardy step his game up as the beginning had Hardy hold back a punch before Triple H slapped him & yelled for Hardy to "FIGHT ME!" before Hardy returned the slap to Triple H. From here, they went back & forth with each other with Triple H getting more aggressive every time it looked like Hardy would make a comeback. Great match that served it's purpose in elevating Hardy to the main event.
Armageddon '07

Other matches include two matches with Matt Hardy vs. Joey Mercury & Mr. Kennedy, two matches with Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin & a steel cage match vs. Umaga, and a match from the OMEGA promotion with Matt & Jeff vs. Gregory Helms' team of the Serial Thrillaz with alternative commentary.

In the end, I'll give WWE credit for making both documentries somewhat different in how they didn't repeat a bunch of information in regards to both men. I heavily enjoyed Matt's documentry & it made me gain respect for him even more as far as how much he loves the wrestling business & has taken on so many task in & out the ring along with his heavy dedication to the sport that I agree with, is always overlooked by Jeff's more "colorful" personality & daredevil ring style plus I like that they didn't make the whole Edge/Matt/Lita thing such a huge detail as that isn't the only important thing that's happened in Matt's career. The only things I can say on Matt's documentry that's a negative is that Lita should have been interviewed as well since he was an important part of some of the subjects involved (she said her on MySpace that she wasn't asked to be interviewed). Jeff's documentry (which was under an hour) however I felt was just there & didn't really do anything for me as it focused more on his life outside of wrestling than anything else. They could have at least talked about the feud with Nitro that led to a feud between MNM & the Hardys that spread across all three brands for months. And I also felt that eventhough some of these matches are good on here, for this being the first Hardy Boyz DVD in 7 years, and now in retrospect with Jeff Hardy already striking out twice on the Wellness Policy, unless WWE plans on pushing Matt Hardy to the moon (which I don't see) then this could be the last Hardy Boyz DVD we ever see so I felt that a bunch of rare matches could have been put on here instead of some of the random "nothing special" matches put on here that would have been more bang for the buck. Matches like either the steel cage or ladder matche from RAW against Edge & Christian, the I.C./European Unification Ladder Match between Jeff & RVD, a match from the Matt Hardy/Gregory Helms feud, or the Hardyz vs. MNM match from the ECW PPV which I concider a modern day "classic." In the end, what was lacking in matches on Matt's disc was made up by the good documentry & extras while what Jeff's lacked in the documentry was made up for by the matches on his disc so I recommend."