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WWE WrestleMania X8
WWE WrestleMania X8
Actors: Hulk Hogan, Dwayne Johnson, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, Chris Benoit
Genres: Action & Adventure, Sports
NR     2002     7hr 0min

If WrestleMania is truly the "Super Bowl of sports entertainment," then it deserves Super Bowl DVD treatment as well. In the past, WrestleMania DVDs were treated like any other pay-per-view event, but this time, WWE finall...  more »


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Actors: Hulk Hogan, Dwayne Johnson, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, Chris Benoit
Genres: Action & Adventure, Sports
Sub-Genres: Action & Adventure, Wrestling
Studio: Sony
Format: DVD - Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 04/30/2002
Release Year: 2002
Run Time: 7hr 0min
Screens: Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 4
Edition: Special Edition
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English, French, Spanish

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John S. (y2santos) from HUNTINGTON PK, CA
Reviewed on 5/13/2010...
One of the best Wrestlemania's ever.
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Movie Reviews

cengiz mutluol | Australia, NSW | 04/04/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Wrestlemania 18 was deffanatley one for the ages.Not only it leaved up to its hype it went way beyond it with some classic matches and one phenomenal match.Wrestlemania 18 was held in Toronto Canada in the Skydome.-It kicked off with an AWESOME intro where they wrestlers discuss there thoughts and feelings of Wrestlemania.-Rob Van Dam vs Wlliam Regal (I.C title)
GOOD opener with RVD showing his stuff.Regal wasnt to bad aswell and they both got the Toronto crowd HYPED, RVD takes a nasty suplex where he landed on the back of the head but does get back up and manages to leave Canada as the Intercontinental Champion.-Christian interview-DDP vs Christian (European Title)
A very competitive match up that was entertaining.Christian chucks another tantrum in front of his people and DDP keeps his title.-Rock interview (hilarious)-Goldust vs Maven (hardcore title)
Nothing different from what we see on Raw or smackdown.Spike takes advantage of the 24/7 rule and becomes the Hardcore Champ.-Drowning Pool sings while watching the HHH/Y2J fued.-Hardcore match 2: Spike, Crash, Hurricane Helms and Al Snow have a tiny brawl(if that) backstage and Helms is now the Champ.-Kurt Angle vs Kane
Athletism vs Strength.Angle takes control as he smacked Kane with the ring bell before the match.This match was what you'd expect from these two, hard hitting and alot of suplexes.One overhead belly to belly suplex stands out which was from the top rope and looked pretty good.-Hurricane Helms hides with the Hardcore title in the Godfathers ho's locker room. (funny)-Intense rivalry of of Undertaker and Ric Flair.-Ric Flair vs Undertaker (No DQ)
Awesome and surprising match thats starts off with brawling in and out of the ring, nothing was fancy bout this match as it was a smash mouth in your face one sided slobberknocker.This was very entertaining, i give credit to both men who worked incredibly hard during the match.Ends with Flair bloodied and Undertakers Wrestlemania streak now at 10-0.-Booker-t interview-Booker-t vs Edge
Nice obvation for Edges home coming.Edge has picked up his game in singles matches and shows it off at Wrestlemania.Also nice match for Booker-t for his first Wrestlemania.The match starts off fast and ends with Edge leaving Canada as a winner.-Hardcore match 3:Mighty Molly is now hardcore champion after hitting Hurricane Helms in the back of the head with a frying pan.-Stone Cold Steve Austin & Scott Hall rivalry-Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Scott Hall
Austin enter the ring with an obvation as Hall enters with Kevin Nash.The match was nothing special at all whihc is a shame.This 1 on 1 match soon turned into a handicap match and two refs are attacked but the two stunners did the job and Austin celebrates his Wrestlemania victory with a few cold ones in front of the Canadian audience.-A look at WWF Axxcess -Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz vs APA vs Billy and Chuck(Four way ellimination tag titles)
I was looking foward to this match but it didnt deliver.These teams can do alot better.APA starts off the match showing there strength and Billy gets a HUGE clothesline right before APA gets elliminated.The match gets surprisingly slow, Devon wakes tthe crows up as he gets smashed through a table on the outside of the ring.Now it comes down to Hardyz and Billy and Chuck and when it is all over Billy and Chuck are still the Champ.-Hardcore match 4: A hilarious title change when Christian slams a door in Molly Holly's face and takes the Hardcore title from her.-Rivalry of Rock & Hulk Hogan-Hulk Hogan vs The Rock
Wrestlings past vs Wrestlings future it is like Ali vs Tyson.Both enormous icons in the buisness makes this one of the most anticipated matches in Wrestling history.The crowd was so into this like ive never seen, every move was a standing obvatian.Everyone was behind Hogan, at one point they chanted Rocky Sucks.This match was so intense and full of oh's & ah's.The last five minutes was off the page intense and the whole match was emotional and is one for the ages as everyfan was on there feet and The Rock beat Hogan with two rockbottoms, a people elbow and a show of respect which included a handshake we will see at many wrestlemania's a head of us.If you didnt watch it live PPV or in the stands, you dont know what you missed.-Wrestlemania has set a new Skydome record of 68,237 people-Trish vs Jazz vs Lita (womans title)
I was looking foward to this match as all three girls have great skill.Trish and Lita had a slug fest but Jazz does a fishermans buster from the top rope to retain her title.In my view the match could have been better.-Hardcore match 5: Maven steals the title from Christian and leaves Wrestlemania in a cab.-HHH vs Jericho with Stephanie
This match had little build up but i was still looking foward to it as they a both AWESOME wrestlers and if you look back at there match at Fully Loaded 2000 they had a classic last man standing match.
HHH starts things off with punches and clotheslines but the reziliant Jericho fights back.Doesnt take long till Jericho works on HHH's injured left leg and stephanie cheap shoting HHH numerous times.It soon moves outside where nice table break happens.The match ends quick as jericho and Stephanie gets a pedigree and HHH now holds the Undisputed Championship.
The match itself could have been better as these two have had better matches but the aftermath was good.-Overall this Wrestlemania is one of the best and well deserves to be in any collection especially for the Undertaker/Flair affair and the phenomenal Rock/Hogan classic.There was some dissapointing matches such as the tag titles match and the main event.They should have put Rock/Hogan as main event.But all in all i got my money's worth and im shore you will to.If you enjoyed Wrestlemania 18 you should love Wrestlemania 17 and 14.RECOMENDED"
AWESOME, Spectacular, and oh yeah AWESOME!!!
H. Cady | CA | 12/10/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Let's get started shall we!

Show opens with an awesome performance of "Superstar" by Saliva. All Wrestlemanias should be kicked off like this.

Match #1 RVD vs. William Regal(c) for the Intercontinental Championship: Great opening match! Short, but sweet! RVD wins the belt at his first Wrestlemania! 7/10

Lilian interviews Christian...what a tool!

Match #2 DDP(c) vs. Christian for the European Championship: Another good match. DDP still has it and it shows here! Now he is on TNA and Christian is Captain Charisma still chasing belittling titles. But a good match! DDP retains with a Diamond Cutter! 7/10

Coach interviews The Rock...lame!

Match #3 Goldust vs. Maven(c) for the Hardcore Championship: AWESOME! Maven and Goldust crack eachothers skulls with gold trash can lids, and Spike Dudley runs in and pins Maven for the win! 9/10 This title continued to change hands for the rest of the night, which was sweet!!!

Drowning Pool has great performance of "Tear Away" to lead into the UDC match! Only bad thing about this was that they didn't show the story leading into the match later in the night.

Backstage Spike and Crash brawl, then Al Snow comes in with a golf cart! Finally Hurricane runs in and pins Spike and is the new Hardcore Champion!

Match #4 Kurt Angle vs. Kane: Another AWESOME match! Kane and Kurt put on great performances here. Kurt cheats to get the pin while holding the ropes for leverage! 8/10

Hurricane has a run in with the Godfather and his hoes...

Match #5 No DQ match Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker: The match of the night by far. Flair is the greatest of all time, and eventhough I hate the Undertaker, he was great here too. Even after a lead pipe to the skull and a spinebuster by Arn Anderson, UT nails the Tombstone on Flair. This match was almost 30 minutes! Great commentary by JR and King here too! 100000/10

Michael Cole interviews Booker T, this basically makes Booker look like a total idiot, but it was funny!!!

Match #6 Edge vs. Booker T: Prolly the worst match of the night. It was a result of a lame feud and bad chemistry by these guys. Both of these guys deserve much better then this. Edge wins in front of his hometown!!! 5/10

Coach tries to interview Hurricane when Mighty Molly comes in. Tricks Hurricane and clocks his brain in with a frying pan. Molly is the new HC Champ.

Match #7 Stone Cold vs. Scott Hall: Stone Cold gets the biggest pop I've ever seen!!! Crowd reaction to his entrance was insane!!! This would have been a match of the night, if it had somebody getting busted open! Despite Nash's constant interference, Austin nails 2 huge Stunners on Hall to finish him off! 8/10

Highlights from WWF Fan AXXess...

Match # 8 4 Corners Elimination match for the WWF Tag Team Championship The Hardyz vs. The Dudleyz vs. Billy & Chuck(c) vs. APA: Would have been awesome if Billy and Chuck didn't retain. APA or the Hardyz should have won. But a decent amount of action here. Billy and Chuck were a total disgrace and I'm glad that WWE has finally let them go! 6/10

Hulk tells Hall & Nash to not interfere, and to let him do this on his own. Then Hall & Nash still say they will be out there after Hogan leaves...

Molly is trying to find some sanctuary when an open dooor slams right into her cranium, knocking her out cold!!! It turns out to be Christian, and he pins her to become the new Hardcore Champ! Christian beat a woman!!! Very very FUNNY!!!

Huge story of how we got to Rock and Hogan...

Match #9 Icon vs. Icon The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan: We all know that almost everyone thinks this was one of the greatest matches in history! It was without a doubt a great match, and with the enormity of it, one of Wrestlemania's greatest ever! But in my opinion, it wasn't the match of this Wrestlemania. Ric and UT was just more action packed then this match, but this was a very very close second. Rock scores with the People's Elbow and picks up the pin on the Hulk. 10/10!!!

Hulk and Rock take care of the NWO after this, Hulk goes face and they both play majorly to the crowd!!!

Match #10 Lita vs. Trish vs. Jazz(c) for the WWF Women's Championship: Not great, but good for a womans match cause unlike most of the divas, these girls can actually wrestle! But that still doesn't stop Jazz from sucking as bad as she does! Shouldn't have been above Rock & Hulk! Jazz retains...6/10

Christian is about to get into a cab with his HC title when Maven sneaks up behind with a roll up. Maven is the new Hardcore Champion!!! He then steals Christian's cab and drives off, while Christian is left whining like a little baby!

Match #11 HHH vs. Chris Jericho(c) w/ Stephanie McMahon for the Undisputed Championship: I would just like to note that if Chris Benoit never got injured, he would be the UDC (and heel) in this match instead of Jericho. But don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Y2J fan, but Benoit is better we all know that. Anyways, not a long match. Only good part about it was when HHH pedigreed Stephanie! Drowning Pool opened for HHH as well. HHH beats Jericho and is the new UDC. I can't stand HHH so boring!!! 7/10

This is one of the best Wrestlemanias I have ever seen! Go get this!!! Has lots of great extras, including Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania 6.

Greatest WrestleMania of All Time - WrestleMania X8
H. Cady | 05/05/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The greatest match in the history of wrestling took place at WrestleMania X8. I was there, I witnessed it all, it was great! 68,237 fans packed the Skydome in Toronto, creating deafening chants for the dream match for many fans. Nobody thought it was possible, but it happened. This match will keep you on your feet, and is worth the price of the DVD itself.Included are:WWF Intercontinental Championship
>> Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal (c)WWF European Championship
>> Christian vs. Diamond Dallas Page (c)WWF Hardcore Championship
>> Maven vs. Goldust (c)WWF Tag Team Championship Four-Way Elimination Match
>> Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boys vs. APA vs. Billy/Chuck (c)WWF Womens Championship
>> Lita vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jazz (c)WWF Undisputed Championship
>> Triple H vs. Chris Jericho (c) w/Stephanie McMahonEdge vs. Booker T
Kurt Angle vs. Kane
Scott Hall vs. Stone Cold
Undertaker vs. Ric Flair
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock======If that's not enough, Drowning Pool performed "Tear Away" and "Here Comes The Pain", and Saliva performed "Superstar" and "Turn the Tables".Hulk Hogan vs. the Ultimate Warrior (also rated as one of the greatest matches in WWF history) is included in this DVD as well!Included is over 7 hours of footage, a tremendous buy!"