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X - Two (TV Series, Vol. 2)
X - Two
TV Series, Vol. 2
Genres: Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
UR     2002     1hr 15min

Studio: Geneon Entertainment Release Date: 11/19/2002 Run time: 75 minutes


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Genres: Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
Sub-Genres: Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
Format: DVD - Color - Animated
DVD Release Date: 11/19/2002
Release Year: 2002
Run Time: 1hr 15min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English, Japanese

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Movie Reviews

Still moving slowly but in the right direction.
arxane | Oklahoma City, OK United States | 12/03/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Where the horrible movie "X" failed, the series "X: TV" so far succeeds. While both are based off CLAMP's unfinished manga work "X" (also known as "X/1999"), the movie failed to capture any of the characters' personalities or the story's original depth and in the end was nothing more than a mindless action movie. The series, on the other hand, manages to flesh out the many characters of this enormous tale while at the same time crafting the story at a very reasonable pace. "X: TV [ONE]" showed us the show's untapped potential, and now "X: TV [TWO]" heads further in the right direction with the next three episodes.By now, our hero/anti-hero Kamui knows he is part of something going on in Tokyo, but he doesn't fully understand it or, for that matter, really care about it. He manages to open up a little more to his old childhood friends, Fuma and Kotori, but he still feels the bitterness of a recent tragedy in his life. Meanwhile, the Dragons of Heaven are beginning to gather, as are the Dragons of Earth, and confrontation between the two forces is unavoidable. And when Kamui's fate and the choice he must make is finally revealed to him, tension begins to mount as to whether he will decide upon one choice...or make none at all.The story is fleshed out wonderfully. With seven episodes, the series has already surpassed the movie in every way. Characters that were once throwaway now have personalities for the viewer to care about, and the plot moves along coherently instead of disjointedly. If there is to be one complaint, however, it has to be the frequent use of flashbacks. Now, flashbacks are a great way to give characters some backstory, but when they are used too often it can get quite tedious. However, the overall execution is enough to overlook this minor gripe.Visually, the series is breathtaking. Very few anime series can compare to the visual scope of "X: TV". Hair that flows like wind, eyes that look inexplicably's very easy to see that a lot of effort was put into this series. Anime fans wanting some serious eye-candy need not look further than here.Sound wise, the soundtrack continues to impress. And the dub still manages to distinguish itself as one of the better dubs on the market. It's not moment-defining, but it certainly isn't mediocre. If I had to compare it to another dub, I'd say it's roughly on par with Pioneer's own "Serial Experiments Lain" dub. Subtitle fans will find the Japanese track here all right, but dubbies need not worry with this series.As for the extras, there's a very good interview with the series' director, who explains what he was attempting to do with the series. He himself admits that the movie didn't do justice to CLAMP's work, and that the series is his answer to fixing that problem. A very solid extra that "X" fans will not want to pass up.Overal, "X: TV" is still moving quite slowly, but thankfully it's heading in the right direction. While characterization should remain a focal point of the series, the action should get more intense as the Day of Judgement gets closer and closer. This series is certainly not for everyone, but CLAMP fans as well as fans of solid drama set in an apocolyptic-looming atmosphere should definately give "X: TV" a chance."
A shining star in anime
Thomas Yu | Falls Church, VA USA | 04/20/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This series is nothing like the "X" Movie to me (which was beautiful to watch but confusing, convoluted, and wasn't as enjoyable). In a world of imported/commericialized and "jaded" japansese animation, I felt compelled to write a review on this series because it is absolutely a GEM. The story and plot pick up more as the first few episodes play out... this is not a mindless action packed anime but a very well thought out production, stunning character design, and fairly admirable emotional depth. It brought back my fond memories of enjoying good anime like Escaflowne and Rurouni Kenshin from my past. Bravo! If anyone rates this at less than 4 stars, they either haven't watched it or are mindless naysayers. 5 stars from me, it rescued my vision for what good anime should be at its core."
He Who Hunts the Majesty of God
Marc Ruby? | Warren, MI USA | 02/26/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"With the Shinken stolen by Nataku, a Dragon of the Earth, and temporarily out of circulation, the episodes of the second DVD in this series begin a closer examination of Kamui's mysterious role. In 'A Sacrifice,' Hinoto's dream vision reveals a vision of two Kamui's, each wielding the sword of fate baffling both her and Kanoe, her sister, who spies on Hinoto's dreams. In the middle of a conversation with Sorata, the rebel monk, Kamui is interrupted by a visit from his mother's sister, Tokiko, who reveals the purpose behind his mother's shocking death. In a side fight Arashi Kishu, a priestess with her own magic sword, and Seiichiro Aoki, editor and part-time wind master, take on a crowd of paper spell servants (the perfect opponents for an editor, now that I think of it).'A Destiny' introduces Yuzuriha Nekoi and her 'almost' invisible dog Inuki. This 14-year old is determined that the will only love those who can see Inuki. She is thrilled to discover that Kusanagi Shiyu can, even if he is a Dragon of Earth. The main thrust of the episode is the first direct meeting between Kamui and Princess Hinoto. Kamui discovers that he has two destinies, on either side. The meeting comes to an unsatisfactory conclusion for all as the Dragons of Heaven come under attack once again.The final episode, 'Kouya', explains much of Sorata's peculiar history and sets up the relationship between him and Arashi Kishu, as he gradually cracks her icy exterior. The two come under attack from Satsuki Yatouji, the opposition's computer wizard, with surprising results for all. Do not be shocked to discover you are watching a basketball game, either. Destiny works in strange ways.The various personal stories that are revealed here show a commonality amongst many of the Dragons - a hurt or lost family. We will not know if the end holds a hold of healing in its secrets, but we should not lose track of the fact that each of the characters has an important, human, side. And that these stories are an important part of the unfolding destiny.The steady pacing of the episodes is quite a relief compared to the density and occasional impenetrability of the movie. Moreover, as I have mentioned before, they seen to present better narrative consistency than the original manga. This time the characters seem to spring into three-dimensional life. Of course, the eye-catching grace of Studio Clamp's designs are beautifully retained making this set a surprising treat."
Incredible and Powerful!!!
Niko | 08/21/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)


The outline that follows is an outline that refers to the entire series and spoilers will be included.

To begin with, if you are looking for an anime that is more in the style of Love Hina, than you should skip this one. If on the other hand, you are looking for an anime that is powerful, emotional, has love/romance, great character development and strong story, than you are definitely right here.

Outline of the story:
The story resolves around the Seven guardians of Heaven and the Seven guardians of Earth. The one group wants to preserve earth as it, believes in humanity no matter what they have done to earth, and hope for a better future. The other group wants to erase humanity from the face of earth so that the planet and its other creatures can life in peace etc.

The `problem' is that when watching the show you will - like it or not - agree with both groups (not to mention the fact that there is no `black - white answer' but a grey version (You will have to watch it in order to understand or otherwise I will give the entire show away, sorry guys)). Apart from it, the age of the group members does not matter much; meaning that you will see in both groups' teenagers and adults fighting side-by-side or against each other till death. Others will fight against the other group for their own personal reasons.

The biggest problem however is that there can be only one Kamui (chosen one) and the side he decides to follow will win; but, it proofs that the real Kamui has a twin star, meaning that there is another Kamui out there as well. This will lead to an explosive mixture of emotions. Lovers, who will belong to the opposing group, will be forced to fight till death against each other, brother against brother, best friend against best friend and so forth. To be honest, the story will get very emotional indeed. No matter the age, the group members will fight and die.

As for the action, you will get more than enough. To begin with, the fights occur in both astral plane and our materialistic world. In order to prevent damages in our world, the group members are able to form a kind of a shield, in which most fights happen, and no matter the destruction our reality remains unaltered. That is, if the fights remain inside the shield, something that will not always be the case. In addition, all group members have their own supernatural `super powers' etc. For instance, some can use the five elements, some others are psychics, some others use magic, some take advantage of technology, some bend reality etc.

Who will win in the end and what will be the cost of this destructive victory?

The genre of this anime could be categorized under: fantasy, supernatural, action, and love / romance.

The music that accompanies the show is very well orchestrated and good. Starts with a rock/pop song and ends up with a melancholic ballad. In-between the music changes in accordance with the shows (very good done).

As for the dub, in my humble opinion, it is very good and professional done, in the same level as CB is done.

The animation is excellent.

As for extras, it has more or less the typical stuff: Textless opening and ending, previews, trailers etc.

As for the box-set: The first DVD comes with the box and every DVD you buy it fits in there; imagine it something like a shelf.

As for the story: It is very emotional, has great character development, solid storyline (that moves forth and back, with flashbacks etc.), many twists and is very mature and character driven.

Tip: The first episode, called X-0, of the first DVD is like a prelude and `summation' of the story. If you don't want anything to be given to you in front but want to be glued to your sits from episode one, that skip this one.

Last but not least, is it worth buying or not? In two words: Definitely yes! However, by collecting all 8 volumes the cost may raise around $200. To be honest, it is worth having in your collection but if the cost might seem to you as an obstacle than try to rent it and to watch it. The show is highly recommended!

I hope that I could help you, if so than please click on the yes button below ^_^