Help Center - I haven't received my DVD yet. Is it lost in the mail?

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Not necessarily.  It may simply be delayed in making its way to you.

  • USPS packages can take a variable amount of time in transit.
  • The average is 5 days; some DVDs travel much more quickly, some take longer
    • If a DVD is travelling further (ie, being sent from the Continental US to Hawaii, AK, PR, GU, VI, or an APO/FPO address), it will usually take longer to get where it is going.
  • You will receive reminder auto-emails to mark your DVD received at regular intervals after it was marked mailed:
    • These are helpful to some requestors who forget to do this after getting a DVD.
    • Marking a DVD received as promptly as possible after receiving it is essential to maintaining your account in good status at SwapaDVD.

If the DVD has not been received by the 21st day after it was marked mailed by the sender:

  • It will be declared Lost in the Mail at SwapaDVD, and you will be notified by email; you will also get your credit back.
  • You will automatically be returned to your original position on the Wish List for the DVD. If there is another available copy of the DVD in the system, it will be ordered for you.
  • It is not uncommon for DVDs that have been declared "Lost in the Mail" at SwapaDVD to arrive at their destinations.
    • If you have reason to believe the DVD was mailed late and will arrive soon, you can place the replacement DVD on Hold in the Wish List until it has been "lost" for at least a week.
    • If a replacement DVD was automatically ordered for you, you can cancel the order from your account up until the sender has accessed the shipping information. If the cancel order button does not appear on the transaction, you will need to contact us to cancel.
    • When a Lost DVD is received, it must be marked received from your Transaction Archive, accessible from a link on the My Account page, or from the dropdown menu under My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site.

You are welcome to PM the sender of the DVD, to verify that (and when) the DVD was mailed.

  • Simply click on the En Route to Me transaction to send a Personal Message to the sender.

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