Help Center - I mailed my DVD! Why am I getting emails asking me to mail it?

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You are probably referring to the auto-emails reminding you to mark your DVD mailed. The sending process is not complete (and you will not get credit for sending the DVD) unless a DVD is marked as "mailed" before the deadline to do so.

  • The deadline for each transaction appears on the transaction on your account page, in red.
  • If you get an email from SwapaDVD asking you to mail a DVD you have already mailed:
    • that means that you have not marked the DVD mailed.
  • You should log in as soon as possible to mark the DVD mailed by clicking "DVD Has Been Mailed" on the transaction before it cancels!

If you do not mark the DVD mailed before the deadline, the transaction will be canceled and you will not receive credit from the system. Canceled transactions cannot be reactivated.

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