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Posting a DVD to your Tower is very easy.

Before you Post, please note:

  • Your DVDs must be the original discs in the original case.
    • Posting burned copies of DVDs is not permitted.
    • Posting a burned copy of a DVD will jeopardize your membership at SwapaDVD.
    • If you do not have the original case, you can use an empty matching case, and insert the original artwork into it.
    • The UPC code must appear on the DVD(s) that are received
      • that means if the UPC appears only on the box that holds a set of DVDs, then the box must be sent with the DVDs.  The requestor will be able to re-swap them ONLY if the discs she or he receives include the official UPC, printed by the manufacturer. 
  • Your DVDs must be playable and not visibly damaged to be posted.
  • Your DVDs and their cases must be clean and free of any dirt, lint, liquid spills, etc.
  • Your DVDs must be posted so that the title, format, and UPC code all match what is listed in our database.
  • Any extra items that are specifically mentioned in the DVD title on SwapaDVD must be shipped with the DVD. For example, the DVD "Shrek 3-D: Party in the Swamp [Fullscreen (P&S)] [Includes 4 Pairs of 3-D Glasses]" must be shipped with the 4 Pairs of 3-D Glasses. If the additional items are no longer available to be shipped, you may only offer your DVD in our Bazaar forum, explaining in your post that the item(s) are not included. 
  • All DVDs at SwapaDVD are valued at 1 credit per disc--boxed sets and multi-disc sets will be worth more than 1 credit.

To post your DVD:

  • Go to the Post DVDs page

    From anywhere on the site:
    • Place your cursor over My Account in the toolbar at the top of the page
    • Click Post DVDs in the menu that drops down
From My Account:
  • Click the Post DVDs tab
From My Bookshelf:
  • Click the link "Post DVDs" at the top left, in the yellow bar 
  •  Post by UPC

    • The UPC is a 12-digit number on the back of the DVD case, below the barcode.
    • Make sure you do not confuse the UPC with the ISBN which may be listed on the case as well.
    • If the UPC field does not turn green, and no listing preview comes up, the UPC is not recognized by the SwapaDVD database.
    • If the UPC is not recognized, you may not post your DVD at this time. Our database will be updated frequently, so you can check again later, or you may offer your DVD in the DVD Bazaar section of our Discussion Forums.
  • On the next page:

    • You will see the DVD Listing Preview.
      • confirm that this is the correct DVD.
      • Title, Format AND UPC must ALL match your DVD exactly in order to use this listing to post your DVD.
    • Choose whether or not to put this DVD onto your Tower on Hold (so that it is not available for requesting).
  • When you are done, click

    • Be sure that your DVD matches the one shown (title, format, and UPC) 

    • Do not click Refresh on your browser while the button reads "Processing..."  Doing this may cause the DVD to be posted twice.

To Post multiple DVDs:

  • Click the "Post Multiple DVDs" link at the top of the Post DVDs page
  • Enter your UPCs
  • All valid/recognized UPCs will turn green in the list
    • Any UPCs in boxes that do NOT turn green are not recognized by the SwapaDVD database.
    • Check those UPCs for accuracy--remove any that are not recognized

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