Help Center - Why did the *Requested on:* date change on my request?

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If the request date on a request you made has changed, that means the first sender did not complete the sending process by marking the DVD mailed to you, and your request has been automatically passed along to a new sender.

  • Perhaps the first sender never responded at all
  • Perhaps the first sender initally accepted your request, but never marked the DVD mailed
  • Perhaps the first sender declined the request
  • Perhaps the first sender initially responded, but then canceled the transaction (if he or she couldn't find the DVD, for example)
    If the transaction is not completed for any of these reasons, the SwapaDVD system will continue searching for a DVD until a copy is marked mailed to you (or until there are no other copies in the system, or until you cancel the request), all without any further effort from you.



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