Help Center - Do I need any special software to use SwapaDVD?

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No.  No new software is required to use SwapaDVD.  However, there are two downloads that we do recommend for the optimal SwapaDVD experience: Adobe Acrobat Reader and Firefox.

Details below.

  • The FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader will be necessary if you plan to download and print the  SwapaDVD Wrapper .pdf file.
    • If you don't want to download the wrapper file, you can access the address file using the backup wrapper link, which will show you the address on a printable (or hand-copyable) webpage.

  • We recommend that our members use Firefox to access SwapaDVD. 
    • Firefox is a FREE browser, and is the most stable and secure browser we have found.  It is the browser of choice for the SwapaDVD Team.  
    • Most SwapaDVD login problems can be solved by using Firefox. 
    • There are also some site features that non-Firefox users will not see, but these do not affect the use of the site.
  • If you have a Mac, you may need to download Firefox.
    • All but the latest versions of the Safari browser have significant incompatibilities with the site. 
    • We have many Mac-using members, and a lot of them say they like Firefox better than Safari. 
    • The site works very well using Firefox on a Mac.
    • If you cannot update your version of Safari to the latest version for Tiger, you should use Firefox to access the site.


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