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Sending a DVD involves:

  • Responding to a Request
  • Getting the address/Printing the Wrapper
  • Wrapping the DVD (Discs must be in the original case, and if the UPC is on the box for a set, the box must be included)
  • Applying postage to the package if Printable Postage was not chosen
  • Mailing it
  • Marking it Mailed before the deadline to do so


Please note:

Marking a DVD mailed before the deadline to do so is essential to prevent the transaction from being canceled.

  • A canceled transaction cannot be reactivated, and does not earn credit from the system.

Your deadline to mark a DVD mailed appears in red on the transaction for the DVD on your My Account page

    • The deadline will be 11:00 PM ET, 5 days after the acceptance date if you click "I can mail within two days" when accepting the request
    • The deadline will be 11:00 PM ET, 2 days after the alternate mail-by date you choose if you click "I can mail LATER" when accepting the request

Do not send any extraneous materials with the DVD unless you have prior permission from the recipient. This includes pamphlets, flyers, advertisements or any printed material that did not come with the DVD when it was purchased.

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