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The Best of TromaDance Film Festivals, Vol. 3
The Best of TromaDance Film Festivals Vol 3
Actors: Melissa Collins, Philip Gunn, Daniel Gutierrez, Justin McAlexander, Siro Soliani
Directors: David Valdez (III), Sin Silva
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Documentary, Animation
UR     2004

Giving Independent Film Back to the People! Inspired by South Park creator Trey Parker, Tromadance is the first film festival wholeheartedly devoted to filmmakers and film fans. Unlike every other film festival, Tromadan...  more »


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Actors: Melissa Collins, Philip Gunn, Daniel Gutierrez, Justin McAlexander, Siro Soliani
Directors: David Valdez (III), Sin Silva
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Documentary, Animation
Sub-Genres: Animation, Horror, Documentary, Animation
Format: DVD - Color - Best of
DVD Release Date: 08/31/2004
Original Release Date: 05/09/2002
Theatrical Release Date: 05/09/2002
Release Year: 2004
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 1
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

The Best Tromadance disc so far!
Arthur Martin | Toledo, OH United States | 08/13/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

I wrote a review a while ago about the TROMADANCE Vol. 2 DVD after attending the 2004 Tromadance Film Festival, and said I thought Vol. 3 might wind up being the best volume so far.
Well, I've watched it, and despite a few misses, it is indeed easily the most consistent and best Tromadance disc so far. Here's a film-by-film breakdown:

DRIBBLE -- Winner of the top award at the 2004 Tromadance, and rightly so. A crazy 30-minute short from Giuseppe Andrews, who played the funny deputy in CABIN FEVER and directed TRAILER TOWN, which Troma has also put out. This is very similar to TRAILER TOWN in that the cast is basically the same gaggle of trailer-park denizens, but this short is maybe better than TT because the outrageousness of Andrews's vulgar language does not have enough time to wear thin. Also, there are a few moments that seem unscripted that really show the down-and-dirty wit of these folks. The version shown in the festival had a funny use of music by people like Phil Collins and Winger, but the music has been replaced by original songs here (probably to avoid paying for the music), and it suffers a bit because of it.

PDA MASSACRE -- A nutty serial killer movie, with really great performances, especially from Troma stars Jamie Greco (as the killer) and Debbie Rochon (as one of her victims). However, the movie is kind of confusingly put together, and really uncomfortable to sit through.

KUNG-FU KITTIES -- A hilarious half-animated spoof of chopsocky movies and video games, using computer-deformed kitties as the opponents in a battle over a litter box.

THE INCREDIBLE TORTURE TRIO -- Kind of dopey gore comedy which features a bunch of guys mutilating themselves in very fake-looking ways. One of the guys is David Mattey who played Toxie in the latest TOXIC AVENGER movie.

IN DEFENSE OF LEMMINGS -- A funny, offbeat sort-of sketch comedy that comes together like Monty Python or Mr. Show, telling four different stories in four different styles. Lloyd Kaufman has a funny cameo near the end.

SKUNK APE -- A really well-executed horror-comedy about a crummy punk band being hunted by a guy in an ape suit... er, I mean a "skunk ape." Really funny, and actually pretty exciting in a lot of places.

FEAST OF FOOLS -- Probably the most disturbing thing on the disc, this is a claymation about some really evil clowns. Yiccccch.

ANOMALOUS HUMANITE -- A moody piece reminiscent of the Nine Inch Nails "Closer" video about freak show attractions.

THE J2 PROJECT -- A mockumentary about cloning Jesus. What is most interesting about it is the way that it isn't really played for laughs, it's done as a pretty straight-faced fake documentary.

LE DIAMANT DES DAMNES -- Someone has obviously seen EVIL DEAD and DAWN OF THE DEAD too many times. This short basically mixes those two movies (A cabin in the woods, attacked by zombies) and adds a touch of comic book cool at the end. Also, it's French Canadian.

REEFER MADNESS 6: MARIJUANA'S REVENGE -- 4 fake PSA's about the dangers of pot, from the makers of KUNG-FU KITTIES. Hit-or-miss, but basically as twistedly funny as KITTIES.

WORKING STIFF -- This is definitely one of the highlights of the disc, with a nice blend of humor, the macabre, and decent filmmaking. A man kills himself over a girl, only death keeps forgetting to collect his soul, so he keeps going to work, seeing the girl, and trying to kill himself again. Unfortunately, the picture quality is really muddy, like this was mastered from a VHS copy to DVD, which is really a shame, considering the quality otherwise.

MONKEY BRAINS -- An amusing parody of FACES OF DEATH.

DUMMY DRUNK -- The most confounding thing on the disc, I have no idea what is going on. Apparently it's from the same guy who made ANOMALOUS HUMANITE, which is maybe how it made it on. I'm really not a fan.

KID FEARS -- This is an interesting short about a kid who decides to become big and strong because he is bullied as a child (sort of reminiscent of the story of Leolo's brother, if you've ever seen LEOLO). This movie has a lot of production value, in a surprising why-is-this-on-a-Troma-disc? sort of way.

And now, I am 3 hours older. Phew..."
A. Olsthoorn | The Netherlands | 09/27/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"TromaDance is a one-of-a-kind annual filmfestival, that began in 1999. It is totally unique in that it is not there to promote a lot of films and celebrities who don't really need that anymore, like the simultaneously running Sundance festival, but is of the people, for the people and by the people. The objective is to give art back to the people, and in order to do that there is no entrance fee, and no submittance fee for those who want to commit their film. Everybody is welcome, and fans and others interested in seeing new and innovative cinema are treated no worse than the filmmakers and celebrities (and believe me: there are celebrities around, as is shown on this particular DVD).
This is probably the only opportunity to have their work shown for new, original and innovative filmmakers who don't want to keep on going over the same old things that make Hollywood movies so boring and predictable.
A lot of short films from the festival are being released in a series of wonderfully mastered and lovingly created DVD's under the name of THE BEST OF TROMADANCE. Volume three is out now, and after the first two my anticipation was high - and it certainly didn't disappoint. This collection again proves that there are so many hitherto unknown filmmakers out there who commit all of their own money or even sell their house and devote their time making so incredibly many TOTALLY different and highly original films and hardly anyone knows about them! This disc brings some change in that.
If your moviewatching expectations don't go beyond of two hours of totally predictable lame storylines and expensive but tedious CGI-effects you will be better off in the local multiplex theatre, but if you dare to look a little further and are even the least bit interested in finding out if there is anything other than the obvious, this disc (and the rest of the series) is not to be missed!!
The budgets are usually low, the artistic chances these filmmakers dare take are high, the inventiveness of the artists stunning, and therefore these short films are without exception extremely interesting. With only one title on this 3-hour-plus third volume that I can't seem to like very much there are no less than 14 other films of varying lenghts that grabbed me immediately and only got better after repeated viewings.
The undisputed highlight here is THE J2 PROJECT. This is easily the best and most biting look at religion I have ever watched - certainly THE best film of the entire disc. It is rediculous that this film is not widely seen. Superbly done in documentary style and set in a near future it is sometimes hard to realise you are indeed watching a film, and not the real thing.
Another highlight of this volume is PDA MASSACRE with fine parts by Heidi Sjursen, Debbie Rochon and Lloyd Kaufman - a lunitic tries to prevent people from showing Public Display of Affection, which, in the big city, is to be found everywhere. The concequesnces are gruesome. This one really gets under your skin. Another not-to-be-missed film is THE INCREDIBLE TORTURE TRIO, TRIO a seemingly live broadcast of a circus-act trio of guys who can take a lot of pain starring (and present in many other credits) Dave "Citizen Toxie" Matthews. This film is so incredibly realistic, filmed in only one shot in the fashion we see often nowadays in TV-newsitems - this technique makes the special effects (and I cannot imagine how they have done them) are gruesomely real and so in cotrast to the tone of the three guys talking to each other that it leaves the viewer in total awe. Brilliant.
To say somethigng about all included titles (even to list them) would take up way too much space here, unfortunately, but I can promise over three hours of delightful entertainment, horiffying moments and briljant art by innovative filmmakers when you buy this disc. All profits from the dvd go to the TromaDance film festival, so don't rent this, don't check out your friend's copy, but support independent art by buying this one yourself. You won't regret it."