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Life of Ryan: Complete Series
Life of Ryan Complete Series
Actors: Ryan Sheckler, Taylor Bogart, Gretchen Sheckler, Kane Sheckler, Shane Sheckler
Genres: Television
NR     2009     10hr 42min

Ever stare out your window and wish you had a skate park in your backyard? Hope to travel the globe one day? Do you think all this is too good to be true? Well, it's not...This is the Life of Ryan. Ryan Sheckler's tale is ...  more »


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Actors: Ryan Sheckler, Taylor Bogart, Gretchen Sheckler, Kane Sheckler, Shane Sheckler
Creators: Tom Magill, Jason A. Carbone
Genres: Television
Sub-Genres: Television
Studio: MTV
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen - Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 04/21/2009
Original Release Date: 01/01/2009
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2009
Release Year: 2009
Run Time: 10hr 42min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 3
SwapaDVD Credits: 3
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English
Subtitles: English

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Movie Reviews

Addictive and entertaining! A personal and candid look at t
Dennis A. Amith (kndy) | California | 04/21/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

""LIFE OF RYAN" is an MTV series created by Joey Carbone (Carbone Entertainment) which the first two seasons aired on MTV and the third season is featured on this complete series on DVD.

The series focuses on the life of pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, the youngest winner of the X-Games at the age of 13 and now focusing on the teenager from age 16-18, as he tries to become champion again.

Unfortunately, things are not as simple for the life of Ryan as his parents Gretchen and Randy have gotten into a divorce which both parents try to be civil but it for Ryan, it has hurt him emotionally.

As he tries to live life with his younger brothers Shane and Kane and his mother/manager Gretchen in surfer town San Clemente, he tries to have a relationship with his father who has found a new girlfriend. Helping Ryan deal with life are his best friends Casey, Tony, Taylor and Mitch. But throughout the series, Ryan struggles with divorce, his mother as his manager, his relationship with his father, his friends and also trying to find a girlfriend, managing multiple businesses and just dealing with his fandom and his "haters" while pursuing his quest to win another X-Games.

"LIFE OF RYAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES" features all three seasons on DVD broken up onto three discs.


1. CHASING CAMBRIA - Ryan likes a girl named Cambria but not sure if she digs him. Both Ryan and his best friend Casey have their first holiday with their parents now divorced.
2. 5TH WHEEL - Ryan spends time with his younger brother Kane. His father Randy is having a big party for Kane but his mother who attends, finds it hard to see her ex-husband with another woman and both Ryan and his mother reminisce of the past birthdays and how hard the divorce is for his mother.
3. CARELESS WHISPERS - Ryan goes to visit his father Randy and his new girlfriend Kristy but it shocks him when his girlfriend tries to get close to him and hug him and the more he thinks about it, it stresses him out more.
4. RAISING KANE - Ryan goes on a date with Tony's ex-girlfriend Julia and not sure if his best friend approves.
5. X-TREME DISTRACTIONS - It's time for the X-Games and it surprises him when he finds out that his father Randy and his girlfriend Kristy is coming. This ticks him off. Meanwhile, Ryan starts to hang out more with Tony's ex-girlfriend Julia.
6. HE SAID, SHE SAID - Ryan's mother is now moving on with her life and is going on her first date since divorcing and it makes Ryan feel a little uneasy.
7. DOWN GOES RYAN - Ryan breaks his arm during a fall during a competition.
8. HOME AND AWAY - Ryan wants to get his own house and get away from his family.


1. DON'T GO - Ryan and his mother and brother will have dinner with his father and new girlfriend. But things are made much more stressful as Ryan's father and mother are going back to court.
2. MY BROTHER'S KEEPER - Ryan is getting closer to Kayla. Meanwhile, he tries to coach his brother Shane. Shane feels a bit of pressure and stress because he is the brother of pro skater Ryan.
3. HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM - Ryan is upset when he wants to talk to his mom but she's always in manager mode.
4. SHECKLER, INC. - Ryan's business endeavors is going great and now he can expand on his own business. He also misses his girlfriend Kayla who has been gone for two weeks.
5. AND YOU JUST MIGHT BE THE ONE - The pro skater friends of Ryan worry that he may not be focusing on his skating and focusing a bit much on his new girlfriend. Kayla returns and Ryan can't wait to go out with her.
6. ODD MAN OUT - Ryan and his father Randy go on a father and bonding trip to the gun range.
7. MAN'S BEST FRIEND - Ryan wants a dog but his mother is against it. So, Ryan wants to see if he can raise one, so he borrows Tony's dog for a week.
8. SKATE IN HEAVENLY PEACE - It's Christmas time and Ryan is happy to have family and friends together. But unfortunately, he can't bring his father because his mother's boyfriend is coming and it might be too weird and it's stressing him out.
9. PARTYING WAYS - Ryan's friends have a surprise party for Ryan and while his girlfriend Kayla was important in planning the party. Ryan ends up not talking to her at the party (since he's greeting friends he hasn't seen for a long time). Ryan feels he can't give his girlfriend the time because of his career and feels he needs to breakup with her.
10. SINGLE LIFE - Ryan's now single. And so is his father Randy. Both go on a father and son bonding trip to Las Vegas.
11. NEW BEGINNINGS - Ryan finds out that Casey and Taylor have broken up but is more upset that his new roommate and best friend never told him about it.
12. PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE - Ryan is upset with Casey and Mitch for looking at his phone and assuming that he may be trying to go for Taylor.
13. CRACKS IN THE CREW - The breakup of Casey and Taylor is affecting the crew and now Ryan considers ditching his best friend Taylor.
14. TONY'S TEST - Ryan wants to know if Tony is dependable as a roommate, so as a test, Ryan invites him to travel to Austria. Will Tony pass the test?
15. FINALLY ON MY OWN - Ryan's mother and father are communicating and also Ryan gets stressed because his mother is trying to decide how her son's new home should be painted.


1. MY HOUSE, MY RULES - Ryan has moved into his new house but he starts to have many parties and everyone invited. With many drunk teens who eventually get into fights, break a hole into Ryan's house and even Tony leaving his used condoms in the ground, this episode is probably the most edgy of the series.
2. ADDING INSULT TO INJURY - Ryan builds a skatepark in his warehouse and while attending a tournament in his area, the audiences boo him.
3. BUSINESS BEFORE PLEASURE - Ryan is holding a celebrity golf tournament and his manager warns him of his friends attending and getting out of hand. But Ryan doesn't think his friends will cause any trouble...Will they?
4. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW - Ryan Sheckler competes in X-Games 14 and tries again for a gold medal.
5. MODEL BEHAVIOR - Shane wants to become a pro skater and Ryan talks to his parents in giving Shane a chance to travel on tour with pro skaters for three weeks.
6. WHAT'S NEXT? - Ryan finds out that Casey and Mitch have been accepted to a college in Colorado and are moving in two weeks. For Ryan, this is devastating and a life changing experience.


What I enjoy about "LIFE OF RYAN" are the various shots of San Clemente, outdoors, sunshine and it really helps the picture quality. With many reality TV series, when indoor scenes are captured, the amount of noise is just enormous. So, it was pretty cool to watch the series and notice how cool and vibrant the colors are and overall, looked good.

Audio quality features Dolby Digital stereo and dialogue is clearly heard. If anything, the series is front-heavy and there is a lot of utilization of music, thus you get a good dialogue/music driven audio track.


"LIFE OF RYAN" features three special features which are Ryan Sheckler skateboarding footage from various competitions. Included are:

* "KAMIKAZES" Skate Video (2:01)
* "PEACE WITH NOTHING" Skate Video (2:13)
* "CALL IT OFF!" Skate Video (3:16)

"LIFE OF RYAN" is really entertaining and if anything, I think the film really showcases the personal life of pro skater Ryan Sheckler. Showing that he's just a normal teenager who experiences the same emotions, stresses out and has real-life problems like every teen out there.

Granted, Sheckler is a multi-millionaire, has several businesses and is quite successful but the series is not so much about his skateboarding competitions and business life but mainly about how this athlete is dealing with his parent's divorce, dealing with his relationships with family and friends but how he has to live these separate lives of being a professional and having to be a regular teen and learning that for him, it's difficult.

But the heart of the series is his relationship with his mother and father. His mother Gretchen is a manager that wants to make sure his son knows what his schedule is and what he has to prepare for but during these tough times, when he needs his mother, she's often in manager mode and it cause a bit of friction between the both of them.

As for his father Randy, the divorce has hurt him financially and emotionally. And as tough as he looks as a businessman and biker, he cares about his son a lot and gives him advice. But because his father is more businesses minded and logical, it causes some friction between father and son as well.

If anything, the problems that Ryan goes through is trying to be the middle man between his father and mother. While dealing with the stress of competition and high school life, it's more than a teen can handle and it shows on camera.

Ryan seems to stress out with each episode and granted, he has every reason to. And you can see how that worry over his personal relationships with family has somewhat transcended into his relationships with friends, which are like family to him, it's understandable why his life seems quite dramatic on TV.

But the positive of the series is that many children and teens feel they have no way to go when they get into this stressed out or depressed state. When you have so many things coming after you, it all depends on how you deal with it. And for Sheckler, despite his parents divorce, his parents love him and no matter what little squabbles they have, he is the first one to offer the olive branch and realize that he doesn't want to have any negative vibes around him, even with his friendships. He's always eager to work things out.

For many young athletes, you could only read about these types of situations in autobiographies but this a first that documents the life of a teen athlete and what goes behind-the-scenes in his personal life. No matter how much money, cars or fame that he has accumulated, he's still a young guy with emotions and he hurts like everyone else and people get to see that.

I will say that the first two seasons are very well-done but once you get to the third season, many wonder why it wasn't aired on MTV and watching it, I can see why. The first episode alone, shows Sheckler at his new home, constantly partying and coin toss into cups, partiers getting drunk and getting into fights and even a scene where Ryan has to pickup Tony's used condoms around his house (which I can't believe he didn't use gloves or something aside from his bare hands to pick it up with), the third season may be a bit hardcore for the young MTV audience.

The unfortunate thing about the third season not being aired is that Sheckler does accomplish in getting his second gold medal at the X-Games but also shows how his fame has made him infamous. The scene where he is booed by the audience is just sad but it's the price an athlete pays, you're going to have people who love you and hate you but for a teenager, it may be a bit much. Fortunately, he turns that negative energy to something positive.

The third season was canceled at six episodes but fortunately, everyone can watch these six episodes on this complete series on DVD.

Overall, "LIFE OF RYAN" is an addicting show. Very dramatic and more on the male side as opposed to shows like MTV's "LAGUNA BEACH" which focused more on the drama on the female end.

Similar to "LAGUNA BEACH", Ryan's friends have a hard time being around the camera at times, especially when it looks like he's about to give them a tonguelashing for something they did wrong.

But this series is addicting and fun. I found myself glued watching episode after episode and even my wife who never watched an episode on MTV, found herself watching episodes back-to-back. It's a fun reality TV drama series.

All in all, If you enjoyed "LIFE OF RYAN" on MTV, then definitely check out the "LIFE OF RYAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES" as it also contains the unaired third season. A lot of episodes and you can find it for a great price! Definitely worth checking out!"