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Magical Play - The Complete Collection
Magical Play - The Complete Collection
Genres: Kids & Family, Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
NR     2004     2hr 30min


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Genres: Kids & Family, Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
Sub-Genres: Animation, Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
Studio: Adv Films
Format: DVD - Color - Animated,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 06/29/2004
Release Year: 2004
Run Time: 2hr 30min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English

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Member Movie Reviews

Lori J. (viperess) from SHELBY, NC
Reviewed on 10/15/2010...
Think Excel Saga & you have a good idea of what wackiness is in store. Padudu wishes to become a magical girl & go to the Earth so, she leaves her home in Sea Heaven to travel Sweetland. While there, Padudu must win magical battles & collect Hanamaru to obtain her goal. Sounds familiar, right? What happens is anything but. With friends & rivals like Pipin, Myumyu, Nonononn, Zucchini & Queen Purilun, Padudu & her long-suffering partner, Uokichi are in for misadventures galore.

Movie Reviews

Sesho | Pasadena, TX USA | 07/15/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I have to admit that I passed by this dvd many times and just looking at the cover I was not attracted to it at all. It looked like some stupid magical girl anime along the lines of Sailor Moon. It was only after I read a review of it in a magazine that I said to myself that the series sounded really funny. The world of Magical Play is so bizarre that at first it's like trying to see in a dark room, your eyes and mind have to get adjusted to the humor that makes Excel Saga seem laid back. As the first episode opens we see this giant roc-like bird with what looks a human sized fish with legs in its talons. Then the giant bird drops the fish from what looks like a mile up. Meanwhile, on the ground below, Pipin Lacippe is having a magic duel and has won it, that is until the fish lands on her and knocks her out. That's when we find out that the fish is a living garment named Uokichi, worn by aspiring magical girl Padudu. You see, on the world of Sweetland, girls with magical powers have to fight each other. Whoever wins recieves a stamp, called a hanamaru in a pocketbook. When they get enough, they become a magical girl, which basically means they can travel to Earth and become a superhero with their own comics, manga, and other merchandise. Pipin wants her hanamaru back and so begins a lifetime rivalry between her and Padudu. We are also introduced to some other characters in Magical Play. Myumyu is a beautiful blond whose only clothing is two magical cats that cover up her assets. She might look good but inside she is a treacherous and backstabbing person. She acts like she's Padudu's friend but she really only sees her as a tool she can use to get what she wants. For example, she tells Padudu to walk across a rickety old bridge, pleading exhaustion. Padudu proceeds to cross and falls down into the gorge with a plank breaks. Nonononn (I hope I got all the n's) is a powerful warrior who refuses to use any magic and spends her time destroying cities. She becomes Padudu's friend in part because she pities her quest. She too wanted to be a magical girl until her best friend, Queen Purilun, the ruler of the world, betrayed her. She's a fugitive from the law, and the two top police officers, Mustard and Ketchup are always on the lookout to catch her. Queen Purilun, like Myumyu, hides her true self behind a mask of virtue and kindness. In reality she rules with an iron hand and wants to eliminate any rivals. Last, but not least with have Zucchini Cacchocari, the ineffectual henchman of Purilun who is too obsessed with Myumyu's body parts to destroy Padudu and her friends. This dvd was great. It was just completely over the top and wacky but not in a naughty way. It did remind me of the Marx Brothers. One skit evolves into the next and the laughs just get bigger and bigger. This anime loves to pull the magical girl genre inside out and the rivalry between the girls just increases the humor. For example, in one episode, they come upon what looks like a Christmas tree hung with stars upon its branches. When you throw the stars they become shooting stars that people on Earth can see and wish upon. So they make a bet that whoever makes the most people on Earth happy through wishes will gain a hanamaru. In the heat of their competition they throw so many stars that they unknowlingly destroy much of the Earth. Funnily enough, they can't figure out why the people of the Earth aren't happier after they've unleashed the equivalent of a nuclear holocaust. This was a great dvd. Really funny, really inventive. You can tell its parody is cushioned with affection for the genre of magical girl animes. The animation is gorgeous and the voice acting is first rate. The first disc contains four 33 minute episodes, character gallery, and an English voice actor commentary. A surprise awaits you on the second disk. There is a fifth episode of Magical Play on it. The thing that makes it unique is that is a 3D CG episode. It sorta reimagines the first episode of the series in a darker mood. In this episode Padudu is fished from a river and arrested and thrown in prison and slated to be executed. Her cellmate happens to be Nonononn. Unless they want to die they will have to find a way to escape their executions. Strangely, in this episode, there was a lot of violence and blood and death, unlike the 1st disk. Go figure. It still had humor though. I highly recommend this dvd. Very funny. Lots of depth. Complex comic characters."
Magical Play is a hilarious, hyperspeed romp through anime-l
Pixie | 06/04/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I was really at a loss as to whether to rate this show 4 or 5 stars. I ultimately decided to go with 4, due to the fact that this simply is not a show for everyone. I'd really rate that as something like a 4.5, but since no such thing is present in Amazon's system, 4 it is.

Who is this show for, then? If you love anime for all that it is, if you enjoy humor at its zaniest, and if you can handle a healthy dose of cute (alongside a healthy dose of insanity), then you'll probably love Magical Play. When watching this show, it really helps to be a fairly knowledgable fan of anime and its cliches, because Magical Play is never afraid to mock them. Still, you don't have to understand every little nuance of the show in order to appreciate its comedy. It's definitely not the kind of show the DVD cover projects it as. On that note, I would not recommend this show for young kids. I would say age 13+.

Padudu, from the kingdom of Sea Heaven, is taking part in a magical girl competition. The goal is to earn the most Hanamaru (a small mark shaped like a flower, collected almost like one would collect stickers) through various challenges and tests, and the girl with the most will ultimately become queen of the magical kingdom Sweetland. Each magical girl has a tie to some sort of animal, usually appearing as a clothing item or weapon. Padudu's is that of the majestic... fish. Hey, at least it's useful: whenever she's hungry, she just rips off a piece from the underside of the cloak (much to the living garment's dismay).

Padudu, like many magical girl characters, is a bit of a bumbling idiot. I wouldn't say she takes the cake, but she's right up there with the best of the intellectually worst. She is a simpleton, positive and naive. Despite her naivete, our fish-wearing heroine really tries her best. She makes friends wherever she goes- or at least she thinks she does. Joining her on her adventures is the sultry and talented MyuMyu Pisterica, twofaced as the white and black of her skimpy cat-bikini, always has a smile for those around her... and a plan to manipulate them, be it through sob stories or flattery. There is also Pippin Lacippe, dressed as a bunny waitress and wielding a backpack with an entire dimension inside it, who has a strong dislike of Padudu and a fierce wish to outdo her, but winds up along for most of the adventure anyway. With friends like these, well... it's lucky her enemies are little more competent than Padudu herself. The girls compete in many strange competitions and wind up in tons of odd situations, always with their eye on the prize: magical queendom. In addition to the problems the gang is more than capable of getting themselves into, the current queen of Sweetland has a few things in store for them, as she doesn't plan to give up her throne without a fight (fair or not, and at least 99% of the time, not).

The humor bounces everywhere just as the storyline does, but it doesn't forget its punchlines or get lost in transit. The show is a laugh a minute, even if it doesn't always make perfect sense. If you enjoy titles like the DiGi Charat franchise, you'd probably have no problem following this. Though there are only four normal length episodes (plus an extra 3-D episode), they're broken down into mini-episodes. I don't complain about it being short because it feels like you've watched a lot more than four episodes when it's all said and done with. I think pushing the series too far could make it lose its steam. Just let it whack you over the head with its oversized mallet of humorous absurdity and run away.

Overall, I really recommend this show! If you're looking for a well-developed plot, a conventional magical girl anime, or anything remotely serious, however, I would advise you to look elsewhere."
Keroro's Review- Magical Play!
Pixie | 12/28/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I recently bought "Mahou Yugi" (Magical Play) because I had heard it was just awesome. And I heard right! This DVD is the best and has become one of my favorites!

"Magical Play" is about a girl named Padudu and her fish jacket Uokichi that come from a far off land in the sky called "Sea Heaven". Padudu wants to be a magical girl more than anything in the world, and keeps at it no matter what happens, or what someone tells her (coughNonononcough). So Padudu travels through various lands and enters tons of contests and meets unforgettable characters like Pippin her life long rival, or Myumyu, with the cats for clothes. Even the dangerous criminal Nononon becomes friends (and I use that term lightly) with Padudu.

Another treat that comes with this DVD is the art! The art is fantastic and it's by Japan's very own "Kiyohiko Azuma" who created Azumanga Daioh! Also, something else that you get is the awesome 5th episode in 3-D (but be warned: this one is a little more violent than the other 4 episodes in 2-D)! This DVD is truly a work of magic! I reccomend this DVD to anyone, but not for anyone TOO young, because there is partial nudity, but it's not very bad at all. Please buy!"