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Seed of Chucky (Unrated and Fully Extended) [HD DVD]
Seed of Chucky
Unrated and Fully Extended
Actors: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, John Waters, Billy Boyd, Redman
Director: Don Mancini
Genres: Comedy, Special Interests
UR     2007     1hr 27min

In this outrageous, unrated and fully extended version of Seed of Chucky, everyone's favorite killer doll returns-and he's bringing the entire family! This time around, Chucky (voiced again by Brad Dourif) and his homicida...  more »

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Actors: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, John Waters, Billy Boyd, Redman
Director: Don Mancini
Creators: Vernon Layton, Don Mancini, Corey Sienega, David Kirschner, Guy J. Louthan, Laura Moskowitz, Vlad Paunescu
Genres: Comedy, Special Interests
Sub-Genres: Satire, Special Interests
Studio: Universal
Format: HD DVD - Color,Widescreen,Anamorphic - Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 10/23/2007
Original Release Date: 11/12/2004
Theatrical Release Date: 11/12/2004
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 1hr 27min
Screens: Color,Widescreen,Anamorphic
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 2
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, French
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Movie Reviews

Child's Play 1 sold seperately..
B. M. Dorton | Lex, KY | 09/22/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This Chucky Killer Collection contains 4 films on 2 flip discs from the Chucky/Child's Play series. Disc 1 side A contains "Child's Play 2", side B contains "Child's Play 3". Disc 2 side A contains "Bride of Chucky", side B contains "Seed of Chucky". All the bonus features are on "Seed" and "Bride" meaning there are no special features for part 2 & 3. If you want the UNRATED VERSION of "Seed of Chucky" you will have to purchase it elsewhere, this collection contains all R rated versions. Also Child's Play 1 isnt in this collection.. this is a "Universal Pictures" collection and the original Child's Play wasnt released by them. Plain and simple "the reason why it's not included".. all and all this is a nice little collection, my advice is to just buy the first movie seperately if you dont have it already but, for sure pick this up! It's at a great price for 4 movies!"
Ridiculous, silly, and very, very, funny
Christine Menendez | St. Andreu de Llavaneres, Barcelona Spain | 06/02/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Make me laugh as much as this film and you get four stars at least, hands down. You figure; you've got a couple of dolls possessed by murderous spirits and who somehow go around murdering people for fun and right away you can forget all about suspension of disbelief. Anything is okay here, since the premise is so absurd. This is not a horror film, it is primarily a comedy with a bit of blood. And Jennifer Tilly is hysterical as herself playing the screen idea of herself: on a diet, sneaking candy bars, ready to play a sexy version of the Virgin Mary for a film done by Rapper Redman. It is so good to see a gorgeous woman on screen who doesn't look like she's starving to death.
And, oh, yeah, the special effects are incredible. All done with puppets, not CGI. Very impressive. For this alone, all you guys out there studying film, this film is worthwhile.
Just let me put it this way: if you liked the Gremlin films, this one is for you."
Chucky and Tiffany's Androgynous Child
Amy Lynn | Pennsylvania United States | 02/02/2006
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Continuing from Bride of Chucky... Tiffany has given birth to a strange looking razor tooth baby named Sh*thead. The seed is kidnapped by a british ventriloquist and forced to compete in ventriloquism contests in England. Sh*thead looks like a dead ringer for David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust days. He has a kind soul and is nothing like his parents.

As each day passes hes wondering where his parents are and dreaming of meeting them. Soon enough he manages to escape and ends up in America. He makes it to the set of the movie where Tiffany and Chucky are filming a movie. He reads the voodoo chant words on his necklace and manages to bring his parents back to life.

Chucky and Tiffany cant tell what their child is so they take off his pants to reveal a barbie-like crotch. Tiffany wants a girl so she names her Glenda and Chucky wants a boy so he names him Glen. If you ask me id say its more like a boy. But Tiffany and Chucky continue to argue over it throughout the movie. To the suprise of Glen/Glenda his parents are killers , they try to do whats best for Glen/Glenda but its hard to stop killing, especially for Chucky. Papa Chucky wants to turn his son into a killer but Tiffany wants to stop the killing for her son/daughters best interest.

Overall, its a strange funny film more than scary. The movies in the series just get more weird by the years. I wonder what they'll think of next."
Jennifer Tilly plays ... Jennifer Tilly
Dumb Blonde Reviewing | In my bed | 03/16/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I'm totally in love with the Chucky films now, not so much the earlier ones, but the later ones are soooo funny! I've already had to buy my own copy of Bride Of Chucky, and now I want my own copy of this! It's so good! The thing about Bride & Seed of Chucky, is that they are stand alone films - you only need to have a basic knowledge of the previous 3 films.

It carries on from Bride Of Chucky, with the 'seed of Chucky' fertilising an egg, and a child coming to life. Then it all goes haywire, and I had difficulty trying to figure out what on earth was going on! :) Thankfully, I didn't open my mouth & ask, cos I eventually figured it out. There's actually a film being made about Chucky & Tiffany, with new dolls (as you remember they were basically destroyed at the end of Bride), and Jennifer Tilly is in the film, but actually playing Jennifer Tilly. It all gets very confusing, cos I thought they'd actually managed to bring back Jennifer Tilly playing Tiffany, but they hadn't.

The child doll that was born, I've read many reviews saying that it looks like an early David Bowie - no it doesn't!!! Can no one see the resemblence between Glen(da), and the characters in Corpse Bride? The hollowed cheekbones (grrrr), and dark shadowed eyes?

And how refreshing is it to see an actress like Jennifer Tilly not starving herself to death and being proud enough to flaunt her curves? She's a gorgeous gal (she's 47!), and although you're quite often distracted by her cleavage, she's a welcome change to many other Hollywood stars with no cleavage, and all bony. She was apparently trying to lose weight for this film, but just in case she didn't, she got a few 'fat' jokes written in. She also mocks her voice and her behaviour. (And she has dark hair in this too!)

There are a lot of in jokes & celebrity references in this, most of which I probably missed, but there are a couple I got. There are some references to one of Jennifer's other films, Bound, which I haven't seen, and she talks about her 'special' relationship with her other costar. There's a very, very good lookalike of Britney Spears in this, who Chucky drives off the road, and then says "Ooops, I did it again!" Jennifer talks frequently about Julia Roberts stealing all the good roles, and about how she could have done a better job of Erin Brockovich, and not needed a wonderbra. She also mentions Anna Nicole Smith. John Waters appears, as a paparazzi, and dies a very unusual death. Other references include Psycho, Shining ("I can't think of a thing to say"), Rosemary's Baby, and I spotted a hint of Pinocchio? There's references to Martha Stewart as well, but there was a brief reference to her in the previous film. There are plenty of other references, you'll have great fun spotting them.

Hannah Spearritt also appears, in one of her major film roles, since S Club 7 split up (who I loved by the way, and I still have all their albums!), and although she does end up getting killed off, she is a breath of fresh air, as a star who is also not afraid of her body.

I'm still after my Tiffany doll, but so far, no such luck. Tiffany & Chucky make such a cute couple in this, they're so sweet together.

Who else thinks there will be at least one more Chucky? If I can do my maths correct (ha!), there's a 20th anniversary coming up soon, so maybe a new film especially for that. I hope so, cos I'm officially loving these films now. I'm sure there's a couple of references I've missed too."