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TNA Wrestling: Lockdown 2007
TNA Wrestling Lockdown 2007
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2007     3hr 30min

On Sunday, April 15 live from St. Louis, Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling presented "Lockdown" live and exclusively on Pay-Per-View - featuring every match inside the confines of the hellish Six Sides of Steeel! This ...  more »


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Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: BCI
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 07/03/2007
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2007
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 3hr 30min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 2
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English, Spanish

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Movie Reviews

Under-rated PPV
N. Bazar | Florida | 06/25/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"TNA Lockdown 2007 is a very underrated PPV. It has been panned by many wrestling fans and reviewers based on the fact that there were 2 underwhelming matches on the card.

Much like 1 or 2 great matches do not make a PPV as a whole great, 1 or 2 bad matches do not make a PPV as a whole bad.

Lets take a look at the card:

X Division Championship- Xcape Match
This was a great opener with Sabin retaining the X Title against 5 other X Division stars. It got the show off to a hot start, and got the crowd warmed up, exactly what openers are meant to do.

Robert Roode def Petey Williams
This match was nothing special, but it had decent pacing and good wrestling.

Gail Kim def Jackie Moore
This was a chance for TNA to show the world that they could deliver with Womens wrestling. This certainly wasn't as good as a Mickie James, Lita, or Trish match, but it was very intense and had a nice ending spot with Kim jumping from the cage onto Moore.

Senshi def Austin Starr (Bob Backlund was the Special Guest Referee)
Really nice match here and a good rematch to their previous encounters. I would've liked to see this match get a bit more time though.

James Storm def Chris Harris- Blindfold Match
This is one of the 2 matches that gave this PPV a bad wrap. It certainly wasn't the fault of these two great talents; however, it was the gimmick of the match that limited what they could have done in the ring (and would go on to do at the next PPV). Really boring and pointless match after months of build.

Christopher Daniels def Jerry Lynn
Thankfully this match picked up the pieces from the stinker before it. Although a bit slow at times, it definitly picked up toward the end and statisfied the audience.

NWA Tag Team Championship- Electrified Cage Match- Team 3D def LAX
This would be the 2nd match that was mentioned before as a stinker. Again, the gimmick here is what held them back. No one was fooled by the so-called "electricity" shocking the wrestlers as they hit the cage. It came off very ackward and ended up giving the entire event as a whole a bad name. If they would've done a straight up Tag Team Steel Cage match it would've come off a lot better as there were some really nice spots throughout the match. However, the stupid gimmick worked against the quality of the match.

Lethal Lockdown Main Event Match
Awesome, near 30-minute match that ended the PPV on a good note. No one will forget the return of the Frankensteiner as Scott Steiner showed the viewers that he still had it in him, nor will they forget AJ Styles' incredible fall off of the cage. Truely memorable and definitly ranks up there with the old school War Games matches.

So there it is, Lockdown 2007. It gets a recommendation from me."
Bad gimmicky matches could not kill this event
Andariel Halo | Phenomynouss@hotmail etc is my e-mail | 09/26/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"X Division Xscape Match thing
Chris Sabin vs Black Machismo Jay Lethal vs Alex Shelley vs Shark Boy vs Sonjay Dutt
Being an X Division match, there was really little else you could expect but great wrestling and high spots. Sabin and Shelley worked together most of the match, clear evidence of the impending Motor City Machine Guns. (8/10)

Petey Williams vs Robert Roode
Involving a storyline which people could actually care about, in which Eric Young signs his contract to Robert Roode and becomes his work slave. Here, Williams is fighting for Eric Young for some reason, which won't do anything since Young will still be Roode's biotch, but it was mildly entertaining on its own. (6/10)

Gail Kim vs Jackie Moore
This is billed as the first ever women's cage match in TNA, and a sign in the audience really pushed my "ANGRY" button, that said "Women shouldn't wrestle because they CAN'T" and it infuriated me... All throughout the match, I couldn't stop thinking of it, and I wished desperately that Gail and Jackie would prove that stupid sign wrong by putting on a good wrestling match. But they didn't. It wasn't as horrible as a typical WWE Divas match, but it came very close. The high spot at the end was a very weak "fall" from the cage in which Gail completely missed Jackie, though did clip her head just barely with a crossbody. Total failure there, and totally overhyped by the commentators. (3/10)

Senshi vs Austin Starr
Indeed I believe Bob Backlund was a major distraction from this match early on. Then he started not being a distraction, and let these two shine. But they didn't shine. They put on an average brawl that was heavily restrained, like something you'd have seen on the average episode of WWE Smackdown. Considering what sort of matches Low Ki (Senshi) has put on in Ring of Honor and TNA, this was a total disappointment. (4/10)

Blindfold Match
Chris Harris vs James Storm
Note to anyone anywhere at any time: Blindfold matches are NEVER entertaining. They are ALWAYS a waste of time, a waste of talent, and a waste of crowd heat. The crowd was totally heatless here, and they were pretty much just making noise for the hell of it, which the commentators played off as them trying to "guide" Chris Harris around to find James Storm. Whenever a blindfold accidentally came off, people cheered, and whenever the referee put it back on, people booed LOUDLY. Considering that these two were built up for a feud based around eye injury (HINT HINT: SHAWN MICHAELS VS CHRIS JERICHO 2008?) between two old friends, they blew this off horribly. (0/10)

Jerry Lynn vs Christopher Daniels
This one also had a feel of being restrained, as if for an average TV episode of WWE. But they at least did a lot better than Senshi and Austin Starr. (8/10)

Electrified Cage Match NWA Tag Team Championship
Team 3D vs Latin American Xchange (C)
Note to anyone anywhere at anytime: Any match involving electricity and shocking people is inherently A VERY VERY BAD IDEA. I was expecting colossal failure from the start, but a miracle happened: Team 3D and LAX put on a match of the year-potential match. It was absolutely amazing, with the absolute best of the Dudley Boys/3D on display in a way I'd never seen in their later years in the WWE, and even had a genuinely exciting point in which Hector Guerrero comes from the Spanish commentary table and stops Konnan from tossing a steel chair to LAX, and then sends Brother Ray a table from under the ring.

Indeed the electrified parts were cringe-worthy in their stupidity, and every time it happened, people booed LOUDLY. One of my favorite chants in TNA, "Fire Russo" happened, but really they should've reserved that for the Blindfold match, because this match was a damn spectacle. Amazing spot goes to Hernandez, who jumps from the top of the cage through a table as Devon rolls off of it. (10/10)

Lethal Lockdown
Team Cage: Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Tomko, Abyss, Scott Steiner vs Team Angle: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Rhino, Sting, Jeff Jarrett
For some reason I always feel like the Lethal Lockdown match is going to be a horrible clusterschmazz of a bad gimmick match with lazy wrestling, and yet that's never been the case thus far. This one went above and beyond everything I'd seen before and seen for the night. Virtually anything and everything TNA has or had was on display here, as we got high spots (including a classic pyramid drop thing in which three people fought on the cage, and two others backdropped all of them into the ring, AJ Styles keeling over off the top of the cage onto three or four other wrestlers), serious technical wrestling, hardcore use of weapons (including a guitar filled with thumbtacks), psychology (would Jeff Jarrett betray his teammates?), power wrestling (Abyss, Tomko, Steiner, Rhino), and a justification of a waste of space (Steiner's first use of the Frankensteiner in many years). Simply phenomenal. (10/10)

Awesome PPV กกกก
O. Diaz | Mexico | 06/21/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"TNA Lockdown was an awesome PPV that every wrestling fan should see it. It's the second PPV from TNA to held in other place, and not in the Impact Zone. TNA Lockdown is cool with a very strong card, with a 5 star Main Event.
Buy it."