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Totally Fit
Totally Fit
Actor: Mel B.
Director: Chris Cowey
Genres: Sports, Exercise & Fitness
NR     2009     1hr 41min

As member of the biggest selling girl group of all time, Melanie Brown was known to the world as Scary Spice. Today, the former Spice Girl is best known as Mel B - solo artist, lingerie model and mother of two. She adds wo...  more »


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Actor: Mel B.
Director: Chris Cowey
Genres: Sports, Exercise & Fitness
Sub-Genres: Sports, Exercise & Fitness
Studio: Rhino Records
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 02/03/2009
Original Release Date: 01/01/2009
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2009
Release Year: 2009
Run Time: 1hr 41min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Totally Fit is Totally Tough
Manda Lynch | Ohio | 02/03/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"4.5 stars -- Mel B's Totally Fit is broken down into 8 segments that you can play in any order you like:

Warm Up (5 min)
Cardio (15 min)
Advanced Cardio (20 min)
Abs (10 min)
Legs (10 min)
Bums (10 min)
Tums (10 min)
Cool Down

For my first time through I did Warm Up, Cardio, Advanced Cardio and Legs, which ended up being around 45 minutes. The cardio sections are cardio bursts ... you don't get a break. You do several exercises for one minute at a time throughout the length of your chosen workout. You don't need anything special. A floor mat for hard floors, and dumbbells are optional. Mel B uses water bottles but I used 5 lb dumbbells instead.

I liked the DVD and felt I got a good workout from it. I've been working out for 2 months now and have lost 15 lbs, so I am getting into better shape and I know this would have KILLED me if I would have started my program by this DVD. I'd recommend this DVD for intermediate/advanced exercisers.

Only two things annoyed me. One, Mel B doesn't really instruct or explain how to do things. You pretty much need to jump right in and follow along. The moves aren't complicated, but sometimes it'd be nice to know if I need to be moving my left or right leg, etc.

The other thing that was annoying was the camera angles at certain points. When a exercise would begin, the camera would zoom in on Mel B's face/abs/whatever, instead of showing the whole picture and letting the viewer see how to execute the move correctly.

Otherwise, I thought this DVD was great and I will definitely work it in to my fitness plan."
Loved it!
H. Schaffer | CA | 02/05/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I loved this workout dvd. It kicked my butt! I'm not overweight, but I'm definitely out of shape. I don't enjoy going to the gym and have quite the library of workout dvd's, trying to find one that will keep me interested long enough to want to continue with it everyday. Well, Mel B will keep you going. I found her funny and quite entertaining. Even though she is fit and educated in the exercises, I liked the fact that she's not a fitness expert. During some of the exercises she's complaining right along with me. Making me more relaxed.
I, also, enjoyed her nutrition segment and found the scenery quite beautiful. I would recommend watching the dvd first because there were times when she would change exercises and the camera would be focusing on her face, so I would miss the first couple of reps."
This video is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!
pdiva74 | Atlanta, GA USA | 03/04/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is my new favorite video!! By far the most challenging, FUN, upbeat and enouraging video in my entire library. The only thing that compares is Taebo and the only other instructer that I enjoy equally are Kelsie Daniels from The Firm (also completely in love with her Pump, Jump & Jab) and Billy Blanks. My heart was pumping during the warm up (and I'm an advanced exerciser). I love the variety, the scenery and her upbeat spirit. There are may segments to choose from in whatever order you'd like and which ever ones you wish to do. Eventhough it's tough, you actually WANT to do it. My goal is to do the entire video at once after about 4 weeks. I also love how she uses every day equipment (water bottles, soup cans, chair) and doing 1 minute of everything keeps you from being bored. Lots of changes - I LOVE it!! The nutrition segment is also good. If you go on her website (, there is a deluxe video that includes Lifestyle section and secret Abs & Back workout.
I had being doing Jillian Michael's two new videos - BFBM & NMTZ which are great videos but not quite as motivating. I was literally running to do this video after going through and watching it the evening before. As an experienced exerciser, a workout has to be FUN in order to keep me coming back to it and THIS IS IT!!"
Do you "really,really want" to be totally fit?
K. Harrell | United States | 02/11/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This is a good workout DVD that includes cardio and toning exercises. The cardio is bread-and-butter moves that don't require much coordination, but can be quite high impact at times. If you've ever done a basic aerobics video you will recognize a lot of the moves, and she includes some toning moves in the cardio sections. It's mostly basic calisthentic moves with some kickboxing and yoga thrown in for good measure. The toning sections (grouped by body part) tend to have a more aerobic feel to them as well because you don't just stand in place and do strength moves. There are a lot of reps of each move, so you'll definitely feel like you've gotten a good workout. Look below for a more detailed description of the moves.

There are 6 sections on the DVD: Cardio, Advanced Cardio, Arms, Legs, Bums, Tums. A warm-up and cooldown are included as well. The DVD is programmable so you can choose to do just one section, a few sections or all of them in any combination you choose.

I will give an approximate breakdown of the moves of each section. You generally perform each move for a minute,and she does all the moves on one side for one minute before repeating the move on the other side.

Warm-Up: A basic 5 minute warm up with marching in place,overhead reaches, arm circles and knee lifts.

Cardio: 15 minutes
- Rt. Leg Tap to the Side with Arm Lift
- Right Knee Lift
- Lt. Leg Tap to the Side with Arm Lift
- Left Knee Lift
- Sumo Squat
- Jump Rope in Place (without a rope)
- Twist (jump for side to side while rotating torso)
- Punches
- Hamstring Curl
- Side Reach Overhead (2 min.-1 on each side)
- Mountain Climbers
- Plank Side Twist
- Spider Plank (in plank position move between being on hands and elbows)
- Push Ups

Advanced Cardio (20 minutes):
You can do the toning moves in this section without weights to make it less intense.
- Jog in Place
- UpperCut Punches
- Bicep Curls while Marching in Place (repeated for 1 min with knee lift)
- V Shoulder Raise while Marching in Place (repeated 1 min with knee lift)
- Triceps Raise while Marching in Place (repeated 1 min with knee lift)
- Back Kick (2 min -one per leg- develop balance with this move)
- Jumping Jacks
- Standing Side Leg Lift (2 min- one per leg)
- PushUps
- SitUps
- Reverse Crunch
- Twisting Crunch with Alternating Leg Lift
- Bicycles
- Plank

Arms (10 minutes): You move the lower body in moves like side steps while doing the upper body moves. She uses water bottles in this segment, but you can use weights.
- Biceps Curl with both arms
- Alternating Biceps Curl
- Shoulder Press with both arms
- Alternating Shoulder Press
- Triceps KickBack
- Side Shoulder Raise
- Shoulder Raise Combo (Up-Out-Down)
- Shoulder Rotation

Legs (10 minutes): She uses a chair for this section to help with form on squats, but if you're familiar with squats you may not need it.
- Squat
- Squat with Knee Raise
- Squat with Front Kick
- Calf Raise in Sumo Squat Position
- Squat Side-to-Side
- Pulsing Lunge (2 min- one per leg)
- Sitting Leg Raise (works quadriceps)

Bums (10 minutes): All the moves done on the floor.
- Fire Hydrants ( While kneeling lift leg like a dog "going" on fire hydrant and kick leg out. )
- Kneeling Heel Raise
- Lying Leg Lift
- Lying Leg Lift with Kick
- Bridge
- Bridge with "Knee Knockers" - can't explain but REALLY effective move for shaping the bum and getting rid of love handles.

Tums (10 minutes): You take a quick breaks because this is INTENSE.
- Basic Crunch
- Leg Climb (while lying down lift one leg in air and use abs to move hands higher and higher on the lifted leg)
- V sit (balance on tailbone while lifting away with arms and legs)
- Torso Twist with Legs Lifted (use water bottle or weights)
- Side Reaches (with head and shoulder lifted alternate sides and tap your heels)
- Pilates Move "The Hundred"- (keep head and shoulders lifted for 1 min while "fanning arms"
- Hot Potato
- Plank with Torso Twist
- Plank

CoolDown: Nice, relaxing stretch.

Beginners, BEWARE this workout may be too intense for you and she does not give enough instruction to form for brand new exercisers. However, I don't think is entirely a bad thing, because every video can't be for beginners or you couldn't progress. You can work towards being able to do this entire DVD and just do the sections you are comfortable with. Watch the DVD first before performing the moves, but remember you are capable of much more than you think.This workout is weird because it's almost too intense for beginners, but it might not be tough enough for the intermediate or advanced level. You can up the intensity by adding more weight but she doesn't show modifications to make it easier.

Unfortunately, I had to take away one star because some of the moves are too monotonous and can make a minute seem like a really long time. However, the slower moves can let you catch your breath and prepare for the more intense moves. Also, I didn't like that she included toning in the cardio sections because when I want cardio I don't want half the workout to be strength moves.

Overall, I think I would enjoy this workout even if I weren't a sucker for a cute British accent. She's a very encouraging instructor, striking that happy medium between being too peppy and too dry. Mel B. cues well and usually tells you what move you're going to do in advance. She does throw some unique moves in the mix and I think the abs and lower body toning sections are especially nice and effective. Basically, if I can look like her after I have two children I will do this workout for the rest of my life, so try it out if you really, really want to. :)"