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Results Fitness: 10 Days to a Better Body
Results Fitness 10 Days to a Better Body
Actor: Cindy Whitmarsh
Director: Andrea Ambandos
Genres: Exercise & Fitness
NR     2008     1hr 12min

YES, YOU CAN SEE CHANGES IN YOUR BODY IN JUST 10 DAYS!  This DVD and Meal Plan are your shortcut to a better body.  The DVD features two 30-minute workouts that alternate short bursts of fat blasting cardio with intervals ...  more »


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Actor: Cindy Whitmarsh
Director: Andrea Ambandos
Genres: Exercise & Fitness
Sub-Genres: Exercise & Fitness
Studio: Starz / Anchor Bay
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 12/02/2008
Original Release Date: 01/01/2008
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2008
Release Year: 2008
Run Time: 1hr 12min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Reviewed on 3/30/2015...
Cindy is a great instructor and this is a very good program.
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Movie Reviews

Out of all my workouts, this is one of the highest calorie b
A. Chandler | Austin, TX | 12/16/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"...and I have over 100 excercise dvds now... Some women buy shoes...I keep myself motivated by trying new dvds...

so I have some comparison. :-)

CALORIE BURN: I wear a bodybugg to measure my daily calorie burn. Because of this, I'm also able to monitor exactly how many calories I burn during a dvd workout, and know exactly how many calories it burns per minute. Because a strength training dvd will also continue to burn more calories after the workout, I can also monitor the increase if there is one. I say this only so you'll know what I rate is based upon scientific measurement rather than perceived exertion. DANG! If you had to only own two dvds to make a difference in your body I'd choose this one and Jillian Michael's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism to scorch the calories. The calorie burn was EXTREMELY boosted in this dvd.

CIRCUIT TRAINING: Studies have shown you'll actually burn more calories doing a circuit workout...meaning that you combine both cardio and strength training. Cardio will burn more calories during the workout, but strength training, although it burns less during the workout, will continue to burn calories long after the workout is over and will help build muscle--which also increases metabolism and utilizes more calories even while you are at rest. This dvd takes it to the highest level by doing heavy cardio and then allowing your heart rate to recover during strength, and then getting it back up again. Just like a car uses more gas when alternating slow and fast speeds rather than going fast all the time, it's been shown your body uses more calories doing the same thing. And keeping your heart rate elevated during strength provides that higher calorie burning benefit with toning which continues to burn more later. Very well done.

CUEING: I'm very picky about cueing. I want a workout rather than having to rewind my dvd and figure out what the instructor is trying to tell me what to do in a heavily choreographed but difficult-to-follow routine. There was no rewinding on this one. The steps and instructions were clear and it kept you moving fast without losing a step. A difficult thing to get right, but it was accomplished here.

SET: Boring. One of those studios made to look like a set...but that's fairly common in many dvds. No big thing. But nothing to make note of either.

MOVES: Impressive. Although the workout is combined into two circuit training sections of 30 minutes each (the first one works your legs, tush, and belly and the second your entire upper body and abs), you can combine the two if desired. I like that she added standing ab moves in that you are working your obliques (stomach muscles) while MOVING rather than on the floor so you get the cardio benefit as well. There were also some kickboxing moves which help speed up the calorie burn. Well thought out but nothing difficult to do or follow.

LEVEL: While the calorie burn is intense, a beginner could start here with very light weights and be able to do it at his or her pace and progress with heavier weights. Because you recover during the strength moves you won't wear out during the cardio. Too, a fitness buff will love it for the results.

TRAINER: There is only one, there are no backup people behind her as you'll see in many dvds. This means there is no "beginner level" person in the back if you are just starting out and want a lower impact trainer to follow until you progress upwards, but I think you can pull through even if you need to do less reps or slower movements. Both are possible. Her energy is good and her instructions are clear. I actually prefer to have more people behind the trainer simply for visual interest when staring at the same dvd for a half hour but no big deal.

SAFETY: The instructions are excellent so that you not only do the moves easily, but you do them so they are safe and effective. Out of all the dvds I have no instructor has ever told me to stare at a certain spot on the floor during balance moves in order to help you not wobble. I had previously done balance poorly and was wobbling again until she said this. BAM! For the first time, I mastered all balance moves in this dvd and my others. (Don't worry if you hate balance moves like me, there are few and you could do them with your foot on the floor til mastered, but it does help your core so I keep working at it.)

TIME CRUNCH: There are "10 Minute Solutions" dvds which are supposed to be used if you only have time to do a 10 minute workout. This burned twice as many calories in 10 minutes as if you have a crunch on time, you might just use part of one of these workouts and do a cooldown on your own.

MUSIC: Upbeat and flowed with the moves.

EQUIPMENT: Although she recommends light and heavy weights, you can use the same weight the whole time if that's all you have...for example, sometimes I just use my 6 pound weights the whole time and if the reps get to hard to do I put em down and do the moves without em. If you have a light and heavy set, you are good to go, but will not be hindered if you do not.

ALSO INCLUDED: Inside the dvd case there is a booklet called "The better body meal plan" which is a 1200-1300 calorie per day diet by a nutritionist that also notes men need to add an additional 300-400 clories to the menu per day. It is 10 days of menus you can follow to lose weight with items that are easy to prepare and take a couple to just a few minutes of prep time, such as a chicken breast with salsa, brown rice, & broccoli for lunch, apple with peanut butter for a snack etc. As a weight loss coach myself I'd say it's a decent and protein and nutrient rich diet so, although I don't use her diet, I have no doubt it would work based upon its components ifyou want to take her challenge of a better body in 10 days.

NEGATIVES: As far as the workout and instruction goes, it was flawless and incredibly well thought-out for effectiveness and calorie burn. But I gotta say, one of the reasons I have so many dvds is because I hate being bored in working out. I think there were some additions they could have added to this dvd to make it less "sterile", like a class or back up trainers in the background, a less sterile set, etc but that's just if I had to add something...that's merely my own personal taste as someone else may find what I like "distracting".

CONCLUSION: This is one of my new favorites for when I need fast results. I'd suggest it as an addition to a fitness dvd collection no matter how large or small you want your dvd collection to's a true result-maker.

Should you look for others with the same great instruction, high calorie burn, cardio and strength training, you might try:

(in no particular order):
1.Body by Jake Total Body Workout
2.Jillian's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolim and her Last Chance Workout
3.Kathy Smith Build Muscle Shrink Fat
4.Crunch Total Resculpt
5.Star Trainers: Strength
6. Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt with Violet Zaki

Lots of Fun!
K. Harrell | United States | 12/23/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Cindy Whitmarsh leads this scorcher of a workout that makes use of the effective method of interval training. It includes two workouts: Upper Body Cardio Interval workout and Lower Body Cardio Interval Workout. The two workouts both target your abs briefly as well. The 2 workouts consist of alternating ONE-minute intervals of each cardio and weight lifting move. For each cardio move there is a base move that is low impact and you can take it up a notch with the high impact option. Also, for every strength move there are generally 8 reps of each/ per side with pulses for the upper body and 16 reps/move for lower body(one set with pulses). Details like this make this workout accessible for all fitness levels. Advanced exercisers may want to add more reps or use heavier weights, because this might not be enough for you. Cindy Whitmarsh is a motivating instructor and provides an effective workout while giving excellent pointers on form. She is the only person in the workout, so there is no one showing modifications throughout. The background music is instrumental and not too bad for a workout video. Overall, this a very good workout with enough unique moves to make it a fresh and fun addition to your workout DVD library. While the focus is "changing your body in 10 days" you can certainly use this for a longer period of time and make it a regular in your rotation.

Equipment Needed: You need two sets of weights:light and heavy and a floor mat if desired for the floorwork.

Here is an approximate breakdown of the workouts:

> Upper Body
You start with a quick warm-up with step touches, elbow strikes and plie squats, torso twists, jab punches and hops and then proceed to and the cardio moves are a minute each.):
- Two Arm Row with Pulses (to work your back)
- Heel Digs (add a hop for higher impact version)
- Balancing Rear Delt Raise (works back of your shoulders while on 1 leg)
-Jump Rope-simulated (low impact version is to just lift your heels)
- Triceps Kickback
- Alternating Lunge with a Punch
- Windshield Wiper (works rotator cuff and shoulders)
- Reverse Lung Tap Backs (high impact is Plyo Lunges)
- Balancing Bicep-Shoulder Press (bicep curl and shoulder press on 1 leg)
- Side Toe Tap (higher impact is jumping jack)
- Balancing Bicep-Shoulder Tap-(she does the reps on the other side)
- Plie with a Reach ("quick feet" and a hop for high impact)
- Triceps Overhead Extension
- Twist Squat (like a ski hop with ski jump of high impact option)
- Bicep Curl with External Rotation (works your shoulders, too)
- Speed Skate (add a hop for high impact option)
- Shoulder Front & Side Rise
- Knee Raise
- Push-Ups
- Knee Raise (work the other side with the cardio move)
- Alternating One Arm Row (from a push-up position)
- Pulse Squat (make it a jump squat for high impact)
- Alternating Cross Punch (you need a mat for this ab-scorcher)
- Planks (you alternate moving your leg out to the side to up the ante)
- Reverse Crunch
- Mountain Climbers (move slower for low impact option)
You finish with a really quick stretch for the upper body.

> Lower Body Workout (only the heavy set of weights is needed):
After a quick workout complete with jumps, mambos and side lunges you move into:
- Basic Squat
- Side Hop (for low impact just don't add the hop)
- Dead Lifts
- March in Place (quick feet to take it up a notch)
- Alternating Reverse Lunges
- Alternating Back Toe Taps (add a hop for more power)
- Plie Squat
- Squat Thrusts (move slower with this gym class favorite for low impact)
- Turned-Out DeadLift (turn your toes to the side to target outer thigh)
- Side Tap (jump out and in for high impact)
- Balancing Single Leg Reach
- Jump Rope (jump on one leg for advanced option)
- Balancing Single Leg Reach (repeat the move on the other leg)
- Jump Rope (again :)! )
- Curtsy Squat (you can add a knee lift for an advanced option)
- Ski Hop
- Curtsy Squat (repeat this move on the other leg)
- Alternating Knee Pull (add a kick for high impact cardio)
- Low Lunge (you do this move in a sprinter's stretch position)
- Bob-and-Weave (boxer's shuffle for high impact)
- Low Lunge (repeated on the other side)
- Bob-and-Weave (repeated on the other side)
- Squat w/ Alternating Cross Punch (this move is to target your abs)
- Squat w/ Toe Tap (high impact adds a side kick)
- Full Body Cruch (grab your mat for this one)
- Mountain Climber (move slow for base move)
This finishes with quick stretch that could stand to be a bit longer.

Also included with the DVD is a 10 Days to a Better Body Meal Plan with a 10 day 1,200 calorie/day diet. Enjoy and hope you get great results."
Don't judge a video by its cover--this is a great one!
Anne | Baltimore, MD | 01/05/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"When I ordered this video, I was skeptical like one of the other reviewers. I have now had 3 children and I don't expect to look like the girl on the cover of this video--but I would like to get my stomach back! I've only been doing this video for 3 days and I can already see a difference. I never would have believed it if someone had tried to convince me that this video could do that! I am horrible about doing ab workouts (because they hurt!) so I really love how this video gives my abs a workout without making it too intense all at one time.

I am definitely going to stick with this video. The intervals are only 1 minute long which makes anything easy enough for me to persevere through. I do have knee problems sometimes, so I can't do cardio exercises that require me to twist on my knees during the exercise. There are only 2 different one minute intervals that I have to do the low impact version that she introduces at the beginning of each interval instead of the high impact version.

As other reviewers noted, this video is an intermediate level workout--not a beginner, though it can be if you do the low impact modifications that she introduces for each interval. It does take some coordination and balance to do the workout. I would recommend it for someone who likes to work out regularly and is looking for something a little more intense than the Leslie Sansone Walk workouts and a little less intense than a Pilates Workout. I definitely love it!"