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WWE: Armageddon 2004
WWE Armageddon 2004
Actors: Big Show, Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield, Rob Van Dam
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2005     3hr 0min

Studio: Genius Products Inc Release Date: 01/11/2005


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Actors: Big Show, Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield, Rob Van Dam
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 01/11/2005
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 3hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 1
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Better Than Advertised
B. D. Jeffries | Raleigh, NC | 02/07/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"WWE Tag Team Titles
RVD & Rey Mysterio vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki
This is a long opener but very enjoyable. RVD/Rey are a great team and the match goes back and forth with a good finish.

Dixie Dog Fight
Daniel Puder vs. Mike Mizanin
I like this match. You gotta admire the heart and effort of these guys. They're so green but it's great. Puder still can't cut a promo to save his life but he'll get better. They were really letting the fists fly in this.

Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas vs. Basham Brothers
What do they expect from us fans with a match like this? The technical wrestling aspect is good but with no build-up is DOA. Could've been more entertaining.

Street Fight for the United States Championship
John Cena vs. Jesus
A squash for Cena but a fun one at that. He pretty much just beats him all over the place with what looks like stiff wrestling. That's good because the Jesus character had potential but not with those friggin pants!

Miss Jackie vs. Dawn Marie w/Charlie Haas as special ref
Junk. Except for Charlie's little speech afterwards...priceless!

3-on-1 Handicap Match
Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns & Kurt Angle
A little slow but finally ends the rivalry with all 4 men. I do like the way Show ends the match. Pretty interesting.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Spike Dudley vs. Funaki
Some say that this division is way! Funaki has put in years of loyal service and finally Smackdown's #1 announcer gets what he deserved. The match itself is pretty good. Don't let the fans fool you.

Fatal Four-Way for the WWE Championship
JBL vs. Undertaker vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T
Awesome match! What a great way to tie all the loose ends with each individual feud. The match accomplished exactly what it needed too to establish JBL as a legit champ which I think he is. Great main event."
Santa Claus Is Here...But Not In The Way We Need!
R.A. McKenzie | New York | 07/22/2005
(3 out of 5 stars)

"*****NOTE - I have edited this review, but am unable to change my star-icon rating of this DVD. This PPV merits a 2-Star review, as I have come to dread this event more than I originally had.*****

Oh, boy. I try so hard to support WWE PPVs & ideas that others have bashed, because I'm a fan who can forgiven ambition exceeding one's reach. But here, I join the bandwagon. I'm not a professional writer or critic, but I'm a paying customer. So where do I begin? I suppose at the beginning of this mess.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio (champions)
vs. Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree
---Alright, let's start off with a Tag Titles match between two teams who make little to no sense at all. I do not like Kenzo Suzuki, and I'm glad he's recently been let go from the WWE (cruel words, I know). Rene Dupree is in fine form here, as are the champions. Overall, a very solid 20-minute opener that's one of the evening's few highlights...something I can't say for most of the PPV card.
"7.5 out of 10"

Angle Invitational
Kurt Angle vs. Santa Claus
---I love the Angle Invitational, but this is not a good example as to why. All I'll say is that there it's unfunny, there is no payoff, and it's a waste of time.
"2.0 out of 10"

Tough Enough Dixie Dog Fight
Mark Minzain vs. Daniel Puder
---This is one terrible idea! Tough Enough is supposed to showcase the new TALENT!!! Maven, Christopher Nowinski, Matt Morgan --- all gone now, I know --- are some of the solid talent that Tough Enough's produced when it's taken seriously. Puder used to be a UFC competitor? Mizanin is finalist? Could've fooled me. Why are the rounds only 1 minute long; is it possible that these guys can't fight? Who gives a crap about this garbage? If you think I'm overexaggerating, listen to the crowd boo Teddy Long out of the building when he lets the crowd give a preliminary vote on who won the contest.
"1 out of 10" (you get 1 point for getting in the ring)

The Basham Brothers vs. Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas
---Why is this match taking place when Haas has to referee a match later? If it's meant to get us pumped for the Dawn Marie/Miss Jackie match, it doesn't work. If it's supposed to be a bonus tag team match with a twist, that's okay, except the contest is formulaic, and too short to care about. Even Hardcore Holly can't believe the situation they've put him in! This match isn't terrible, but it's totally unnecessary filler. This should've been used on Sunday Night Heat.
"4.0 out of 10"

Street Fight for the U.S. Championship
John Cena (champion) vs. Jesus
---This is a Street Fight alright, but not a match! Jesus lands one kendo-stick attack, and then gets beaten for 10 minutes! Very few spots entertained me. This is a beatdown to push John Cena, nothing more. The best part of the match is Cena's intro, when we see the tricked-out US Title. Neat, huh?
"4.0 out of 10"

Charlie Haas as Special Referee
Dawn Marie vs. Miss Jackie
---Well, was the worthless Tag Team match and the drama worth the wait? Let's see...NO NO NO! The match is dull, but Charlie Haas' big betrayal (for those who still care) was nice...or was it? So he doesn't love Miss Jackie and admits the affair with Dawn Marie. Oh okay, so he picks Dawn Marie? Well, no. Instead he picks neither? What the hell was all this about then? I'll give this a "2" because it's short and the women look good.
"2.0 out of 10"

3-On-1 Handicap Match
Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, & Luther Reigns vs. Big Show
---Thankfully, an okay match. Seeing Big Show against these odds is a sight to see. Jindrak and Reigns are actually in top form here, but Angle could've done a little more. Though, that's forgiveable because it allows Reigns and Jindrak to better showcase their skills. Then again, they're gone from WWE too (man, this seems to be a recurring theme of this review). Angle and Show have had better matchups, but this wasn't too bad if you like handicap contests.
"6.0 out of 10"

Cruiserweight Championship
Funaki vs. Spike Dudley (champion)
---Very un-Cruiserweight like, because this match is slower than usual. There are some good spots (Funaki's corner stomp had the crowd in awe). However, the crowd is the problem here. They don't make any noise, but when Funaki finally gets some gold, then they cheer like crazy! This two-faced reaction just feels wrong here. Funaki's been around for a while --- he should've been celebrated, instead of the laughing stock that won a belt.
"6.0 out of 10" (solid match, tough crowd)

No Disqualifications Match for the WWE Championship
JBL (champion) vs. Booker T vs.
Eddie Guerrero vs. The Undertaker
---There is one cool aspect of this match. Even though it was likely JBL would win --- who ever loses their title in 4-way match? --- it still could've gone to any of the competitors. The WWE writers seemed to catch onto the drift, played with our heads, and kept us guessing --- did we REALLY know how the story would end? This double-mind-game effect is what adds so much to the main event; the action itself is pretty entertaining for the most part. It starts off a little slow, but then it builds...and builds...and builds to so many heart-stopping close calls that goosebumps formed on my arms! Anyone of these Texans could've walked out with the belt, I usually hate run-ins, but Heidenreich's interference wasn't a total killjoy. The becomes a little too much of a punch-kick-punch-kick Fatal Fourway, but eventually it becomes PPV material by the end.
"7.0 out of 10"

---Okay, so I really enjoyed the opening tag team match, but the rest is average at best. And the ugly spots on this PPV are truly hideous! I'm not an expert, but I consider myself to be well-informed and somewhat lenient with WWF/WWE PPVs. This is one of the worst PPVs I've seen in a long while! You've been warned!

"THE END IS HERE!!!" Damn straight"
The End Is Near
James W. Taylor | North Augusta, SC United States | 05/01/2005
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Billy Kidman & Akio vs Chavo Guerrero & Paul London 9/10- this was on Heat. why was this not on the ppv? these 4 are awesome. they put on a great show. Akio has a bright future in WWE.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam vs Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki 8/10- a very good match. not as good as their encounter at No Mercy but still entertaining. great spots but dull ones too. Hiroko & Torrie Wilson make an appearance.

Hometown Invitational
Kurt Angle vs Santa Claus 1/10- a complete waste of time! Angle's comments are the only thing that keep this from a 0.

Dixie Dog Fight
Daniel Puder vs Mike Mizanin 2/10- pitiful! these 2 can't even box! thank goodness, it was only 3 one minute rounds. GM Theodore Long was the ring announcer & Al Snow provided extra commentary. audience was the judge.

funny backstage segment with Eddie Guerrero, Booker T & Undertaker.

Basham Brothers vs Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly 5/10- a so so match. typical Smackdown filler. crowd started "boring" chant. screwjob ending was the only thing that helped this one. Dawn Marie & Miss Jackie make an appearance. Haas deserves better than this!

United States Championship
Street Fight
John Cena vs Jesus 3/10- Carlito Carribean Cool was at ringside. Cena is not 100% in this one & it shows. the worst street fight ever. Cena's worst match ever. Jesus can't fight! too short & too one sided.

great segment in the locker room with Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie.

Dawn Marie vs Miss Jackie(special referee: Charlie Haas) 4/10- short, horrible match. the aftermath is the only reason it even gets a 4.

good segment backstage with Big Show & Joy Giovanni.

3 On 1 Handicap Match
Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak vs Big Show 8.5/10- finally, a good match after 5 stinkers in a row! Show debuts some new moves. action was good & match lasts longer than i thought it would.

silly segment as Funaki interviews himself.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Spike Dudley vs Funaki 7.5/10- a better match than i anticipated. Funaki has some skills but the crowd was dead through most of it. a must see shocking ending helps boost the rating.

WWE Championship
Fatal Four Way
John Bradshaw Layfield vs Booker T, Undertaker & Eddie Guerrero 9/10- a great back and forth matchup. starts out rather slow but builds steam as it goes. match was about 30 minutes long. Heidenreich makes an appearance. pre match segment is a must see. these 4 put on a great show. if not for slow start, this would have been a 10.

this is definitely the worst ppv of 2004. it had a great start, then went downhill until the last 3 matches. half of Armageddon is good & the other half stinks. was disappointed as Smackdown was gaining steam over the last 2 months; then this ppv comes along. buy it for 5 matches & tank the rest."
Armageddon '04 is no good!
Salty Dalty | Somewhere | 07/20/2005
(3 out of 5 stars)

"At all matches are no match at my favorite but I tried to guess which one is.
Here my favorite match list...

1st Fatal Four-Way for the WWE Championship JBL (champ) vs. Eddie Guerrous vs. Booker T vs. Undertaker, It is real smooth match, and acivity too. Eddie and Booker T did some teamwork but JBL doesn't because he don't have any friend expect Orland.
JBL retain the WWE title. 10/10

2nd Street Fight for the United States Championship Jesus vs. John Cena (champion). It's not like hardcore and street fight, they just used the chair, stick of wood, and chain. I'm just want more weapson on this street fight. John win. 8/10

3rd 3-on-1 Handicao Match Big Show vs. Kurt Angle, Lurten, and Mark Jinark, it is like 5 or 10 minutes match. Good to see the F-5 move! Big Show win. 8/10

4th Tag Team Championship Rob Van Dam & Rey (champ) vs. Rene & Who? I wonder what's name for that stuiped china man, whatever I don't care. It been long match. RVD & 619 retain. 6/10

5th Hardcore & Charlie Haas vs. Basham Brothers, It don't bad match, I think it save a few point at rated for this PPV but it still low rated. Basham Brothers beats them. 4/10

6th miss Jackie vs. Dawn Marie, Charlie Haas as referee. It real short match. I think Dawn Marie win. Most time I skip it. 6/10

7th Cruiseweight Championship Spike (champ) vs. Funiki, he beat spike to be new champioship. 3/10

8th Dixie Dog Fight, skip it. 0/10

9th Kurt Angle Invitational, skip it too! 0/10

My Overall is 45/90. That mean this DVD was 50% D- beacuse of two last of my list was waste point and time too. My support is RENTAL IT!"