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WWE - Rey Mysterio: The Biggest Little Man
WWE - Rey Mysterio The Biggest Little Man
Actors: Edge, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2007     9hr 0min

Since his debut in the mid-1990?s, some have called Rey Mysterio the best pound-for-pound professional wrestler in the world and wherever he?s been?Japan, Mexico, ECW, WCW, and WWE?he?s put on amazing matches to back up th...  more »


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Actors: Edge, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: WWE Home Video
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 10/23/2007
Original Release Date: 01/01/2007
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2007
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 9hr 0min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 3
SwapaDVD Credits: 3
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

D.P. | California | 09/29/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"In a span of over a decade, Rey Mysterio has become one of the wrestlers in the world to make the statement of "size doesn't matter" so true. He's become one of the most popular wrestlers of this generation & the heart he shows in & out in the ring has made his go past the level of success that other "crusierweight" wrestlers have achieved. Just like Hulk Hogan's DVD sets , you got your profile on the "619" DVD so not you get his anthology of matches on this one with comments from Rey throught the set.

When World's Collide '94 - Latin Lover, Heavy Metal, & Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Madonna's Boyfriend, Fuerza Guerrera, Psicosis - A great display of how AAA wrestling down in Mexico is done as you can get a glimpse of Rey early in his career.
(Also available on Rey Mysterio "619")

ECW 9/95: vs. Psicosis - This was their ECW debuts against each other. They mixed the classic lucha libre/crusierweight style with a mix of extreme action to create a different type of action never seen before in ECW & the point that it caught Eric Bischoff's attention in WCW.
(Also available on "ECW: Path Of Destruction")

ECW 2/96: vs. Juventud Guerrera - This ISN'T the match that Heyman talked about on the "Rise & Fall Of ECW" as this was a very short match & not their best ECW "extreme lucha" performance. If you want the best one, check out the "ECW: Hardcore History" DVD.

Great American Bash '96: vs. Crusierweight Champion Dean Malenko - This was the match that put Mysterio & WCW's crusierweight division on the map in the United States. Malenko's groundbased style mixed perfectly with Rey's lucha libre to put on the first crusierweight classic match since the Pillman/Liger series 5 years earlier.
(Also available on Rey Mysterio "619")

Nitro 7/'96: vs. Crusierweight Champion Dean Malenko - Very similar to the previous match except it was shorter & Rey got his first crusierweight championship win.
(Also available on Rey Mysterio "619")

Hog Wild '96: WCW Cruiserweight Title vs. Ultimate Dragon - This was a match where they kept trying to outdo each other by doing the same moves to each other at various times. This was more of a ground based match as the high flyin' didn't come into effect into the end.

Fall Brawl '96: WCW Cruiserweight Title vs. Super Calo - Before I get started, I love Calo's mask with the hat & sunglasses in. They kept going back & forth between the two rings that were setup for the War Games later in the night. Check out the West Coast Pop from one ring to the next which hasn't been seen since the days of Brian Pillman

Halloween Havoc '96: WCW Cruiserweight Title vs. Dean Malenko - This was my favorite match from their series of matches in WCW & one of the greatest crusierweight matches in WCW. They were fast paced & very intense.

Starrcade '06: vs. Jushin Thunder Liger - Very similar to the Ultimate Dragon match earlier where there was a heavy focus on mat wrestling as opposed to high flyin'.

Spring Stampede '97: vs. Ultimate Dragon - This was more fast paced & impactful than their previous match with Dragon working a stiffer style with suplexes, slams, and kicks while Mysterio still did his airal based offense.

Halloween Havoc '97: Mask vs. Title Match vs. WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero - Most peopel concider this the best match in WCW crusierweight history. The storytelling here was right on point with Eddie going after Rey's mask from time to time while showcasing the high flyin' & ground based lucha libre style. Classic match, no questions asked.
(Also available on Rey Mysterio "619" & "Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story")

World War 3 '97: vs. WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero - Ranks right up there with their previous encounter but is always overshadowed by the previous match.

Thunder 1/98: vs. WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera - This is the first WCW Thunder match on DVD. Mysterio wins the title once again in possibly his best match against Juvi in WCW.

Souled Out '98: WCW Cruiserweight Title vs. Chris Jericho - This was at the beginning of Jericho turning heel & showing what he's capable as an entertainer. These two meshed well & gave the best performance of this PPV event with Mysterio's knee being worked on thoughout the match.

Road Wild '98: vs. Psychosis - This was a big slow at times to where you hear a couple of "boring" chants from the crowd. Just an average encounter between these two. I would have prefered their "One Night Stand" match more than this one.

Nitro 2/99: vs. Blitzkreig - Blitzkreig was a wrestler who was actually quicker than Rey but has the same type of offense as Rey. High flyin', high risk, and high impact moves here. One of Rey's last matches in WCW with his mask on.

SmackDown 7/02: vs. Chavo Guerrero - Mysterio's WWE debut. Chavo just being a body for Mysterio to showcase what he can do against with Chavo getting a few a few moves in here & there.
(Also available on Rey Mysterio "619")

SummerSlam '02: vs. Kurt Angle - This was completely off the hook and went past the call of duty of being a match to get the crowd hooked. This was fast paced & high impact with Mysterio & Angle giving you everything from technical to lucha wrestling. Awesome opener & if you watched Mysterio's "619" DVD, there is a funny story behind the opening of this match.

SmackDown 6/03 - vs. Crusierweight Champion Matt Hardy - I was at this match live & I can tell you that this was one of the best crusierweight matches in the history of WWE. This is the only time I can remember the Crusierweight Title main eventing SmackDown & with the fued having so much buildup as it had. Hardy showcased why he was so underrated at the time while Mysterio wouldn't give up with his bad leg & eventually the title.

SmackDown 1/04: vs. Crusierweight Champion Tajiri - Good back & forth match with Tajiri working on Rey's leg along with using interfearence from Sakota & Akio a.k.a. Jimmy Wang Yang. Mysterio wins the Crusierweight Title once again.

Great American Bash '04: WWE Cruiserweight Title vs. Chavo Guerrero - These two rarely disappoint in their encounters & this was no exception as eventhough WWE was starting to "ground" the crusierweights at this time, they still put on a performance that show the show at this PPV.

No Way Out '05 - w/Eddie Guerrero vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Bashams - All four men worked well together here & with Eddie pulling off his "lying, cheating, and stealing" towards the end, this was a very entertaining match.

Judgment Day '05: vs. Eddie Guerrero - Another great match between these two with nice in-ring storytelling. This is the best Eddie has ever been as a heel. One of the top matches from their series.

Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show: vs. HBK - Unfortunally, it took Eddie passing away for this dream match to happen. Both men had similar styles & it was a very memorable match with Shawn working with someone who was alot smaller than him which is a rare in itself.

WM22: vs. World Champion Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton - Let me summerize this, Kurt Angle DOMINATES the whole match with the other two occassionally getting some spots in before Kurt is knocked outside the ring & Mysterio scores a quick pin on Orton. It's nonstop action for those 9 mins but it was disappointing for a World Title Match at WrestleMania.

Judgment Day '06: World Heavyweight Title vs. J.B.L. - This match was a step below their match months ago at No Mercy because throughout Mysterio's whole title reign, he was booked as the underdog because of his size instead of being able to hold his own. JBL dominated the match with Mysterio making the big comeback.

No Mercy '06: Falls Count Anywhere Match vs. Chavo Guerrero - This was more of an entertaining match than a wrestling match because they mostly brawled all over the arena which is something you rarely (if ever) see them do. But the only downfall was that it was the same type of brawl you see from everyone else when they go into the crowd but it wasn't bad.

SmackDown 10/06: I Quit Match vs. Chavo Guerrero - Very similar to their pervious match in that they stuck to more of a brawling style in this match and didn't fight all over the arena. If you liked their previous match, you'll like this one as well.

The only negative is that some of the matches get repetative but besides that, I recommend this one for sure."
What a DVD!
Chris Enloe | USA | 10/26/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"2007 has been the greatest year so far for WWE DVD releases and this one proves it! This DVD has 29 of Rey Mysterio's greatest matches.It includes his first Pay-Per-View apperance in AAA(Mexico) and his debut in ECW,WCW,and WWE. It has nine cruiserweight title matches from WCW and his WWE cruiserweight title wins against Matt Hardy and Taijiri. One of the most emotional matches on the set is his match with Shawn Michaels at the Eddie Guerrero tribute show. Rey says a few personnal things about Eddie before the match is shown. It also showcases Rey's world title win at Wrestlemania 22. This DVD surpasses the 619 DVD release in 2003. If you like lucha libre and high flying action, this DVD is for you!"
Best wrestler not in TNA
A. Pierre | Somewheres | 10/25/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Ive had the privilege to watch a Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrera (dont know if thats how its spelt but thats what it says in this set) falls count anywhere match on a house show. The greatest match ive ever seen live and ive seen TNA's X-division live. This set has almost 30 matches and is the most since the Dusty Rhodes set. Unlike the Rhodes set though, there are no extras. Just matches and a few of Rey's comments. They have two more 3 dvds coming out in the coming weeks-Cena and HBK and im diffently get both of those sets. For now though, this is WWE's finest hour. A 100% improvement on the 10 match dvd of 619.

Pros: Lots of WCW matches, which is nice to see on dvd. About time they open up there vast library of wrestling tapes.

Cons: They dont show Rey when he was unmasked in WCW; They fail to show any tag matches with RVD, although it says Rob Van Dam in the Amazon heading for the product. They were an excellent duo together and should have added a tag match with them in the set. Rey's run in WWE is different from his WCW run. Watch his WCW then swith to WWE, his style just seems very different. Maybe its because they are making him wrestle bigger wrestlers. No extras just matches."
Underrated DVD, just like its subject
Max Powers | 07/14/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"With Rey being a.) on Smackdown and b.) injured for so much of the past year, it's no surprise that this one went as far under the radar as it did. And that's a shame, because this is one of the best DVDs that's come out from the E in recent memory.

First, Rey getting the three disc treatment is impressive in itself, but what's more impressive is the sheer number of matches spread over three discs. I think one of the things that makes the DVD so great is that there are so many matches that haven't appeared on WWE DVDs prior since they are from WCW. I also like that its a DVD that highlights action-filled, fun matches. Much of what you see in Rey's WCW matches was just so fresh at the time and it all holds up very well. The collection does a great job showcasing his time in all three promotions.

There are a few omissions, but little are extremely notable. The most glaring is that no matches are included from his unmasked time period in WCW (1999-2001), which is unfortunate as he was a major player in the organization until its demise, but also understandable as both he and McMahon tend to ignore this period for different reasons. Still, the inclusion of perhaps a match for the short-lived Cruiserweight Tag Team Title would have been nice.

Also, although the many championship reigns he's had make it hard to include matches from them all, it would have been nice to see matches from his time with Edge and also with RVD. In the case of the Edge reign, it's truly unfortunate that one of Rey's greatest matches, from No Mercy 2002, was against Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, the latter being the obvious reason for omission.

Still, a great set and highly recommended."