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Printing the SwapaDVD Wrapper involves downloading the .pdf file with the address (or clicking the backup wrapper link to view a printable webpage with the address on it) and printing it.

To download the .pdf file:

  • You will need a .pdf reader installed on your computer.   Get the free
  • Then Go to the DVDs to Mail tab in My Account and click on the request for the DVD.
    • This will take you to the Wrapper Settings page, where you can choose the layout of your wrapper
    • Below this, you will be given the option of choosing Printable Postage, Delivery Confirmation, or no additional services.
  • Choose the layout of your wrapper.
    • Both choices 1 and 2 are 2-page wrappers
      • The two pages can be used together to wrap the DVD. 
  • Choose Printable Postage or Delivery Confirmation if desired.
    • Choosing printable postage will print the correct amount of postage directly on the wrapper, saving you a trip to post office and/or having to buy stamps.
    • Choosing Delivery Confirmation allows us to track your package as well as give Quick Credit when the package is scanned at the Post Office so that you do not have to wait until your DVD is marked received.
    • Choosing the "No extra services" option means that your credit will not be granted for lost/misdelivered shipments
    • Note that both Printed Postage and Delivery Confirmation cannot be refunded once printed; so it is important to be sure you will use the wrapper you print before you print it.
  • Scroll down and click
    • This will download the printable .pdf file to your hard drive
      • If you are unable to download the .pdf wrapper, you should disable your browser's popup blocker (you can select to allow popups from
      • If your browser is set to accept popups from SwapaDVD, you should disable your antivirus/firewall software. 
      • If you are able to download the .pdf but cannot open it, you should get a new copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • To access/print the address without downloading the .pdf file, click the link for the backup wrapper under the Print Wrapper Now button.
      • This will take you to a printable web page with the address on it: no download involved.
      • You can also copy this address by hand onto your packaged DVD if you want.

To Print:

  • When the .pdf file has downloaded to your computer, print it as you would any other document.
    • If you are unable to do this, you should check your printer (can it print other documents? is the ink supply low?), and if your printer is okay, your copy of Adobe Acrobat may be corrupted--you should download a replacement copy from the link above.
  • If you used the backup wrapper link, print the wrapper from the webpage you are taken to.
    • You can also hand-copy this address onto your packaged DVD if you like

Until the address information is accessed from a transaction, the button will be non-functional.  When you have accessed the address information from a request, the Print Wrapper button text will turn green and the   button will become functional.

  • Even if you choose to hand-print the wrapper, you must access the address information as above, to copy it from the screen.

After you click the   button, the transaction will move to your "DVDs I've Mailed" tab in My Account.

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