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That depends. Have you marked the DVD mailed?

You are not "done" until you have marked the DVD mailed by clicking the DVD Has Been Mailed button on the active transaction on your account page. There is a deadline to do this!

  • You have 5 days from the date of acceptance if you clicked "I can mail in the next 2 days"
  • you have 2 days from the alternate mail-by date you selected if you clicked "I can mail later"
  • The deadline to send a DVD appears in red on each transaction in the "DVDs needing to be mailed" tab in My Account

If a DVD is not marked mailed before the deadline to do so, the transaction will be canceled by the system and the sender will not get credit for sending the DVD.

If you have mailed the DVD, and marked the DVD mailed, you are done with your part of the swap!

Additional Notes:

  • If you mail on your way out of town, mark the DVD(s) mailed before you leave (the morning or the night before mailing)!
  • If your computer tends to crash, or your power or Internet access is undependable, mark the DVD mailed before you mail it--and then mail it!


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