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DVDs you request and receive need to be marked received from the "En Route to Me" tab in My Account.  Look there first:

  • Click My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site

  • Look below the My Account tab (on the left, in yellow) to see the "En Route to Me" tab. 

  • Scroll down! if you need to, to see the "En Route to Me" tab.  This may be the first tab on the left, or it may be to the right of "DVDs I've Requested", or it may be the only tab below the "My Account" tab--this depends on whether you have any active transactions in the other categories in your account.

  • Click the "En Route to Me" tab

  • Scroll down! if you need to, to find the transaction for the DVD on the "En Route to Me" tab.

  • Click to the right on the transaction for the DVD.

If the DVD is not on the En Route to Me tab, it may be that: the sender didn't mark the DVD mailed and the transaction canceled; or the sender canceled by mistake but mailed the DVD anyway; or you have already marked the DVD received; or the DVD was declared Lost in the Mail at SwapaDVD; or you did not request the DVD through SwapaDVD. 

To investigate this:

If there is an active transaction for the DVD on your DVDs to Mail tab:

  • Click the button on the transaction to see the sender's name in the To: field of the new Personal Message
    • If the name is the same as the name in the Return Address on the package, then this sender did not mark the DVD mailed yet. 
      • You should immediately send a PM to the member, telling him or her to mark the DVD mailed!
      • If the member does not read your PM in time, the request may cancel
      • If so, a new sender will get your request and the status will change to "Waiting for member"
      • If this happens, you can click to cancel the new request
      • Then you can mark the DVD received from the canceled transaction in your Transaction Archive, to give the first sender credit.
    • If the name is NOT the same as the name in the return address on the package, then the request has already been passed to a new sender.
      • If there is a button you can click it then and mark the canceled DVD received from the canceled transaction in your Transaction Archive, to give the first sender credit.
      • If there is no button, the new sender has already printed your address and you can no longer cancel the new request.  You will get 2 copies of this DVD.  You are not obligated to give credit for the extra copy you have already received; you are also not obligated to return it.

If there is no active transaction for the DVD on your DVDs to Mail tab, check your Transaction Archive. Your Transaction Archive is accessible from a link at the top of My Account.  Place your cursor over the icon to the left of each transaction to see that transaction's status.

  • First, sort the Transaction Archive by Requested by Me - All - Title - Descending
    • Then scroll down the list to see the transactions for this title
    • There may be multiple transactions for the same title if  one sender declined to send the DVD, or the first copy you requested was lost in the mail, to give two examples.
  • Compare the sender name on the right of the transaction(s) for the DVD in the list with the return-address information on the package:
  • When you find a name that matches the sender of the DVD you received, place your cursor over the icon to the left of that transaction to see its status pop up in a little box
    • If the status is Canceled or Lost on the transaction that matches the return address information on your package:
      • You can mark it received from the transaction  (this is mandatory for lost DVDs, and optional for canceled DVDs)
        • Click on that transaction.
        • The regular DVD Received screens will come up.
        • Doing this will give credit to the sender of the DVD.
    • If the status is Completed Successfully, or Damaged, Damaged by USPS, or Wrong DVD  (these problem transactions have an X or red checkmark on them):
      • You have already marked this DVD received, and do not need to do this again.
      • The sender has already gotten credit.
      • If he or she refunded credit and you now want to return that credit, you can do so using the Buddy List.

If there is no transaction in your Transaction Archive that matches the information (sender name/state of origin) on the package you received:

  • You may have obtained the DVD from outside SwapaDVD: from another swapping site, or from an online site such as Amazon.

  • Or this could be a "random act of kindness" DVD from another SwapaDVD member--if so, you will probably have to wait until that person reveals herself to you!

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