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World War Z
World War Z
Actors: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz
Director: Marc Forster
1hr 56min


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Member Movie Reviews

Anne T. from TEMPE, AZ
Reviewed on 4/17/2015...
The movie started out great but as it went on I became bored. I fast forwarded 4 times. Not the best zombie movie I have seen.
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Thomas A. from IMPERIAL, MO
Reviewed on 7/24/2014...
This is one of my favorite films ever. The scenes of our hero and his family fleeing and fighting the undead are gripping, the special effects are fabulous, and above all, the focus on love of family and caring for others is a fine change from the mindlessness of most works in the genre. Gerry Lane travels around the world in desperate peril in a quest for the causes of a global pandemic and a possible cure. He does this FOR HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN because if he doesn't, they will be denied protection. The scenes from the onset of the disease on the streets of a major city to Korea, Jerusalem and Europe are literally unforgettable. Arguably, with Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt's best work.
The hero gives this advice: "If you can fight, fight. Help each other. Be prepared for anything. Our war has just begun." One can fight evil every day without violence. We have the Golden Rule from the laborer of Nazareth and other philosophies around the Earth. Many of us swore to Be Prepared as little boys. And, truly, our war against evil and for humankind begins anew each day when we awake. Watch this film. Do Something Now.
Tina G. from ENOLA, PA
Reviewed on 9/18/2013...
I don't often write reviews as being a critic is not my forte. I am, however, a huge reader of zombie fiction and put World War Z near the top of the list. The movie and book are noting alike, but if you separate the two in your mind, the movie was very good in itself despite the fact that I couldn't get past "the running undead". I did however like how they showed how easily massive amounts of undead could easily breach tall walls. My rating based on the movie itself. 8 out of 10
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