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You can expect your DVD to arrive within a week after it is marked mailed.

  • The average transit time for all DVDs at SwapaDVD (including those coming from military addresses outside the US and HI, AK, PR and GU) is about 5 days
    • But most DVDs will arrive much sooner than that.
  • If the information on the request says that the DVD is coming from outside the continental US, your book may take longer to arrive. 
    • You can tell where your DVD is coming from by looking at the right side of the "en route" request.
  • If you are concerned about a DVD that hasn't arrived yet:
    • You can contact the requestor using the button on the en Route transaction to send a Personal Message.

If you are sending a DVD to or from outside the continental US, it is a good idea to send a Personal Message to the requestor at the time you mark the DVD mailed, to let him or her know the package might take longer than usual in transit


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